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  1. sold sold sold thanks to all who looked............
  2. is the price too much? Rig when new was $400......
  3. A fella I use to shoot with by the name of Mad Dog McCoy, he does really fine work
  4. rig fitted for old ruger .38, well cared for, copper studs. waist size 38, $250 shipping included (pistols are not)
  5. thanks to ya all, was just curious if anyone had a like experience and the gun survived.......
  6. this didn't happen to me but I did witness the following, I was timing for a shooter with .38 pistol and the first round hits steel but the next 4 didn't (he then grounded and declared the gun). Next gun + rifle and shotgun rounds hit steel. At the unloading table the shooter discovers a squib peeking out of the end of the barrel. The shooter tried to clear the squib but couldn't so he packed up and left. After a few days this shooter came up to me and told me THOSE 4 rounds were in the barrel of the gun! Talk about the grace of god
  7. thanks again fer all the input fellers, much appreciated!
  8. thx to all who replied, I guess my wrist touched the bottom of my pistol grip or something and the TO called me on it.
  9. Looking through the handbook about the default position it states that hands at your sides and not touching your pistol. I take that to mean your hands not touching your guns......
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