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  1. Congratz old man, no reason to be grumpy anymore...... Carlos Murphy
  2. Some snow left in the mountains, 67 degrees and sunny but the wing is blowing 50 MPH........ Wind is making .... keeping me grumpy! Coffee and marble cake. Carlos Murphy
  3. Sounds like to ME you guys need a TRUMP! WE got one, can't do any better.......
  4. Beans and wieners? Great! Before you chop up the wieners and add to the beans fry um till their almost black....... Weathers in the 70's, spring time in Bagdad. Gota figure a way to keep my grump on. Carlos Murphy
  5. Yeehaw, drove with the window down today, gett'n harder to maintain my grump but its still there! Folk at the WalMart are wearing masks more than ever before, good move. Carlos Murphy
  6. Been busy, watching the rebuild of a International COE after sitting in a field for 26 years....Riveting! Getting new face masks tomorrow but still grumpy! Carlos Murphy
  7. Runnen low on some provisions and guna hafta make a run ta da WalMart soon. Got masks, only 8 cases of the virus in my county so far and no deaths. Guna hafta move my lawn indoors so I kin get on it once in a while. Ya'll stay grumpy cuz Lord knows we got reason. Carlos Murphy
  8. Ain't no red heads round here, as fer page 4? might catch sonthun if I stick round too much. I'm a high risk grump, 76 on the seventh with a weak ticker sos I'm the kind a guy the virus likes to munch on. 6 cases in my county, no deaths. Wana get out and shoot my Remington Sheriff model six shooters with conversion cylinders. Weather sucks, come on summer...... Everybody stay healthy. Carlos Murphy
  9. Can't see um but sure can smell um...... New bumper sticker for my car: Democrats, Pack ur sh*t and git!
  10. Don't mess with my river, spent much of my time on the water in my teens west of Alexandra Bay, (US side). Cough broke last night, hack'n up loogies so now I can breath and got some much needed restful sleep so I ain't got "IT". Weather sucks, windy, still snowing in the mountains, 43 degrees here in the Carson Valley. Its keep'n my grumpy. Carlos Murphy
  11. Grumpy? Me? Yer damn right, been sick for 5 days with a bad chest cold, terrible chest congestion, fever. I'm going out and shoot my lawn! Carlos Murphy
  12. I'm all grumped again, awoke yesterday to 4" of that dang froze rain. That's maybe the 3rd snow we have had all winter, very unusual, sign of the times. Look'n fer a new lever gun, maybe a 1886 Winchester in .45LC from Taylor's & Co. Look'n forward to mowing the lawn....... soon I hope. Carlos Murphy
  13. I'm busy! Cook'n dinner, sweet corn on the cob, baked potato with sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese and chicken liver with onions. Ya'll's invited but don't make me grumpy! Carlos Murphy
  14. I got 17 empty 38/55 brass, a coupon from PelicanPars.com (BMW) and a D-cell battery fer the church cannon fund. Them Ladies of the Night of which you speak are also available during the day time................... sos I hear. Weathers a warmin, coyote's is a callin, time to brake out the Savage 17HMR. I hope they come on my lawn, all ease keep off! Carlos Murphy
  15. Shuda kept W-7 even though 7 is losing factory support and in some cases your better off with NO support. Lots of problems with 10, factory updates can often cause your computer to brick so, updates can be slow and unstable, more difficult to use. Be sure to KEEP OFF MY LAWN! 64* today. Carlos Murpuy
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