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  1. My dad was digging around a fella's place that did "Junk Yard" art. He notice this "pistol" and knew it would perk my interest and got it for my birthday. It weighs over 10lbs and the only thing that moves is the cylinder.
  2. anyone ever work on these?
  3. well my fellow shooters, I've been to Gunbroker (doubt if I ever buy any) and I must say if you need it and not have it........
  4. I've done the rain dance, written on a chalkboard I'll be good a thousand times AND took the neighbors dog out for a walk for week straight (plus said my prayers at night) hoping for some primers.........nothing yet.
  5. I've had enough of all this virus business...........
  6. I had my Ruger Vaqueros short stroked and I love how my time has decreased. A question I would like to ask is when you had a short stroke kit installed, was a stronger hammer spring needed?
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