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  1. I have ordered all of my BP from'em for years with no issues. Folks get Powder Inc and Powder Valley Inc mixed up. OLG
  2. PLZ-Post up this person's screen name. OLG
  3. Powder Inc is the master distributor for Goex. OLG
  4. That's a canister powder to only be used buy a commercial ammo maker. No tell'n what the application is. Can we see a picture or two of what the powder looks like? Best to spread it in the garden. OLG
  5. The finer granulation burns far cleaner in pistol caliber cartridges. Give 'E' 2F a go. It meters very well. OLG
  6. Slower in feedback to the hand. We played a good bit with this when I shot with SWPL, back in my IPSC dayz... OLG
  7. Why not go with real BP? Give Goex Old 'E' 2F a go. It burns like 3F. My Shiloh's love it. OLG
  8. Time the slide, and you'll set the difference in cycling speed via frame count of the video. Many .22 slides are much slower than any centerfire slide. OLG
  9. And that is the KISS principle put in use. OLG
  10. Did you ever study the speed a .22 slide travels vs centerfire? OLG
  11. Good idea NO-really, it is..... OLG
  12. You could also add green beans and corn with a few slices of onion. OLG
  13. We have the same weather happening here. There's plenty to do ..... OLG
  14. Seriously, I had no clue of what you were talking about..... I've loaded Magtec brass 12ga for many yrs. OLG
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