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  1. Colt has one in 45acp, the Wiley Clapp CCO (Concealed Carry Officers). I have one, it shoots and carries great. https://www.colt.com/detail-page/wiley-clapp-cco-45acp-bl
  2. I load with the MEC #43 bushing. With black powder, mine throws about 61gr KIK ffg. I use a Winchester WAA12R (Claybusters CB1138-12) red wad with 1 1/8 oz shot in the Remington STS or Nitro or Gun Club hulls. I have also used Pyrodex RS and Alliant Black MZ with the same components.
  3. I got a used one very a very good price. Took quite a bit of adjustment to get it to put out good shells, but once it was done, it was done. It now produces great shells, at a high speed. The case automatic case feeder is wonderful. With the Dillon powder and shot measures, you can dial in exactly the charge/shot you want. Still kept my MEC Grabber for black powder shells. Having two presses is nice to not have to change back and forth for black powder/smokeless. I highly recommend the SL900 if you can afford it and have a little mechanical expertise to understand it and adjust it.
  4. The Roseburg, Oregon "Umpqua Regulators" "True Grit" match mentioned above is GREAT fun and has been going on for a long time! The match was originally organized using just the standard (4)-CAS guns, with different reload combinations on each stage. A lot of reloads! It just took too long to complete the days shooting with very many competitors. The format was changed many, many years ago to just double the number of pistols and rifles used, greatly speeding up the match. (10)-stages over two days, 50+rounds per stage: (6)-stages Sat. (4)-stages Sun. For a grand total of 500+rounds in two day of competition. Stages are typically laid out in with the steel and shooting patterns in a mirror configuration: ie. 1st set of revolvers or rifle is shot starting one direction, second set is started the other direction. It also has some old school features having stages requiring pushing an ore cart, spinning targets, lots of movement/shooting positions, blasting potatoes off a metal "tree" with a shotgun, red "no-shoot" steer targets, etc. Average fastest stage times are in the high 40's to mid 50 seconds! It's a true "shooters" match! Video's from JEDiTV: https://youtu.be/GFy6y1_5mPo https://youtu.be/b4YmT-7f56k https://youtu.be/XEJa71_Jg5s
  5. As a match director, I've allowed the approach of " misses for unfired rounds" for guns not fired, for many reasons. Several other examples I've encountered/allowed: -Experienced competitor with medical condition or shoulder surgery can't or doesn't want to shoot any shotgun rounds, but still wants to play. -New shooter unfamiliar with even shooting a shotgun and doesn't want to borrow/try during a match. -Buckaroo that didn't have access to a 410 and all the offered 12 ga shotguns were too heavy to hold up and operate.
  6. I like the Remington STS or Nitro hulls, but they are hard to come by in my area, so I reload them multiple times. I mark the base for each reload. I inspect each hull before loading and get between 2 to 5 reloads. I don't clean the hulls between use, and have had no shucking problems.
  7. I use the Claybuster CB0175-12, 3/4oz wad published load data (link above in post #9) for my wife and son. Have tried both Red Dot and Clays data. Both worked great, but I'm using Red Dot since I have quite a bit. Red Dot is dirtier, but what does it matter for CAS. This summer my son actually ask me to bump up his load (minimum published Red Dot load). As he has gotten bigger, he how feels it is too light/wimpy.
  8. I like Titegroup for plated or jacketed. It seems to burn too hot for cast bullets, causing some problems. However, Universal works great for cast lead bullets. I stock both.
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