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  1. Do what the British Army did for many years... pour 2 pints of boiling water down the barrel!
  2. Except that flying is cheaper now than it has ever been...... (Pandemic problems aside)
  3. Yep. me and a buddy jumped on that. With shipping to Canberra it was still the cheapest Ive seen LP primers for in a long time. I just wish they had the same deal for Small Pistol! (Puleeeeze!!!) As to Powder..many of the powders mentioned in this thread are not available here either....everyone I know has bought...what they can find. I myself have an eclectic variety of powders now...from 231 to Vectan A1... so there will be some experimenting going on. (I shoot 90% IPSC now so some of the powders not-so-hot for CAS are just fine for that) Interesting times ahead. Anyone us
  4. Ive always wanted to set up a clay thrower to launch the clay RIGHT AT the shooter on activation. You have a choice. Break it for the bonus...or DUCK!
  5. Funny you say that. Airsoft "guns" are actually pretty decent for competition. Hong Kong (where real guns are impossible to own) hosted the Inaugural World Airsoft IPSC match a year or two ago. Went well by all accounts.
  6. The real beauty of Trail Boss is that even the manufacturer more or less says "you can't hurt your gun with this stuff" (What an amazing thing for a powder company to say - but yes, I am sure they are NOT talking of light loads!) I load a Steyr 8x56R for BAMM matches using a 90% case full of TB under the 208gr projectile..... about 1400 fps.
  7. Yes I was! I drove my rental car into one of the parking bays up the hill (I knew the closer ones were reserved) and sank in mud to the axles immediately! Lol. a kind gentleman with an F250 dragged it out...... sideways....lol
  8. Not just the Corvettes... British frigates and destroyers were usually open-bridged as well. I will never understand that. Back to the Corvettes...the Flower class - perhaps the best known -with 276 (!) constructed - were not actually "Naval" vessels... not in design anyway. When the Admiralty made the requirement known the Smiths Dock Company offered a variation on their 700 ton Whale catcher design. The beauty of such a vessel was that - being built with Merchant ship techniques - they could be built in smaller yards that were not equipped to build to naval standards. In additi
  9. That is often quoted as the ultimate in stupidity...EXCEPT that the McDonalds was serving the coffee at around 190 degrees... (most people would find anything over 175 too hot to drink!) When the coffee spilt in her lap she didn't get a bit of a burn......she received third degree burns to 6% of her body (and lesser burns to a total of 16%) She was in hospital for 8 days and required skin grafts... She asked McDonalds for $20,000 to cover current and anticipated medical/carer expenses....(medical expenses at that point were already over $10,000) they offered $800. She sued..asking f
  10. Very true...and the Arctic Ocean on the Russian convoys was even worse.... Of course the weather gets interesting in most oceans....even the oft-misnamed "Pacific"... Lol
  11. My memory is terrible.... can anyone remember what year this was... At Founders Ranch.....so I am assuming a NM State Match? Thanks!
  12. I use "9mm" and "38" bullets interchangeably in my CAS pistol loads... have never experienced a problem loading or shooting.
  13. Benchrest shooters would disagree. And you don't get any more accurate than them. Very minor differences in powder charge simply do not appear to affect accuracy. I didn't see anyone in my BR days NOT using a powder thrower ..and since we all loaded on arbor presses with inline dies just back from the firing line...I would have noticed...lol Word has it that a US Benchrest Hall of Famer did an experiment where he varied the powder charge in his (6PPC) loads by up to half a grain.... (on a 25-26 grain load - so up to 2%) and saw no measurable difference in group size shot..... cer
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