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  1. 28 and breezy, no more shoot'n events till next year. Praktizen with my Taylor's & Company Remi sheriff models with fluted conversion cylinders in .45 Colt long, great fun, beautiful pistolas. Go'n out for breakfast at the Cowboy's Cafe in Minden, ya'll is invited. You know bout the lawn. Carlos Murphy
  2. Ain't never been in PA, born in Rochester, N.Y., living in Gardnerville, Nv. since Aug of 03, love it. Been a grump since I had to start paying taxes. Lawns still green and warm so stay off! Carlos Murphy
  3. Yeah, when I was a kid but ain't no carp round here. Capt. Carlos
  4. Been busy dang it, bought a boat...... 20' pontoon with a 90 hp Honda. Now I kin shoot da fishes too. Cool'n off, short summer. Lawns still green so keep off!!! Carlos Murphy
  5. I call my Remington Sheriff models Twinky and Cup Cake..... NOBODY gets on MY lawn! Carlos Murphy
  6. Went shoot'n yesterday and picked up a nail in my r/r tire. Rear tires on on the ware-bars sos went to Les Schwab tires, they wanted $657.28 total to replace the rear tires on my X-5 BMW. Got on line when I got home and did a search and found WalMart had the tires for $269.96 + mounting and balancing (about 50 bucks) That's savings of $347.32, lesson learned. Its get'n harder to stay grumpy. Stay off my hot lawn! Carlos Murphy
  7. Just ur BACK? Sometimes I have to pop some pills for my knee a hour before I plan to go out, but I'm still above ground...... Look'n over Henry catalog and wish'n, look'n over a Sun Tracker pontoon boat catalog, gette'n close to a decision. 92 degrees and windy, 75 and grumpy. Carlos Murphy
  8. Too late fer deezert, go'n ta the Cowboy's Cafe fer French toast and coffee. Meet me there, my treat. Carlos Murphy
  9. Hows about chocolate cream pie and milk? Wont make my grumpy but what the heck. Carlos Murphy
  10. I ain't just got started! Feel.n extra grumpy right now. Carlos Murphy
  11. Nope, wont do it! Weathers good, foods good, guns good, ammos good, get'n.....BE'N old sucks!!! Go'n to the Walmart ta git my prescriptions....AGAIN! Carlos Murphy do'n my job be'n grumpy. Don't even bother get'n ON my lawn, just stay AWAY from it!
  12. One person category, a dream come true. Friend a mine built a early VW bus with a Olds Tornado engine in the back, won every car show he went to, no body else in his class. Been look'n at a Taylor's & Company 1860 Henry, brass frame in .45 CL, still look'n, big bucks. 99 degrees today, stay off my hot lawn. Carlos Murphy
  13. Bought a new toy, to shoot in the house..... On a whim I bought a ASL AR-15 Air Soft rifle. What a kick in the shorts to shoot in the house into a pellet trap I made and using Shoot n See targets. I put a red dot on it and shooting at 18 yards in the house and hitting the bulls eye every time and when I flip her to FULL AUTO she just shreds the target. Its electric powered and the mag holds 350 rounds and if I were to hand the rifle to you you would swear its the real thing. Ammo is REAL cheap AND..... reusable. Carlos (there's a sniper in the house) Murphy Keep off my lawn now.....fer sure!
  14. Never fear cuz I is here. Just re-o-lized this year is my 30th anniversary with SASS, wheres my silver bullet? My first big shoot was was BOOMTOWN in Santa Clarita, Ca. VERY HOT! There was a wedding during lunch, we all stood in a circle and fired our shotguns in the air after the I do's. There was a buck skinner there with a donkey, the donkey carried his guns and other equipment and was VERY mellow because so many people were petting him all the time. Lawns green, nobody's on it. Drinking tomato juice and listing to Rush on the radio. Carlos Murphy SASS 873
  15. Yeah, Harbor Freight. I told the doc that they should stop buying the defib/pacemakers at Walmart and order them from ebay, at least that way they would get free shipping.....
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