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  1. I thought it was a good one I've heard far worse in the brief'n room OLG
  2. Remove the lock. Then you shape and fit a #10 fender washer in place of the lock. OLG
  3. The PD that I worked for had 3 of them. Plus 2 BAR's, and a truck load of surplus ammo. They were in like new condition and carried USN markings. I sure had fun with'em on the range. OLG
  4. May I suggest that you glue a strong magnet to the back of the sheath. Good luck! OLG
  5. Like to see what one looks like with real BP. OLG
  6. Cylinder will not cross fit. Transfer bars do not cross fit either(guess how I learned that). OLG
  7. That's what I use. Carry a 12"x12" X 1" board with it for soft dirt. OLG
  8. Top of the line match grade primers OLG
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