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  1. Regardless of reloader numbers... (Wondering how many Dillons have been sold in the US...that might be a guide???) ... ...to suggest any kind of discount for 5,000 primers is extremely hopeful....IMO I once got a SMALL price reduction for 25,000.... and was suitably grateful...
  2. Even if some sort of "bulk discount" could be arranged, its isn't going to be for 5k....
  3. So...when you get a Posse entirely made up of "I like to go in the middle" shooters... who all think its somehow wrong to "force" any kind of order... WHO is it gets made to go first? (or second..or third?) Allowing "everyone" to choose when to shoot pushes people into shooting NOT "where they want to shoot" just as firmly as a designated order. SOME folks will always step up when noone else does...but don't for a minute think thats always what they really "want".
  4. Not always. Sometimes certain shooters see noone going to the loading table..and feel OBLIGATED to "get things moving". Its all very well to say -as several have said here - "I like to go a bit down the order/I like to see a few others shoot it first to get it set in my head" ..so then what..if EVERYONE says that? SOMEONE is going to feel pressured - by being a local, or being an RO, or whatever, to step up....again. It may be just me...but when you have vastly experienced shooters who NEVER go first..well..I find that mildly irritating. "Oh I'm not ready"... No? But they expect
  5. Ive always thought (in both CAS and IPSC) that the average time each shooter takes has WAAAY less effect on the total time a Possie takes...than other factors like - Shooters being ready to go.... reset being efficient, and TO's getting one shooter off, and the next shooter ON the line quickly. TBH I think the time spent shooting is relatively unimportant....
  6. Mine fly right back over my head! EVERYTHING I read suggested using relatively hot 9mm Luger load data.... (which the extra case volume of course "absorbs" to some extent) and even though I have gotten more conservative with that...(its an old FUN gun and I don't want to break it).... they STILL go a good 6 feet up and back....
  7. Not THAT similar.... different (smaller) base diameter for a start. It MAY fit in a 9mm largo... but why do that? (What a waste of good 9mm Steyr...lol I have to say that... I shoot my 1911 mfg Chilean contract Steyr "1912" regularly!)
  8. Shot Bench rest for a few years... and yes... brand new cases were trimmed..had their primer pockets "uniformed" and were then "neck turned" to match the neck dimension of the chamber. "Too tight" is an odd way to describe it... they were undersized compared to a standard "factory rifle" but by the time I shot the game most of us were using 6PPC..and I don't think there was much in the way of "hunting" rifles (or factory ammo) in that calibre. Different barrel makers had different ideas on the best dimensions... my Light and Heavy barrels (switch barrel action) both had .264 cha
  9. Its not that much of a hassle really. There are permits involved and the 11 pound weight limit on ammo means : 1. best to be shooting 38s in rifle and pistol..AND 2. Arrange to buy shotgun ammo over there.... Doesn't cost any more to take guns to most countries... most places don't have "fees" to do so..... just be careful with your baggage allowance.. Just do NOT book flights that transit any UK airports. And make sure you have the paperwork before you leave. The shoot organisers can probably help with the administrative requirements... Its great fun to shoot in other countries!
  10. Have you handled a Colt? I can't even SEE the sights on those.... There are some legal options with far better sights....
  11. Agreed. I started shooting CAS in 1994... I didn't even BUY a 2nd Pistol until I made plans to go to EOT in 97. I'm not sure which was OUR first Nationals that required 2 handguns...but it was after that.... we got pretty damn good at reloads on the clock....
  12. Run whatever side matches you have the space, targets and volunteers for... BUT please at least announce the TIMES for all Speed events when giving awards....(Or even better, publish all the scores...) Seems pointless to announce a Speed event winner without including the TIME!
  13. Its not as simple as just case length. The 9mm Largo has a different base and rim diameter as well..... as do several other of the "odd" 9mm cartridges. My 9mm Steyr (to introduce another one! lol) IS just a longer 9mm Parabellum/Luger... (actually 9x23) which is handy as I can use a combo of 9mm Luger and 38 ACP dies to load it... and even use 38 Super Comp brass at a pinch... BUT.. that is NOT the case with many of the "9mm's" out there. Be careful!! It actually reminds me of the old 38 S&W discussions....
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