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  1. I shot Schofields in a pair of Ruger OM Bisley for 17 years before the "ritis" set in. 160gr 4.2gr TG. Won a few titles along the way. JM
  2. Heat shrink gun or hair dryer to heat the barrels and then run a jag and patch through barrell. Finish up with brush and solvent as usual. JM
  3. Carolina Cattlemen shoot on the 2nd Saturday of each month just North of Raleigh in Creedmoor, NC. Web. swgc.com Old Hickory Regulators shoot on the 1st Saturday of each month in Rocky Mount. Cross Creek Cowboys shoot on the 3rd Saturday of each month in Wagram, just south of Fayetteville Check out the NC Clubs here on the wire. JM
  4. It's sort of hard to stay within arms length of shooter that is headed to shoot a "LOADED" firearm while the TO is catching or trying to catch a falling "Empty" firearm. IMHO its best to stay with the shooter and be watching the shooter than to be looking elsewhere at a falling firearm or anything else. JM
  5. Prices have doubled. My supplier looks for the price to be down by the end of the year. JM
  6. +2 - Inadvertently left rounds in a revolver are misses, unless there is an unfired round under the hammer, in which case it is a Stage DQ. SHB Version 25.1 pp. 21-23 JM
  7. Copper is up 80% and other raw materials are up also. Thant's almost double in price. Pretty good jump across the board. Costs go up, price goes up. Basic economics. Unlike the Infrastructure Bill and Tax Increases proposed by Biden. "did I say that?" JM
  8. Looks like the two of us are trying to get things fixed for 2021. I see you have had a hip replacement and I had a knee replacement. Mine was on Oct 2. 

    Hope you are doing well with your recovery and hope to see ya when the smoke clears.



    1. Randy Saint Eagle, SASS # 64903

      Randy Saint Eagle, SASS # 64903

      Thanks mine was Sept. 24th.  I'm hoping to be able to make it to the last EOT at Founders Ranch. I'm hoping they'll let me drive in a couple of weeks, everything seems to be going pretty well. Hope your recovery is going well.


      Good luck and hope to see you shooting next year!



  9. OK. I am available this Saturday, have match in Creedmoor, just off I-85 if interested. I don't have anything scheduled next week until Friday. I'll be at the Dixie Gun and Knife Show in Raleigh Sat and Sunday.

  10. I have a pair of SASS Vaquero's for sale. Red box, locks, all papers, LNIB. Used for wax bullets only. $1200.00 plus shipping JM
  11. I am selling my back up pair of Bisley Vaqueros in 45LC. Action work done by Wes Flowers aka West Fargo (RIP). One of the best with Rugers. Work includes: Removal of Transfer Bar-Short Stroked Hammer With Half Cock-Serrated Front Sight-Opened Rear Sights-Beveled Cylinder and Ejector Rod Housing-Shortened Base Pin (Helps in ejecting empties). Guns have been shot occasionally but mainly used as backups. $1600 for the pair. Plus Shipping. Have Pictures. Will send if interested. JM
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