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  1. I have two '73's and a pair of Vaqueros tuned by Cody. He's very personable and stands behind his work.
  2. When I bought this one in the '80's it was sold as RCBS. It has pulled hundreds of bullets and is still going strong. If I break it tomorrow, I will order a Quintics. Quinetics Kinetic Puller Sorry Wyatt, I mis-read that you want a Collet puller
  3. I bought these here on The Wire a few years ago with the intention of setting up a "Laser Practice Range" in my basement, didn't happen, so I'm movin' them on. 2- Laserlyte LT Pro Laser Units 1- Shotgun Adapter 10-New 377 Energizer Batteries $140 shipped in the Cont. U.S LT Pro Manual
  4. SASS Alias: M.T Chambers SASS# 76185 Where you are from: Hagerstown, MD How long you've been Cowboy Action Shooting: 10 years
  5. Cops & Cowboys is a match that I look forward to each year. http://thurmontrangers.com/CopsCowboys.htm MTC
  6. The Russian will chamber and shoot in a 44 Special chambered '73, however it will not load the Russian from the magazine via the lifter without a modified lifter. MTC
  7. IIRC = "If I Remember Correctly"
  8. Hi back at ya! This is too much fun!

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