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  1. Thanks for the idea Dutch. Dirty Bart
  2. Looking for a SASS Flag because I just bought a new Flag Pole for when I go Camping So does anybody have one for sale that they are not using ? Thanks Dirty Bart
  3. If Double Clutch doesn't take number 1 I will.
  4. Rooster, so sorry for your loss , will be thinking of you and your family Buddy. Bart
  5. Good morning Bart .

    Have a blessed day Brother.


    1. Dirty Bart No. 100006

      Dirty Bart No. 100006

      Rooster, I just saw this post. Thank you, just got home yesterday from Rockford 2 day shoot. My grandson shot with me. Had a great time but the heat and humidity got to me Sunday. Feel a lot better today.

  6. Can you explain to me how I can edit my profile page. I look all over and cannot find what I need to do. It does show that I need validation so does that have something to do with it? Thank you for your time and help. Dirty Bart

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