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  1. Ruger double pistol case works well. Don't care for hard cases due to the weight. Not to mention riding in a car is the easiest part of a cowboy guns life. https://www.amazon.com/Allen-Company-Ruger-Double-Handgun/dp/B019KATXB2/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1BB5PS5ZI71QS
  2. Agreed I was not expecting this outcome. Very impressed with how Misty/SASS have rectified the situation.
  3. My son shot them when he first started. Both broke in the first year. One had a pawl break, both broke the pawl spring. One broke in the first three months. It was a nightmare getting it repaired under warranty by Heritage as they wouldn't send me parts. Also their phone service number sat on hold numerous times for 45 minutes before getting a person. You can order a few springs off their website. As for the guns if you can get one around $100 they are pretty good little shooters. His first one was very accurate shooting rim-fire silhouettes out to 40m once you got the hold right. I have seen mixed review on the accuracy though some saying they had poor crown from factory. That said if you are planning on shooting them a lot in competition. The Ruger Wrangler while not much to look at is a much better built gun especially if you can find them around $170 and they take abuse of being ran hard and fired a lot better than the heritages. On a side note we have had wranglers break also. One had the ejector rod break and the hammer plunger. A quick email to Ruger and replacement part was at my house in less than a week.
  4. Tightening the rules on dress will not grow the sport or business. However you wish to look at it. The range is big enough for minimum dress all the way to the most spectacular B Western outfits. If every person was decked out in the best B-western outfit would it really be that cool? This sport is like anything your dress represents your personality or alias. Before this sport I didn't own a pair of jeans, a cowboy hat or appropriate footwear. I hauled my kid around so he could play cowboy. No one gave me crap for bringing him in my daily clothes (shorts and a ball cap). As we made friends and became part of the cowboy family. I then started adopting the minimum dress code out of respect for the people playing the game. After a couple years I finally broke down and started shooting. I enjoy the people and the shooting but would be all for some short sleeves since I am a full figured shooter. At the same time I also appreciate the folks that have really great outfits. I just have to weigh my costume versus a heat stroke. Not to mention if you bedazzle a 2x shirt its going to weight about 12 pounds.
  5. http://www.winterrange.com/2020results.html Edit: Well that used to be it. Getting server error now.
  6. Well if I am being honest. That was kinda small considering all the stuff they printed on it.
  7. In the event anyone forgot what this thread was originally about. If you lost your championship buckle it may be under your name tag. No buckles were harmed for this post and that is not my buckle just my badge.
  8. Bad feet is no joke especially standing around for 3-4 hours at a match. As for costuming if a person meets the minimum then they are good to play the game. If someone wants to dress-up that is fine also. This sport has plenty of room for each end of the spectrum and in the middle. I wish there was a John Deere Salesman category. You could wear shortsleve shirts when its 95f and 85% humidity, wear a ball cap from the feed supply, and comfortable footwear. I know plenty of modern day cowboys and this is what they wear a lot of the time. I would gladly sign up in this category even if it was never awarded a single thing, take my money and let me be as comfortable as possible.
  9. Are the rounds your jacking out showing light strikes? Doesn't sound like timing if rounds are loading and ejecting without issue.
  10. If people are under the impression that rimfire allows an unfair advantage. I don't believe there is any speed benefit to a young shooter using rimfire. My experience with my son Lever Action Kid is the 22 pistols can't take the abuse of being ran like a vaquero. There is no reloading a 22LR Henry on the clock. There were some amazing buckaroos at EOT this year all of them were shooting vaqueros, 73s and 12ga shotguns.
  11. I have loaded lots of .243 and .223 on my 550 with no issue. I have a buddy that loads multiple rifle calibers on his 550 from 22-250 to 6.5 Creedmore. We have both compared single stage to 550 for precision rifle loads. Its a very small difference checking rounds with a concentricity gauge that we have found. The biggest issue I have seen with loading precision rounds is that higher end dies make more consistent rounds if you are shooting long range over 500 yards. I have two buddies that have Hornady LNL and only know them to load pistol ammo on them but both say they are great machines.
  12. Scott Wayne would like to invite everyone out to the Battle at the Crossroads. This is the Oklahoma State Championship being held Sep 29th- Oct 1st. The match is two weeks prior to Land Ran Cowboy match and only an hour drive from the OKC gun club. This match will be a great warm-up for Land Run with fast stages that include movement. The range has 10 dedicated covered cowboy stages . This match will award Molly’s buckles to State Champion’s and Category winners if they are out of state residents. Requirements for buckle categories are minimum of five male and three female participants to make a buckle category. The application is now available for sign-up. Click here for link to application. Lincoln County Cowboys Website LCC-OK-State-2022FF.pdf
  13. Wow thanks so much to everyone that has helped my son Lever Action Kid in this sport. There are some very special people that have kept him going in this sport and without you all I wouldn't be typing this. His work-ethic and dedication to this sport is amazing. He shoots in the rain, snow, cold, heat it doesn't matter if he can play the game he will sacrifice to do it with the great friends we have developed over the last couple years. Also as Dillard said he had some amazing competition this year and he looks forward to shooting with these fine young shooters in the future. Thanks again to everyone that helped him with this achievement!
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