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  1. Then it's not who I thought it was, but he still looks familiar. By the way, on your topic, I agree with the others -- keep shooting while it's still fun.
  2. I have arthritis in both knees. I sympathize. Who is the fellow with the blue vest at the far right in your second photo? I think I shot a match with him back in 2000.
  3. Not yet, but there is an active club a couple of hours drive from where I am, and I hope to get to them once the weather improves next spring.

  4. I have a USFA pre-war, two Colts and an "Old Model" Dakota (the one with the "safety" on the base pin). The USFA and the Colts are about equal in terms of quality, fit and finish etc. The Dakota was never a high-end gun but I've been shooting it for 30 years and I have to say it has been a good one. Unfortunately, I haven't encountered theStandard yet. All of mine are 5 1/2-inch barrel -- the so-called "artillery" length as that is what I've always preferred. Having dispensed with all that, if I were getting into CAS for the first time, today, I'd still want all the guns I just listed. But I'd buy a pair of new, 5 1/2 Ruger Vaqueros. The sport is rough on guns, and they can take the roughness. It looks like I can retire in the next two years, and a pair of those may be a retirement gift to myself, as I ease my way back into CAS.
  5. I would, but I'm on an assignment in Germany and can't shoot at all. My only current access to firearms is in books and magazines, and the SASS wire.
  6. I remember a stage I shot back about 1994. You were seated at a table. There was a bowling pin on the table representing a bottle of whiskey. To start the clock, you threw the "whiskey bottle" at a popper about two yards away (you didn't have to hit it). Then you shot a cardboard silhouette with a deringer (or pocket pistol of your choice) then stood and engaged 10 pistol and 10 rifle down range. I miss having those little tricks and scenarios in the sport.
  7. I have that exact rifle. I use 225-grain projectiles cast from the "cowboy" mold from SAECO, sized 452. I don't know if SAECO still offers this mold.
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