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  1. For published 3/4 oz loads with the claybusters CB0175-12 pink 3/4 oz wad, see: https://www.claybusterwads.com/index.php/winchester-style/53-cb0175-12-load-data I have tried several of the Clays and Red Dot loads for my wife and son. Work great for them. The wad is specifically designed for 3/4 oz loads and you can produce great/proper crimps with them.
  2. I shoot black powder through a 26" Browning BSS with a straight stock and absolutely love it! Also like the pistol grip doubles. I think it a shooter preference thing, don't know that it matters much in this game. Shooting the straight stock feels a little different, but I don't shoot any slower with it. Sure don't notice anything after the timer goes off.
  3. I like the Remington STS or Nitro hulls, but they are hard to come by in my area, so I reload them multiple times. I mark the base for each reload. I inspect each hull before loading and get between 2 to 5 reloads. I don't clean the hulls between use, and have had no shucking problems.
  4. I use the Claybuster CB0175-12, 3/4oz wad published load data (link above in post #9) for my wife and son. Have tried both Red Dot and Clays data. Both worked great, but I'm using Red Dot since I have quite a bit. Red Dot is dirtier, but what does it matter for CAS. This summer my son actually ask me to bump up his load (minimum published Red Dot load). As he has gotten bigger, he how feels it is too light/wimpy.
  5. I like Titegroup for plated or jacketed. It seems to burn too hot for cast bullets, causing some problems. However, Universal works great for cast lead bullets. I stock both.
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