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  1. There are consumers, and there are shooters. Many today are just consumers. Some wise guy centuries ago wrote about "Much sound and fury, signifying nothing." Believe that applies to lots of ammo dumping I see at ranges today. Could it be that high volume shooting helps contribute to our current ammo buying panic? Where a range trip involves shooting up 500+ rounds? Yeah, sure, it's great for ammo vendors. For building shooting skills? Not quite so much. good luck, GJ
  2. A shooter who does not understand that every gun has it's own favorite load has not gained enough experience to worry about. And if you think a gun writer has found a perfect load for YOUR gun by shooting his choices of factory ammo in his gun, you are seriously ill. It's the precision shooters (of either rifle or pistol) who are MOST in need of a custom load. Only in shotgun ammo does accuracy not play as much importance. Consistency of velocity and high quality shot (thus patterns) rules those sports, and even that is possible to obtain with custom loading.
  3. Old saying, Those who can - do it. Those who can't - write magazine articles. Besides, articles in most magazines are accepted so that advertisers will have a publication to place their ads. Articles don't have to be right, just eye catching. Like news broadcasts. Masterson feller was an exception, and could sorta do both. And that Skelton feller - sure miss my monthly dose of Skeeter stories. good luck, GJ
  4. Yes, Win 231 / HP 38 powder can be used for cowboy loads. It's meant for power loads, so it won't go to real low power levels. Look for loads in the manuals with either powder name. Won't be real clean (like Clays), but it works well. I have personally shot .45 Colt cowboy loads made with this powder. For example, a starting load for 231/HP38 for .38 special with 125 grain lead bullet is 3.8 grains of powder to make 876 FPS. Right from the Hodgdon on-line loading data at: https://www.hodgdonreloading.com good luck, GJ
  5. It damages the slug inside the cartridge to resize a loaded cartridge. Slim above has the answer - you are bulging the case mouth at the crimp most likely. For most folks, this means the bullet seater is set to seat a little too deep, and then when the crimp is applied, the edge of mouth can't fit into the crimp groove cleanly. The brass has to go somewhere, so it bulges just below the crimp. One can feel the bulge with fingers, or measure with a caliper (digital or vernier). If larger than the rest of the cartridge diameter, even a thousandth or two, it can be a tight fit getting it into
  6. No to retempering. Very hard to guess exactly a good temp to quench and to draw when you don't know the steel used. Browning company parts service: https://www.browning.com/support/parts-service.html Art's Gun Shop - a well known factory repair center in Kansas (IFRC) https://artsgunshop.com/ Ol # 4 - this thread from last December describes a spring he has for BSS lever. https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/309829-browning-bss-lever-spring/ If all else fails, a SlixSpring for the Colt 1878 (TTN) may have the right s
  7. Simple Green cleaner is banned from US Military aircraft cleaning (and probably any aluminum cleaning) since it is corrosive to aluminum. Has been known to be so since at least 2001. Of course, Nickel plating is not Aluminum. But I'd consider it off limits myself. Use tested gun cleaners on firearms - they are too expensive to damage trying to save a few bucks a year. good luck, GJ
  8. No, there are two real BP sites, different names and different URLs. Powder Inc is in Arkansas. Powder Valley in Kansas. Both very reputable outfits from my experience. I've ordered BP from both. I can believe that Powder Inc may not have the high level of IT support that Powder Valley has. Powder Inc sells no smokeless powder. Powder Valley does mainly smokeless, with a variety of BP as well. Note - as I got to some of the second level pages on Powder Inc sites using Chrome browser, even Chrome starts showing a malware warning. good luck,
  9. Details that Firefox shows on my windows 10 machine: www.powderinc.com has been reported as containing malicious software. You can ignore the risk and go to this unsafe site. If you have ever ignored a warning about Powder Inc's site, you may have a cookie set that says you are wanting to ignore the warning now. And probably another 100 reasons why your computer does not show a warning. I can easily confirm that Firefox shows the warning on MY machine. As the OP reported. Computers, contrary to popular opinion, can give different results than other compu
  10. It's some sort of problem between the Powder Inc web site and the Firefox browser. Perhaps there is a minor malware situation (as the alarm says) with the Powder Inc site which Firefox detects and other browsers do not. Chrome browser on Windows thinks things are fine. Edge browser on Windows thinks things are fine. This isn't the end of shooting as we know it...... good luck, GJ
  11. They ARE a wide-body shotgun. Action is as wide as two 12 gauge barrels "side by side," you might say. Nothing svelte to see there. good luck, GJ
  12. Remember that repair work on the outside of a nickeled gun will stick out like a sore thumb unless the gun is stripped, rebuffed and replated. Almost sounds like your wife could be well served by a nickeled gun (minimal modifications down the road), whereas you would be better off with stainless or blue. The popularity of a nickel plated gun in the black powder era was due to trying to prevent rusting (when the guns were not cleaned well after firing). Now I hope we all know that any gun shot with BP needs to be cleaned in a timely manner, then re-oiled. Cleaning is actually be
