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  1. I defer and you gentlemen are correct in that it is not spelled out that way for any category except gunfighter. However with the rules written the way they are I would not expect, or hope, a stage writer would have any shooter intentionally re-holster a handgun with live rounds left in it.
  2. Re-holstering a handgun that has not been shot "dry" is not allowed by any shooting category. You have to expend all five rounds before you can re-holster in any category or declare a malfunction and "ground" a gun with any unfired ammunition. I shoot 2-Gun & 3-Gun and the competitor must discard the handgun after shooting it, to re-holster gets a MDQ. I don't see this rule evergoing away
  3. As long as there is a place to safely stage the revolvers the GF should be given the option to decide whether they want to shoot it Gunfighter or Double Duelist.
  4. Front sight on the handguns & transitions
  5. IB, Just let me know and I can bring you a pair of whatever you want to try with SB hammers- OMV's(44M), SASS NMV's(357), NMV's(44S), or NMBlackhawks(44S) MTC
  6. At the clubs I attend we would offer to shuttle your long guns for you, as we do for a fellow shooter that uses a cane.
  7. SASS Alias: M.T Chambers SASS# 76185 Where you are from: Hagerstown, MD How long you've been Cowboy Action Shooting: 10 years
  8. Cops & Cowboys is a match that I look forward to each year. http://thurmontrangers.com/CopsCowboys.htm MTC
  9. The Russian will chamber and shoot in a 44 Special chambered '73, however it will not load the Russian from the magazine via the lifter without a modified lifter. MTC
  10. IIRC = "If I Remember Correctly"
  11. Hi back at ya! This is too much fun!

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