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  1. I'll take the regular coffee, its starting to warm up a little, 42* now. Snows most gone sos if ya kin see my lawn, STAY OF IT !!! Carlos Murphy
  2. Guna be another great year so enjoy it. Happy New Year. OK, you can be grumpy too. Carlos Murphy BTW, the picture of me is very incorrect, I weigh only 202lbs.
  3. Leftover turkey and ham fer da grumps, samiges and coffee fer all. Carlos Murphy
  4. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all the grumps and theirs. Carlos Murphy
  5. Baha humbug, 41* and raining. Coffee and ginger bread cookies fer da grumps. Oakland's winning...... fer now! Carlos Murphy
  6. Rained hard last night, washed all the snow away, now 46* and sunny. Gitt'n hongry, watch'n "Carnival Eats" on the TV. Stay off my mushy lawn! Carlos Murphy
  7. We don't have that much snow yet but lots of ice, snow melts during the day and turns to ice at night. My Beemer X-5 has AWD but not as good as my Ranger off roader which has lockers front and rear and can go anywhere. Watch'n the Steelers and Browns I recorded yesterday, living here in Nevada I can gamble anytime but I bet only on the Supper Bowl, this year and last I won $1000.00 on each game, had to bet $1100.00 each time to get that. Wish me luck on the next S.B. Carlos Lucky Murphy
  8. Miserable, cold, grey skies, dirty car. Driveways covered with ice, tried shoot'n it but the neighbors complained about the ricochets. 11* this AM. Carlos Murphy Cold makes me grumpy!
  9. 37* right now, winter's a come'n, snow forecast Tue and for the week+. Can't wait to break out the snow shovel..... Don't have snow tires (mud grips) on the Beemer but its all wheel drive. Happy grumpy Thanksgiving. Carlos Murphy
  10. 36 here in Gardnerville and no snow! So keep your a** off my grass! Carlos Murphy
  11. He He He.....70f and sunny, 20f above average, mid 60's next week. We have an abundance of ice scrapers and snow shovels we can send north. Keep off my LAWN! Carlos Murphy
  12. He He He.....70 here and sunny, driving around with the window down. Just bought one of then $99.00 12ga single shot from the Walmart, what a POS but can be fixed. Trigger pull 20 lbs, hammer cocking pressure 30 lbs. Bought one O them X-Caliber insert sets, 8 calibers, .380, 9mm, .38 and .357 mag, 40ca. .45ACP, .45LC, .44 mag and .410 I'm chopping 9" from the barrel and adding a red. These inserts are 7 or 8" (I forget) long and rifled. Hard to be grumpy with this weather...... Carlos Murphy
  13. Well......? Its SATURDAY...... Just got back from the local high school car wash, gave um a big tip. Watch'n "FourWheeler" on the TV and eat'n a turkey samich with ice tea. Weathers good, hard to be grumpy but I'll try. Carlos Murphy
  14. 75 and ain't never been married and I'm straight! Don't get sick much anymore since running away from California in 03. Got a flue and newmoneya shot tuther day at the WalMart and a ear cleaning kit. Had a appointment at the eye, ear, nose and throat place, they handed me 6 pages of crap to fill out. I got 1/2 way through it and said... out loud, BS, I'm here for a ear cleaning not a heart transplant. Tore the paper work in half, dropped in in the trash and said I'm going to WalMart to buy a ear cleaning kit. Carlos Murphy, yes I'm grumpy! Stay off my still clear and dry lawn.
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