  13. Sharp forcing "shoulders" in a gun need to be reamed to conventional or lengthened forcing cones, if the gun is intended to be shot with modern ammo. Yes, they are pretty hard kicking. Lots of stock drop adds to the felt recoil.. I asked the same question about Model 24s of pards 15 years ago. Since then, have only seen one M 24 used in a cowboy match, by a shooter who was "just having fun." By now, not many gunsmiths remember ever having taken one apart. Parts are slim pickin's too. good luck, GJ
  14. You will find old blued guns from the West often in much better shape than original nickel-plated guns. Even without much use, the nickel was VERY prone to bubbling and flaking off. If you find a nickeled gun, quite often it has already been re-plated at least once. So, the reputation for nickel being very fragile and flakey has come from performance on guns from the late 1800s and 1900s. That reputation means the value of nickel plated guns is lower than even blued guns. In cowboy shooting, there's a lot of drawing revolvers and reholstering. That will wear the plating pret
  15. RRR - Couple of important points about IMR Red. IMR Red was made to load to the same WEIGHT of powder as Red Dot. IMR knew the density was different, and knew that the same BUSHING would not work to give the same performance in the loads. So, using same WEIGHT of either powder is going to be really close to the same performance. IMR Red has been discontinued (as well as Green and Blue) by IMR. So if you find another sale on any remaining Red, you'd better jump on it. I really like it for shotgun loads, but I won't be trying to build any cartridge loads
  16. A dubious offer from a vendor who has no idea of how to professionally set up a web site. And when an offer like this is made in a time of severe shortages, it can well be an offer made for a very nefarious reason - to scam buyers. At the very least, you need to be assured the company has a physical presence; if you have legitimate problems with the delivery or the product you will need it. Otherwise, it's very difficult to seek compensation if disputes arise. good luck, GJ
  17. And if you can find even 20% of cowboy shooters using PUBLISHED, PROFESSIONALLY DEVELOPED loads, I will be very surprised. We are working OFF THE BOTTOM END of most loading data ranges. If we were at the high end of loading data ranges, and everyone was loading monstrous pressures, then I would agree with your concerns. But considering what we load and shoot, our main concern is preventing squibs caused by going TOO LOW in pressure. Load so your cowboy loads are reliable and consistent, and you normally will not have to be concerned. good luck, GJ
  18. That restriction was removed several years ago, and from the data published here since that, I've seen only safe loads submitted. good luck, GJ
  19. I have safely used Clay Dot in cowboy level loads for years. When loaded to just slightly more weight (5 to 10%) than the same Clays load in .38 and .45 Colt lead bullet low pressure cowboy loads, I get the same muzzle velocity and pressure signs on primers as I do with Clays. I do have the experience to read for safe pressures by checking primers on straight wall pistol cartridges.. I would not recommend loading past the mid-range Clays data that you can find published. Am I flying blind? No, I know what pressures are safe and I know how to read them from primer and case def
  20. Bullets by Scarlet is a great bullet vendor, and she's on here often. Not sure if she is shipping any stock right now, though. https://bulletsbyscarlett.com/ But if you need a mold, Accurate Molds is one of the fastest sources of a high quality mold. Something like the 36-105C mold may be what you are looking for - this is a Round Nose Flat Point bullet with a crimp groove. http://www.accuratemolds.com/catalog.php?page=7#catalog-anchor They will make that on your order and have it shipped within 2 weeks. Lots of the larger mold makers are back ordered
  21. Umm, YES and YES. Most folks watching what is going on are starting to see a few selections of both ammunition and components show up in a FEW on-line vendors and even scattered local gun shops. Not enough to fill the empty shelves or feed the intense demand right now, though. The ammo companies are using most components themselves in ammunition. Primers are the most scarce component, and powder not far behind. Reloaders are at the back end of the list, because there's not as much money to be made selling components. Many folks expect demand will taper down and production wi
  22. Definition that the Gun Control Act has for "antique firearms" The term ‘‘antique firearm’’ means— (A) any firearm (including any firearm with a matchlock, flintlock, percussion cap, or similar type of ignition system) manufactured in or before 1898; or (B) any replica of any firearm described in subparagraph (A) if such replica—(i) is not designed or redesigned for using rimfire or conventional centerfire fixed ammunition, or (ii) uses rimfire or conventional centerfire fixed ammunition which is no longer manufactured in the United States and which is not readily availa
  23. Johnny Meadows down in Tucson Jim Bowie in Mohave Valley Squibber in Casa Grande Pleasant Valley Kid, out of a shop in Mesa Ken Griner (El Mulo Vaquero) outside Farmington NM Shotgun Boogie might have time to take a look - email him info@sbgwllc.com. I must confess, I don't know where he hangs his hat when it's not on the wall of his trailer workshop. Given that the 66 is so very close in operation to the 1873, the gunsmiths are "interchangeable" between those 2 guns. good luck with it! GJ
  24. Sure would make sense for you to attend at least one local Wild Bunch match where you can ask ALL the questions you need answered (including ones you did not realize you need to ask), and to see what other shooters favor - BEFORE you start buying your firearms. No novice shooter is an expert unto himself. good luck, GJ
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