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  1. Oh so you are having a CC side match with the Henry's?? That would be cool as I have never shot live ammo out of this rifle although I have had it for a LONG time. I have only shot black power blank rounds out of it in 2015 when I participated in the 150th Battle of Selma AL with my Venture Crew. I wanted to use the Henry so I played a trooper instead of an officer.
  2. My car is still partially packed from my matches this last weekend and I will complete the packing tonight and leave first thing in the morning to head to Garnett. Look forward to seeing everyone on Friday sometime at the range and of course for the CC Dinner Friday night at the Trade Winds in Garnett.
  3. Tony Ben has some great videos out there. Here is one on lubrication of the M14/M1A
  4. If this is a Springfield Armory M1A, they have a lifetime warranty. Buy it, at price it is a steal! The M14 forum has lots of people who can answer questions for you after you have the rifle. Tony has some great videos out there. Watch them.
  5. I am 65 so yes I'm signed up for Senior CC. Could be SSCC if they had such a Category. But I am also shooting smokie stuff in the showdown BP sub category.
  6. They will most likely wait until the upcoming Land Run (which is very close) to announce what the dates will be for next year.
  7. Every time I have attened Winter Range most of the stages were set up so the shooter had a choice of going right to left or left to right with equal targets either direction.
  8. Congratulations TJD, well deserved KK that was pretty sneaky, well done
  9. When I started shooting CAS in SASS events back in 2002 there seemed to be both LTO and UTO but that has changed over the years and now I rearely see a LTO. Have shot in about 15 different states and it sometimes was more determined by region or size of the match (state or above). As far as the UTO that is sometimes a person who stays there but now I see more of each shooter stays and unloads the next shooter behind them.
  10. Wow, 38WCF is not longer or larger than 44WCF and someone has developed loads for it. Good luck and I'm interested in what you work out. You can send a PM if you don't want to post. Scout
  11. I suggest you check out this forum https://www.m14forum.com/forums/ There is a lot of good info available there. I have been a memeber for years and now own more than one of the M14/M1A type rifles. BTW the M1A disignation is owned by Springfield Armory Inc.
  12. OK the USMC adopted the Remington M40 in 1966 and then started converting them to the M40A1 in 1976/1977. It replaced the 30-06 Winchester M70 rifle. The US Army adopted the Remington M24 in 1988 replacing the M21 (sniper version of the M14). The XM21 was used from 67-75 when the designation changed to M21. This is a tribute M40 next to an M24R rifle.
  13. I shoot duelist but my hands are small so the bisley grips don't work for me. Low profile hammers help me a lot shooting one handed.
  14. Try many types before you buy. Get what fits your hands best. It also depends on style you plan to shoot. One handed duelist, two handed.
  15. You are a little off on your timeline. The M24 became the US Army sniper rifle in 1988 and was replaced in 2010.
  16. I am in for the CC Dinner, put me down for one. I just checked out reviews and all were excellent. Looks like you chose the right place. Scout
  17. Friday night is their pot luck dinner at the range, but I want to attend the CC dinner. Just booked my room in Garnett starting Thursday the 15th and checking out Sunday the 18th. It is about an 8 hour drive from my house in Southwest Fort Worth.
  18. OK great that lets me know when I need to be there. I have stayed in Garnett a couple times for shooting in a Grand Army of the Frontier match shot a local NCOWS club. Either type food works for me.
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