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  1. Obviously, I unintentionally opened up a can of worms. I'm a bit stoked over owning a Greener. If it has been nitro-proofed, it would be safe with smokeless ammo of the correct length. If it is not nitro-proofed, I will not shoot it with smokeless ammo -- I'm happy to roll-my-own BP shotshells, and if its changers are 2 3/4 length, I can buy (expensive) BP shotshells from Buffalo Arms Co. Obviously I would take all normal safety procedures involved with the use of any antique firearm before pursuing ANY of these options. And if anyone here knows of someone who relines damascus barrels for a reasonable fee, I'm interested in knowing who (the one I've located is prohibitively expensive).
  2. I've read about extensive testing that makes me worry less about that problem. You might find this interesting: https://media.mwstatic.com/cms/larrys-stories/2017_6/183_damascus-barrels-rumors-and-facts.pdf
  3. Well, the ad said it was nitro proofed -- but I couldn't see the proof marks clearly enough to confirm that. If it isn't, it's a BP only proposition and I'm fine with that. I bought it with the idea that I might have to have the barrels sleeved, and if I do that, then it can be set up for modern ammo, but I need to see it before I make any determination on that.
  4. To all at the fire -- I haven't taken possession yet and I don't have photos -- but I grew up listening to the Duke call for his "Greeners" in Big Jake, and I finally have one. I have a treble-wedge Facile Princeps, just purchased from Gunbroker. This one has been messed with a lot (someone set a British coin into the left side of the buttstock, for openers). The right-hand barrel has a "ding" in it, and the barrels are twist -- but I OWN A GREENER. Now, if that ding is really bad, I may have it sleeved to 16 (it's a 12), and use smokeless. If the ding is just a ding, I'll roll my own BP shells. I'm going to shoot at least one match equipped with an original 1892 Winchester, two actual Colt (non-Clone) Peacemakers, and a Greener shotgun. I don't mean to brag -- but this makes me want to shout YEE-HAW!!!
  5. I don't know, definitively, if it is SASS/CAS legal, or not(I'd think it would be). I hadn't even heard of this revolver before I saw this thread -- and now I want one.
  6. I agree that ivory is smooth, not slick. Real ivory is warm to the touch, and wicks moisture away for a better grip -- and the fake ivory I have to use looks good, and I envy (and admire) your mammoth ivory grips. But my "tick" is that I've never cared for "white" grips on nickel or gold plated guns. I want ivory on blued guns for contrast, and ebony on nickel and other "bright" guns. But it's just a tick, and I don't claim it's any better than anyone else (I prefer your mammoth ivory to the pearl).
  7. I didn't know guns could go out like they come in. Almost none of mine ever leave once I have them.
  8. At one time, I loaded all my .45 Colt pretty close to that way (I used an RCBS "Little Dandy" powder measure that I moved from case to case). Nothing wrong with old school, especially if you only need 50 or 100 rounds.
  9. I had one, an old Jager/EMF Dakota -- I was literally buying ammo for it when I ran across a printed flier for my first CAS match.
  10. I don't have contact information, but I agree with those who suggest contacting Dusty Rogers. I had the pleasure of shooting on a posse with him at the Missouri State Championships in 2000 in Branson (a great match, by the way, put on by great people). He's friendly and approachable, and will give you any information he has.
  11. I hadn't seen that photo before. There's actually moving film of Bat Masterson at a boxing match, but I'm drawing a blank on which one. Apparently his initial ties to the sport were working as a gate guard, collecting tickets and employing his expertise at finding hidden weapons.
  12. I read somewhere that the commemoratives were popular as shooters in some places with strict gun control laws because they were seen as "collectors" guns and that skirted some of the gun laws. I'm with those who say guns are something you shoot. If the commemorative models allow folks a way to do that, more power to them!
  13. I have to admit I use Ballistol. I've never had that problem, but I lube sparingly and keep my guns pretty "dry" generally when it comes to lube, so maybe I'm not using enough to foster the problem. I had one negative experience with Ballistol, I used the "moose milk" recipe of it mixed with water to clean a pair of 1860 Armies. I'd been told that you didn't need to do anything after using the moose milk, but I experienced light rusting on both revolvers. So, I don't use that mixture, but I still use full strength Ballistol. Depending on the gun I also use WD40.
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