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    Gun Collecting, Reloading, Shooting, Texas History. Thankful I was born before All the Old Timers were dead and had the chance to meet and talk with a few. Found excitment in South Texas and along the Mexican Border in My younger years. Carry the scars to remind me of the times when "Hearts Beat Fast and Bullets Flew Faster". Enjoy the Cowboy style guns.

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  1. Thank You for Your reply, Yes I feel I was very lucky to get to know a few old timers before they passed on. I will never forget them as long as I live and will remember the stories they shared with me. Your Friend and Pard, Texas Man

  2. Thanks for the reply. You are welcome to do as you wish with this story. It is all true and I am glad You liked it. Your Pard and Freind, Texas Man

  3. The honour is minetexas Man!

    I'll look forward to more stories, you never know I might even show up some day looking to hear one live!!!

  4. It is nice to hear from You and it is an honor to call You a friend and Pard, Texas Man

  5. Nice to hear from you and thanks for hopig I find my old Colt. It is an honor to have You as a Pard, Texas Man

  6. Thank You for your reply, It is an honor to have You as a Pard, Texas Man

  7. Hope You had a great Thanksgiving You and Family, Your Pard, Texas Man

  8. Just a quick note to again thank you for your stories on the SASS Wire. The lastest one about Ol' Reb touched a cord with me. Though I never got to speak with a Confederate veteran, I look back at my childhood in the 50's, and my family and older friends of the family with great affection. Your posts help slow down today's busy schedules and put me in a better place.

  9. Thanks, Nice to hear from You. Everday its something new at the company and I dont think there are any stories I have not hear over the years from Employees.

  10. Hello from Texas Man

    Yes as I get older bird hunting becomes me all the better. The miles are longer now than then and the hills higher. I have to say that I have lived my life to the fullest and have been blessed alone the way.

    Now many men have had that chance, But it came my way one day at a time.

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