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  1. Did you mean "stunning in Colorado"? (Good luck to her!)
  2. Absolutely! I was the officer of a Ceremonial Guard at our Defence HQ in Canberra (Australia that is) …. I received my briefing, and wasn't happy. I was told the National Anthem was going to be played "as a hymn" (WTH?) and that the Guard should NOT be "Presenting Arms" for that. I argued..because I knew what was going to happen. Sure enough.... I do NOT order Present arms... and I get the EVIL EYE from 3 very Senior officers. Was called in later and "spoken to". Strangely enough, having been briefed to do exactly what I did was apparently no excuse!
  3. Another Aussie here.... We (largely) get around the problem by pretty much only referring to those who saw "Active service" as "veterans". Folks who served but never deployed on operations were/are traditionally referred to as "Ex-Servicemen/women" Those who DO see "Active service" receive the appropriate medals. In my case for Gulf War 1 the "Australian Service medal" "The Australian Active Service Medal" (both with a "Kuwait" clasp on the ribbon) and the Saudi issued "Liberation of Kuwait" medal. For CIVILIAN wear Aussie vets also receive a little bronze pin called the "RAS Badge"..the "returned from Active Service badge" (That picture is at least twice real size)
  4. So? The Governor deploys the Guard. The President federalizes it by Executive Order as Kennedy did with the Alabama Guard in 1963....and orders it to prevent the very actions the Governor tried to have it perform... that seems entirely possible... am I missing something? I hope that "the law is the law" comment gets thrown back in his face with full force. Not just referencing the Immigration Sanctuary cities where the left is being so hypocritical, but also the Civil Rights movement and the Nuremberg Laws of 1930's Nazi Germany... "So you support the NSDAPs right to make and enforce those laws?"
  5. 2. You don't NEED to have your guns "stored" while you travel around... (Although I can understand you not wanting to cart them everywhere with you, even though that would be perfectly legal) I don't have the right to speak for any specific individuals there , but I doubt that you would have any trouble finding a Cowboy to store them for you.... 3. THAT might be more difficult than you might think, and more trouble than its worth. Ive travelled to NZ, The USA, Europe and Asia with guns, and from my research the easiest way by far is to travel WITH them in your checked baggage. Anything else would be very difficult I believe. P.S. Do NOT plan to travel via the UK......not with guns!
  6. This x 1000! We've got a guy at our IPSC club (I can hear some of you Hiss! lol) who shoots in a wheelchair! I can't imagine Cowboys would be any less welcoming!!
  7. 400 gr bullet at 725 fps. Power factor of ...290... with BP!
  8. Banned from SASS matches. So... just curious... do any of the non_SASS western shooting clubs around the place specifically ALLOW them?
  9. Colonel George Fosberys Pump Shotgun of 1891? With a 6 lug rotating bolt...and...well...more of a bolt action style cocking piece on the rear of the bolt...but definitely external....
  10. Am I the only one who would suggest it doesn't matter? ( I have routinely used 9mm bullets - nominally 356 of course) in my CAS 38 Specials... and couldn't tell the difference...
  11. Maybe so.... but more modern terms can aid in recognition... I doubt many folks would know what the terms serpentine, saker, culverin and basilisk mean ... Easier to just say "cannon"...
  12. True...for rocket tests. The bombers were painted that way to give the REST of the group something readily identifiable to build their formation on...… The patterns used varied WILDLY....white with multicoloured polka dots was a good one......lol
  13. Plainsman Down Under started with a 2nd category for cartridge guns...that worked as it developed an interest...now of course it is run "right"...and is working. At the recent SASS regional here the Plainsman match had more than 20 shooters....including a 12 year old girl which is way cool! We never had nor relied on dummies, knives, hawks or bows and arrows....it IS a shooting event after all..... YMMV....
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