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  1. 2000 Road King I bought in '01, 60K on it. Been doing annual rides with F&F since 2015 when we went "empty nest". This year going back to Maggie Valley, Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg.
  2. Hodgdons has data for 44 SP for 165 - 240 gr bullets. Tried TB, "didn't fit my pistols" Good Luck, MTC http://www.hodgdonreloading.com
  3. I took the crescent butt plate off and shaped a piece of wood to fill in the crescent, then put a butt cover on. I don't know if these are what you're looking for https://www.buffaloarms.com/competition-butt-tamer-gabt http://www.kick-killer-recoil-pads.com/kick-killer-slip-on-recoil-pad-with-lace-up-closure/ Good Luck, MTC
  4. Apps are in the pony and a room @ the EconoLodge in Williamsport. See ya soon! MTC
  5. I reminded my compadre of a MDS campfire conversation, so we may get our apps in the mail before the weekend Ms. Barb MTC
  6. Thanks JB. I forwarded the link to Montana Max. He said he found what he needed last evening, but he may want some spares. MTC
  7. Thanks Shootin Fox. MM has the problem has been taken care of. MTC
  8. Montana Max is in need of an Old Model Blackhawk hammer to repair one of his main match guns. If anyone has one they would like sell please let me know. In the mean time we'll research getting his repaired. Thanks, MTC
  9. I'd bet those marks on the backstrap are from the buffers arbor
  10. At first glance I thought that they had pits in the frame castings, but after magnification it appears to be buffing compound. The polishing job is definitely very poor. I would be sending Ruger an e-mail with pics conveying my disappointment. I would hope they will send a tag to do a better polish job with a quick turnaround and maybe a t-shirt for your inconvenience. MTC
  11. You are way behind. Ya got to have back-ups to your back-ups, a set of loaners and back-ups to them just in case. You have to have the guns to shoot any category that that may strike your fancy. MTC
  12. I am on Broomstick's wait list to have him convert a pair of 357 SASS Vaq's to 44 Spl. Patiently waiting my turn
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