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  1. I've always thought the single-action Nagant revolvers were a little weird. Reichs revolvers have already been mentioned. Personally, I'd like to get set up to do the revolvers and shotgun using pinfire -- but there aren't many pinfire single actions. It seems like all you can find are double-action.
  2. Can someone point me to a source for decent bone/ivory impregnated one-piece grips for third generation Colts? I'd rather not have to send the pistols off as I can do final fitting myself. Twenty years ago, it seemed like I could find ivory micarta grips everywhere, and now I can't find them anywhere. Any advice deeply appreciated.
  3. I'm still working on an 8 pound jug of it purchased 15 or 16 years ago. It seems to be shooting fine.
  4. Even when I'm using a carbide die, I hit the brass with a little lube. It not only avoids sticking, it's just makes for less wear and tear on my busted up shoulder.
  5. A friend of mine who lives in Illinois calls it "FOIDistan."
  6. I don't have contact information, but I agree with those who suggest contacting Dusty Rogers. I had the pleasure of shooting on a posse with him at the Missouri State Championships in 2000 in Branson (a great match, by the way, put on by great people). He's friendly and approachable, and will give you any information he has.
  7. Either term is meaningless in the context of the sport.
  8. I don't understand the desire to use non-lubed bullets, but you can make this 2 parts by weight Paraffin wax 2 parts by weight Sheep Tallow (Dixie Gun Works) 1 part by weight Beeswax You can also substitute Crisco for the sheep tallow. What you end up with is, except for the aroma, indistinguishable from SPG. It should be malleable enough to put on the front of the cylinder. It works great when put in the lube grooves on the bullet.
  9. When I first started in CAS I didn't cast lead bullets, and the most readily available .45s were 230-grn lead roundnose, and I shot them for at least two years before I started casting. I never had a problem -- but I still don't think it's a good idea. I think you are unlikely to set off a primer with a round nosed bullet. I think you will definitely not set off a primer with a flat nose bullet. That little gap between "unlikely" and "definitely" is the area where I define safety, and I'd rather be on the safer end of things. Your mileage may vary.
  10. "Firearms must operate as intended by the original pre-1900 designs they depict." Ha ha ha ha ha
  11. The original post is talking about the Colt Signature series repop of this musket: http://nramuseum.com/guns/the-galleries/a-nation-asunder-1861-to-1865/case-15-union-muskets-and-rifles/colt-special-model-1861-contract-rifle-musket.aspx Which was Colt's kinda/sorta copy of the three-band Enfield musket and was made throughout the Civil War. It was rifled. I agree with those above who say the Colt Signature Series is overpriced.
  12. One year at that event I got to shoot J.B. Hogdon's gatling gun. Sorry it doesn't exist anymore.
  13. I didn't know Doolin had died. He was a great guy to shoot with.
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