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  1. Thanks but I'll have to pass on the 97. Have to many of them. Even have a 97 diamond. Not sure what I'll even do with it. But thanks for the offer.
  2. Going through the piles of brass I had. I found a bag of 38 40 Starline brass 1x fired. There's 130 plus pieces. I can ship to your door for 32.00 Thanks for looking Deacon Stone
  3. In a very short time I have acquired too many cap guns and need to move a pair before doing anything else. This pair is ready to go. They come with: Action Job done by Goones Guns works. Cap rack Dovetail front sight Slick shot nipples. Between my Snubbies, my Long Hunters, and my ROA. I will never need this pair and would rather use the money for other gun related projects. I'm asking $620 dollars shipped to your address. I also have an extra set of cylinders for this set that was set up for these guns. (They still have stock nipples) If interested in the extra set w
  4. Tucker you big wimp. That's the only thing I and Capt Baylor never changed is the hammer spring and we never have cap failure. Just step up you wimp.
  5. If you shoot Frontiersman and want some competition. This shoot if for you. I bet this will be the biggest class again next year. I wouldn't be surprised to see as many as 15 shooters shooting Frontiersman. I know 3 guys that went out and bought new pistols just for this catagory after watching us this year. But no matter what catagory you shoot this group of cowboys do it right. You won't regret this shoot. Hope to see you there. Deacon Stone
  6. Deadeye George question. How are you rolling the mouth. I'm looking for another way other then the RCBS dies. Thanks
  7. Shot a bunch of Majors this week at Chapmon and they fell out with no problems and they are easy to load. Would like to just find a way to roll the mouth of the case. Need a machinist to turn a couple for use that would fave a spindle built in that could be chucked up on a drill press or in a hand drill?
  8. I too am going to start shooting brass shells. My Lee Load All will work fine for powder,wads, and shot. But I need to find a way to roll crimp the brass. I know RCBS has there unit for 60 plus dollars but all I need is the roll crimp. Any ideas on a cheaper method? Thanks Deacon Stone
  9. Can you shear a little more info: What caliber, barrel length, and where do you live? Let me know? Very interested. Thanks

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