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    Horses and mules. Packing into wilderness areas. Cowboy action shooting. Bluegrass music (primary instrument - mandolin). Fly fishing. Cowboy poetry. Hunter Safety Instructor 28 years.
  1. "Cap Roundtree is proudly sponsored by ZOLZODENE!!!"

    -Mr. Zolzinsky

  2. Hey Slim,

    Same to you! You're one of the Good Guys. I've shot the MRR annual a few times. You've got some good pards there too! Hugs!

  3. Have read a lot of your comments on the wire, and just wanted to say, "Howdy!"

  4. Crroked River Bob: You are definitely a pard with common sense, and as they say, "Common sense ain't that common."

  5. Slim, I actually told a girl on our first date she was as pretty as a Qtr. Horse!!! She never went out with me again.

    Think it was what I said??

  6. Tascosa: I love your signature line about quarter horses. I have a little chestnut appaloosa mare in my string and I made the comment to my wife, "That horse has everything a man could want in a woman, cute butt, nice chest, red hair and freckles." You're right. I shouldn't have said anything.

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