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  1. Not near as weird as the politicians in Washington, D.C.
  2. Times change but people remain the same through the ages. Very neat to see. Thanks.
  3. +1 Those rolled up cuffs collected all kinds of dirt that'd empty onto the floor when we got home. Would draw "evil eyes" around the two little rivet holes on the sides of the Keds tennis shoes. Great memories.
  4. Good one, thanks! Boudreaux & Thibodaux jokes rock!
  5. Wonderful story and exceptional interview and article. Thanks so much for sharing! I've passed the links onto friends and family for their enjoyment.
  6. Thanks for sharing your very special memory. My wife and I were blessed to have attended a John Denver concert many years ago in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As I recall, it was the same night the US Olympic hockey team upset the Russians, and he broke the news during the concert, eliciting cheers from the crowd. John always struck me as being a true Western gentleman.
  7. I have one in .54 caliber. It's surefire and a true tack driver. Someone will get a good deal on a great rifle.
  8. Beautiful! Gotta wonder how much dinero is charged for one.
  9. Was always one of my favorites to see in WWII flicks. Good luck on your search. Would love to see it in the flesh when you locate one.
  10. Hellgate, I'll take the Walkers. Just let me know where to send payment. Do you require a money order, or will a personal check be acceptable?


  11. Thank You for Your reply, Yes I feel I was very lucky to get to know a few old timers before they passed on. I will never forget them as long as I live and will remember the stories they shared with me. Your Friend and Pard, Texas Man

  12. Just a quick note to again thank you for your stories on the SASS Wire. The lastest one about Ol' Reb touched a cord with me. Though I never got to speak with a Confederate veteran, I look back at my childhood in the 50's, and my family and older friends of the family with great affection. Your posts help slow down today's busy schedules and put me in a better place.

  13. Gotcha. Thanks for the reply.


  14. Would Throckmorton happen to be your actual family name? I knew a young lady in college with that last name here in Thibodaux, Louisiana back in the late 60's, early 70's. Married my best friend at the time.She an her family weren't originally from Louisiana though. Don't remember her home state, but it was Northern.

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