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  1. Yeah Jabez, still got the itch but can't ride any more, bad knees, just sold #5. 1. New 1970 Honda SL350K1 dirt bike. 2. New Norton 750 Commando. 3. Used Honda CBX 6 cylinder. 4. Used Harley FXR-SE. 5. New Harley Fat Boy. Maybe I'll get something with a sidecar? Old and grumpy!!! Carlos Murphy
  2. That's what yeah get fer living so far north. Much to early fer snow here but its cooling off fast,70/ 80's daytime and 30/ 40's at night....F that is. Still makes grumpy Carlos Murphy
  3. Stumbled onto PBA bowling, sure has changed since I watched TV bowling in the early 60's in N.Y. Not going to take long to get sick of it with all the damn screaming, yelling and high five'ing. I'll bring some buttered bear claws, we can warm them in yer oven otherwise I'll be too grumpy fer coffee. Carlos Murphy
  4. Yeah, winter, bah humbug, makes me want to move to a warmer climate every years that goes by. Pull up a chair and I'll tell yeah bout it, have a slice of pineapple upside own cake and a bottle of equate (strawberry. Got my grump on sos SIT ON IT!!! Carlos Murphy
  5. Same here but for a couple of slight differences. 32" barrel with 1.66 twist. 50 cal .512" 240 gr. conical bullet. P-GGG Pyrodex (Hodgon) Still working on the grains and getting the flint sorted out. Also.... just received my CMMG conversion kit for my Ruger, .556 to 22 long rifle. Gett'n grumpyer all the time. Carlos Murphy
  6. Twist is 1:66" in a 33 1/2" blued oct. barrel. Got her from Muzzle-Loarders.com part #R2010 I was watching them on youtube, anything you want to know about anything you can usually find there as I'm sure most of you know. Carlos Murphy Keep ur powder dry and yer grump up.
  7. John Wayne would say, "I speak AMERICAN!" Had ta do it, bought a flintlock tuther day, 50 cal. She's a Kentucky long rifle made by Tradition's Performance Firearms. Sure is a perdy little thing but now I gata buy all the crap that makes er go BOOM, cough, cough etcetera and that makes me grumpy! Carlos (smokey) Murphy
  8. Well Jebz, my right knee wont support a 2-wheeler any more, sold Harley #3 a few months back (bike #6 since 1970 which included a brand new 1971 Norton 750 Commando) Got my eye on a 2018 URAL, a selectable 2-wheel drive with reverse side hack which is a Russian copy of a very early BMW 750 boxer. I can only hope it don't make me too grumpy...... Carlos Murphy
  9. Happy B-dat JC, was guna send ya a card but, I thought what the heck, I'm too grumpy! Stale cakes OK with me. Carlos Murphy
  10. I'll bring the Monkey-Butt coffee, sure I got some left, its a acquired taste. Watch'n the "peaceful" rioters on the news, makes me SUPER grumpy! Carlos Murphy Stay off my 100 degree lawn!
  11. We been there and done that!!! Obviously you haven't heard of OUR latest embarrassment...... Kamala Harris. A real scumbag running for VP with O'Biden. You think I'm grumpy now, well wait!!! Carlos the Murphy
  12. I'll bet WE have a lot more political criminals that should be in jail in MY country then you do!!! Makes me so grumpy I've beat my own personal best! Carlos Murphy
  13. Mt Doc asked me "do any of your relatives suffer from mental illness? No I replied, they all seam to enjoy it.... Carlos Murphy Pizza with pepperoni, sausage and pineapple. Hard to be a grump with a full belly.
  14. Just thought up another bumper sticker....... "Only a SPHINCTER would vote for O'Biden" Carlos Murphy Gett'n grumpier ever day.
  15. Sorry pard but I ain't hongree right now but do have a appetite of another kind but they didn't come this way. Ain't never been this grumpy before! Carlos Murphy Happiness is a warm gun...... God bless Canada. God bless America.
  16. Congratz old man, no reason to be grumpy anymore...... Carlos Murphy
  17. Some snow left in the mountains, 67 degrees and sunny but the wing is blowing 50 MPH........ Wind is making .... keeping me grumpy! Coffee and marble cake. Carlos Murphy
  18. Sounds like to ME you guys need a TRUMP! WE got one, can't do any better.......
  19. Beans and wieners? Great! Before you chop up the wieners and add to the beans fry um till their almost black....... Weathers in the 70's, spring time in Bagdad. Gota figure a way to keep my grump on. Carlos Murphy
  20. Yeehaw, drove with the window down today, gett'n harder to maintain my grump but its still there! Folk at the WalMart are wearing masks more than ever before, good move. Carlos Murphy
  21. Been busy, watching the rebuild of a International COE after sitting in a field for 26 years....Riveting! Getting new face masks tomorrow but still grumpy! Carlos Murphy
  22. Runnen low on some provisions and guna hafta make a run ta da WalMart soon. Got masks, only 8 cases of the virus in my county so far and no deaths. Guna hafta move my lawn indoors so I kin get on it once in a while. Ya'll stay grumpy cuz Lord knows we got reason. Carlos Murphy
  23. Ain't no red heads round here, as fer page 4? might catch sonthun if I stick round too much. I'm a high risk grump, 76 on the seventh with a weak ticker sos I'm the kind a guy the virus likes to munch on. 6 cases in my county, no deaths. Wana get out and shoot my Remington Sheriff model six shooters with conversion cylinders. Weather sucks, come on summer...... Everybody stay healthy. Carlos Murphy
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