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  1. Attendance has been down all around due to covid, etc. It varies from club to club with an averages between 10 to 15 with Statesville in the 20's and Salisbury 30 to 40. This is a rough stab and they can correct me if necessary. JM
  2. You have multiple choices that are 1hour from Greensboro and all are good matches to attend. Salisbury (Old North State Posse) shoots on the First Saturday of each month. Creedmoor (Carolina Cattlemen) shoots on the Second Saturday of each month. (my favorite ) Statesville (Iredell Regulators) shoots on the 4th Saturday of each month. With Wagram included on the 3rd Saturday, (just a little further) you can shoot every weekend and have lot's of fun. JM
  3. I’ve been shooting Duelist for 22+ years and been in many a Posse Marshal walk through. More times than you would think, someone would ask the question “can I hold my shotgun while I shoot my pistols. it is my opinion this was to answer the question but to make sure the SG was Made Safe and in contact with the table the word BUTT was included where “shotgun must be in contact with table” would have probably worked. If you insist on a Level Playing Field, then making all shooters go to table and then staging or partially staging before shooting a pistol seems to be the answers. As for where to shoot SG, I’ve seen the all one place used quite often in my travels, including WR and Previous EOTs. Nothing new! JM
  4. you can ship the ammo to yourself at the UPS Depot which is right off I-17 on the way from airport to range. 3150 N 31st Ave, Phoenix JM
  5. The dust is usually not bad. Dust covers help when the wind picks up. I never head anywhere out west without the covers.
  6. I have two Pro 1000 Progressive Reloading Presses for Sale. One set up for Large Primers and other for Small. I used for loading 45 Colt, Schofield, and 32 S&W (shell plates included ). Multiple 3 Hole Quick Change Turrets, Roller Handles Installed. Two Case Feeders (missing a couple of tubes) Assorted repair parts in original bags, etc. One Powder Throw Complete and one not. Extra return chain. Micro Disc for small capacity cases ( 1.1 to 2.5 grains Bullseye/TG etc). Micrometer adjustable charge bar. 2 Double Disk Kits for Large Powder Charges (never used). Also included is a Complete Shell Plate Carrier for 38 Special. Asking $250 plus shipping via UPS Ground. (actual) JM
  7. Not available now. Having to reformulate to meet EURO standards. JM
  8. While y'all are talking about Overall EOT Champions, don't forget the ladies on the right side or you might get in over your head. I would like to recognize Island Girl.. After taking some time off, she is now shooting again. Good to see her at the matches. JM
  9. Been shooting 78gr, coated and non coated for 8 years. 2.2 gr Titegroup in a S&W Long Case. Ruger, Single Six-5 1/2 in barrel at 800 to 850 fps. Makes Power Factor of 65 average. Never had a complaint about "light loads" . Been to a lot of matches all over the country and never had a knockdown not fall (that I hit). I carried some 100 gr around for awhile but never used them so now I don't. Your mileage and preference may be different!!!!! JM
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