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  1. Unlikely...BUT perhaps one or more CONSTITUENTS of TB is also used for artillery propellant????...which would have the same effect. I visited the old St Marys munitions factory many years ago as a young Midshipman on a visit from the Naval College (My Uncle was QC manager for Army ammunition at the time so I got the VIP treatment lol) and the artillery propellant looked a lot like this...
  2. And when you load a mag of 9mm into a 1911 thats chambered in 45 ACP the slide will throw them neatly down the barrel and on to the ground... Ask ME how I know!
  3. I'll believe it when I see it on the market. We have heard nothing as positive or definite Down Under AFAIK. As to its usefulness, I did use it in WB ammo (never CAS) BUT its real place in MY loading line up is for loading old military cartridges...in my case 8 x 56 Rimmed (1895 Steyr) You can load ANYTHING of that type with it, with full confidence that while the velocities may be low (1200-1400) you are NOT going to hurt those old guns...(or yourself)
  4. Do you participate in any others? Because in my experience that situation is NOT uncommon. EXACTLY the same kinds of discussions go on on IPSC forums...(and I bet USPSA and IDPA as well...lol) Hell..in IPSC you not only have to pass the RO course.....you have to earn a set number of what are essentially "Requalification points" by RO'ing at sanctioned matches (above club level) EVERY YEAR to just maintain your RO rating. And STILL there are questions and discussions...
  5. Ive never seen a 3 gun match with all the targets targets anywhere near as close (or as big mostly) as at a CAS match. So while I have no doubt a CAS shooter will be faster on a normal CAS stage, I am certain a 3 gunner is going to be quicker on a normal 3 gun stage. Hell... I suspect on a "normal" 3 gun stage a Cowboy shooter is going to have trouble even hitting some targets with any speed at all. A 38 cal 73 at 150 yards or more - with CAS loads? Doable maybe, but not quick surely??? That's as it should be...horses for courses. Different games and impossible to compare in any objective way IMO...
  6. I use them without hesitation. All the 9mm bullet weights that didn't prove useful for IPSC get loaded for revolver... ain't going to waste them. Actually..I shoot 9mm 145gr coated bullets in my 627 too... (AND in 38 Short Colt brass) If there is an accuracy loss i can't detect it!
  7. Doesn't help to buy super slow pistol powders (or rifle powders) when you are trying to load for CAS!
  8. Ive always thought that it was a terrible misconception that only those who get a buckle/trophy are "winners". If you go to a shoot and do better than you did last time... you're a winner. If you finish in front of your very similarly skilled buddy for the first time....you're a winner. Clean a match (or have fewer misses than before).....winner. See where I'm going with this? And thats only taking the actual shooting match into consideration!
  9. Yes it is .."Pro Series" or some such description... Shoots just fine with them...TBH I haven't tried without! I use it for IPSC so reloading is RATHER important. Should be noted I use 38 Short Colt brass...(or as I like to call it "9 x 19 Rimmed" lol ) ....some would say the long jump to the forcing cone is a problem... I haven't found that at all. (And the short rounds in the moon clips are so much easier to load quickly...
  10. Latest Revolver acquisition... And a couple of semi autos.... 100 years apart...
  11. We were driving in southern AZ and came across a BP checkpoint.... if memory serves there was a bus off to one side with wired over windows so they clearly expected to catch some illegals...... It was a quick stop for us...as soon as they heard our accents we were on our way....
  12. Thankee Sir.... I am looking at the BC Provincial IPSC match in Prince George..... ( a trip combining Wild Bunch in NM and IPSC... what could be better? lol) I am going to call the provided number Monday... that will surely tell me what I'm in for...lol
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