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  1. I have three of these also. A competent gunsmith can work the springs. The problem you are talking about with the trigger is this- the sear extension sits over the trigger, in the TOZ-66s that leg just barely reaches past the top of the trigger. When you feel the "click", the trigger blade has gone off the edge between the sear extensions. I preferred reversing my triggers as i am right-handed and actually bent the top of the trigger blades to better engage the sear extension. I also heated and straightened the hammer spurs, but be gentle if you do this yourself.
  2. I'm sure GF is in his future Yul, he's just easing his way towards it!
  3. No regulation against it. I do it occasionally, put hammer thongs on revolver hammers, remove belt being mindful of muzzles, and hang it on my cart behind rifle/shotgun until needed. MTC
  4. SASS Alias: M.T Chambers SASS# 76185 Where you are from: Hagerstown, MD How long you've been Cowboy Action Shooting: 10 years
  5. Cops & Cowboys is a match that I look forward to each year. http://thurmontrangers.com/CopsCowboys.htm MTC
  6. The Russian will chamber and shoot in a 44 Special chambered '73, however it will not load the Russian from the magazine via the lifter without a modified lifter. MTC
  7. IIRC = "If I Remember Correctly"
  8. Hi back at ya! This is too much fun!

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