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    BeauBassin Range Riders, Nova Scotia Cowboy Action Shooting

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    Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada
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    My Family, Cowboy Action Shooting, Wild Bunch Action Shooting, Travelling, Horses, Fishing and Hunting.

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  1. The honour is minetexas Man!

    I'll look forward to more stories, you never know I might even show up some day looking to hear one live!!!

  2. It is nice to hear from You and it is an honor to call You a friend and Pard, Texas Man

  3. My trading area is 10,000 people and 2,000,000 cows .... The nearest neighbouring Ranch is on the other side of the Wire ,,, Barbed Wire that is ,,,, It is my fence ,,, but it keeps his cows out ... I grow some Grass ,,,,,,, Hay that would be !!! For the horse market ..... Fix Guns ....

    And do a lot of shooting ....

    Jabez Cowboy

  4. Howdy Jabez!

    How cow country? Is the snow going away?

    Today's a great day, going to the range to try out the guns I had work done on the scattergun, 92 and new grips on my Rugers, ain't life grand?

    Thanks for stoppin by!

    My email address is Frenchy_Cannuck@rogers.com

    Drop me a line when you can.

  5. Howdy From One Canadian Cowboy ...

    Jabez Cowboy

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