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  1. Hi Dave,


    BTW, I found Maker to be a kind soul.





  2. Testing Follow member. I can't think of a better subject, unless it is PWB. ;)


  3. Hi Fannie, as I've seen you post in the past, I thought you were a long time user of the Wire. So, I came here to check out this person. Looks like your birthday and club. However, I thought you were female and I've seen better photos of you. ;)

    Take care,

    Allie Mo

    1. Sweetwater Jack SASS28885L

      Sweetwater Jack SASS28885L

      OMahGawd! Fannie done had the SEX CHANGE!!??? I'm gobsmacked! Sweetwater Jack

  4. Thank you for your sweet post on my profile! You are truely Darlin!

  5. You are a great guy! Hope to meet you someday!

  6. Howdy Pard,

    Hope my instructions worked.



  7. Hi Velvet Glove,

    You're going to have lots of visitors today. Matthew Duncan posted a link to your profile.

    Happy Sewing and Shooting!

    Allie Mo

  8. Howdy,

    I ADed and clicked on your name. Oh well, it's always nice to learn more about our SASS pards.



  9. Hey Slim,

    Same to you! You're one of the Good Guys. I've shot the MRR annual a few times. You've got some good pards there too! Hugs!

  10. Howdy Pard,

    I just had to look at you doin' the jig.

    Now you have a comment too.


    Allie Mo

  11. Hi Slim,

    Thanks for dropping by. I'm honored to be your "friend!"

    Happy Trails!

  12. Hi Kate,

    Just stopped by to get a better look at your photo. See you at the Convention!

  13. Hi Lorelei,

    Wish I could say our paths will cross soon. I'll be at the Convention and that's about it for SASS this year.

    Hugs to you and Laz!

  14. Hey Pard,

    You started this. It's been fun. So, thanks!


  15. Hi Laz!

    Thanks for stopping by, LOL!

    Hope you and Lorelei have a great time at EOT!



  16. Hi Nate,

    Just passin' through looking for that thread where you posted a picture. It seems to have disappeared.


    Allie Mo

  17. Hi back at ya! This is too much fun!

  18. Hey Gal,

    I just dropped in to show ya that you can update your Personal Photo now!

    Happy Trails!

  19. Hi Hawg,

    Thanks for stopping by. See ya around.


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