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  1. Yeah, I been fly'n, my R/C B-17 and my Spitfire. Beautiful day, 81 and sunny. Doc says I got about 5 years on my pacemaker before it needs to be replaced. Banana bread with vanilla ice cream and sweet ice tea fer them that want some. Lawns in good shape, nobody's been on it! Carlos Murphy
  2. 70 headed for 90. On our way to the Cowboy's Cafe for eggs benny and hash browns with OJ. Ya'll invited, its on me. Carlos Murphy Stay off my green lawn while I'm gone!
  3. As far as those hats go, as far as stand "covers" go, I would prefer BERETS.
  4. The "floppy" hats pilots wore in WW2, "50 mission crush"
  5. I got out of basic in 63, Air Force, bought a Ike jacket, loved it. Six months later they were fazed out.......
  6. Do not like the hats in pic #1 at all! Bring back the "Ike jacket".
  7. I found a 35 watter at my LGS, originally a battle field pick up, needs some work. Cells are at only 16% so their guna cost to replace. He wants too much for it, 100K in Hillary dollars, I'll keep look'n. Carlos Murphy
  8. I prefer the 40, its more effective against kinetic armor.
  9. Still looking for a Plasma rifle with a 40 watt range. I understand their legal for some side matches. Cells must be at least 60%, optics optional. Carlos Murphy
  10. I'd go wit ya but got a bad chest cold which makes me REAL grumpy! Stay off my.... ah who cares??? Sick Murphy
  11. HeHeHeHe... 71 and sunny, dry here in northern Nevada, Carson and Walker rivers running strong from snow melt in the mountains. Keep yur boots dry and stay off my lawn. Coffee and sin-amin buns fer da grumps. Carlos Murphy
  12. Yeah, yeah I'm up.... watching Fox and perusing the "firearms trading post" at reno4x4.com Ad in local paper for NIB Springfield M1A, M14 still in box, walnut stock, magazines 10 and 20 rnd, 200 rnds ammo, $1,600.00 Very tempting......... Weather in the 70 80 range for the next week, great shooting weather don't cha know. Carlos Murphy Keep off my soon to be cut lawn!
  13. Watch'n a western with Fred McMurray, he's never been a credible "cowboy" far is I'm concerned. My new Remington Sheriff's models sure do shoot purdy with .45LC. Got a few empties fer the church cannon fund and a few live Mosin Nagant rnds too. After midnight, time ta hit the sack. Carlos Murphy Stay grumpy and keep off the lawn!
  14. Beans beans their good for your hart.... If the "green new deal" happens there will be liberals and hippies running around cow pastures with bags trying to capture cow fats..... will they be coming after us too? Beautiful warm and sunny day here at my duplex, soon my gardener will show up to make the place pretty. Carlos Murphy Hard to be grumpy today.
  15. Yes, trains are cool! I've been to the Train museum in Carson City, been on the Virginia & Truckee railway steam train ride from Carson City to Virginia City and through gold country. When I live in the San Francisco bay area had dinner on one of the wine country trains, I'm not a wine "connoisseur" had to look that up..... but enjoyed it very much. I like garden trains and watch them on youtube once in a while. Carlos Murphy Lawns git'n warm sos keep off!
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