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  1. So how do clubs that run these together cope with the idea that WB is really meant to be shot on more challenging target arrays? Our WB match target set ups are WAY different to any CAS stage you'd have seen in the last 15 years... (Distance, size etc) Or are they literally shooting "CAS with a 1911"?
  2. Works in plastic hulls too of course. No real "load info" required. Pick a powder charge and shot weight you want to use...adjust column height with wads. (I used to cut the shot cup off plastic wads and just use that cup it on top of the fibre wad.....with a normal star crimp of the (plastic) hull.... )
  3. To address the second part of your question.... No..there are no overly significant advantages in using the original calibres rather than, say, 38 Special with BP loads. (As already explained, 45 Colt can be irritating) A little more attention to cleaning required perhaps for the 38 rifles........
  4. Hate to be the bearer of bad news again...but the recent announcement was of the suspension of APS series production. No pistol powders from ADI at all....according to them "for the forseeable future"... I fear they mean...forever.
  5. But with the plethora of excellent scopes/dots and other sighting systems...why stick with irons? Thats like bemoaning the use of cartridge guns instead of muzzleloaders surely? As a specialised interest..great...go for it... but to suggest everyone else is somehow doing it wrong seems a bit much....
  6. Just for completeness/interest... I have found I CAN interchange the buttstocks on my 2 73's (both straight grip) ...My 45 has a MUCH nicer leather butt cover lol. YMMV..I am not sure they are meant to be swappable???
  7. Has never been a question in Australia. Reloading is widespread. Factory ammo has ALWAYS been awfully expensive here. No dramas for someone who checks his sights at the range twice a year before his deer hunts... one or two boxes of rifle ammo a year... When you shoot Wild Bunch regularly, CAS occasionally, and IPSC twice a week... you go through a LOT of ammo. And TBH... noone here sells suitable ammo for any of those (other than shotgun) My Pistol club doesn't allow jacketed projectiles....and ALL of the "cheaper" 9mm ammo is jacketed it seems.. SO..apart from COST there is the si
  8. There are many guns that are "period" for the Cowboy era too...yet are not included in the rules. DA revolvers spring to mind immediately of course. The originators of these games we play wrote a set of rules. If we want to play we abide by the rules. (In baseball the original rules allowed the first batter in an inning to decide whether to run the bases clockwise OR counter clockwise (which set the direction for his teams at bat) . A fielder could put a runner out not just by touching the base when the runer was forced, or tagging him..but also by hitting him wit
  9. Maybe so...but nor is Steampunk" an OFFICIAL SASS category. There has never been any restriction on what is done below a certain level of competition... That means of course there are clubs out there shooting "Wild Bunch" on CAS stages, targets and distances... which is understandable (only one set up to be done) but a bit sad IMO. "Wild Bunch is not CAS with a 1911" is after all the mission statement in the rules... Folks who get used to that and think that is what WB is will get a shock when/if they go to a major match... (or shoot at my club lol)
  10. Umm...you know they stopped making the AP series completely? The APS series was meant to be the new range...
  11. Do what the British Army did for many years... pour 2 pints of boiling water down the barrel!
  12. Except that flying is cheaper now than it has ever been...... (Pandemic problems aside)
  13. Yep. me and a buddy jumped on that. With shipping to Canberra it was still the cheapest Ive seen LP primers for in a long time. I just wish they had the same deal for Small Pistol! (Puleeeeze!!!) As to Powder..many of the powders mentioned in this thread are not available here either....everyone I know has bought...what they can find. I myself have an eclectic variety of powders now...from 231 to Vectan A1... so there will be some experimenting going on. (I shoot 90% IPSC now so some of the powders not-so-hot for CAS are just fine for that) Interesting times ahead. Anyone us
  14. Ive always wanted to set up a clay thrower to launch the clay RIGHT AT the shooter on activation. You have a choice. Break it for the bonus...or DUCK!
  15. Funny you say that. Airsoft "guns" are actually pretty decent for competition. Hong Kong (where real guns are impossible to own) hosted the Inaugural World Airsoft IPSC match a year or two ago. Went well by all accounts.
  16. The real beauty of Trail Boss is that even the manufacturer more or less says "you can't hurt your gun with this stuff" (What an amazing thing for a powder company to say - but yes, I am sure they are NOT talking of light loads!) I load a Steyr 8x56R for BAMM matches using a 90% case full of TB under the 208gr projectile..... about 1400 fps.
  17. Yes I was! I drove my rental car into one of the parking bays up the hill (I knew the closer ones were reserved) and sank in mud to the axles immediately! Lol. a kind gentleman with an F250 dragged it out...... sideways....lol
  18. Not just the Corvettes... British frigates and destroyers were usually open-bridged as well. I will never understand that. Back to the Corvettes...the Flower class - perhaps the best known -with 276 (!) constructed - were not actually "Naval" vessels... not in design anyway. When the Admiralty made the requirement known the Smiths Dock Company offered a variation on their 700 ton Whale catcher design. The beauty of such a vessel was that - being built with Merchant ship techniques - they could be built in smaller yards that were not equipped to build to naval standards. In additi
  19. That is often quoted as the ultimate in stupidity...EXCEPT that the McDonalds was serving the coffee at around 190 degrees... (most people would find anything over 175 too hot to drink!) When the coffee spilt in her lap she didn't get a bit of a burn......she received third degree burns to 6% of her body (and lesser burns to a total of 16%) She was in hospital for 8 days and required skin grafts... She asked McDonalds for $20,000 to cover current and anticipated medical/carer expenses....(medical expenses at that point were already over $10,000) they offered $800. She sued..asking f
  20. Very true...and the Arctic Ocean on the Russian convoys was even worse.... Of course the weather gets interesting in most oceans....even the oft-misnamed "Pacific"... Lol
  21. My memory is terrible.... can anyone remember what year this was... At Founders Ranch.....so I am assuming a NM State Match? Thanks!
  22. I use "9mm" and "38" bullets interchangeably in my CAS pistol loads... have never experienced a problem loading or shooting.
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