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  1. There have certainly been some names from the past in this thread!
  2. I think the shipping cost would be the least of your worries trying to get it from here to there. I can't imagine the paperwork!
  3. One small bright spot. A guy who has been importing and selling plated bullets (mainly to IPSC/Service match type shooters) has received his Powder Importation license and has his first shipment of European powder on the way. Its only about 500kg and he is giving "first dibs" to people who have already been regular customers of his (fair enough I say) If he can get that supply flowing then at least SOME powder will be coming in. As to those prices. Are people ACTUALLY paying that? I wonder. Or are those folks advertising at THOSE prices.. SAYING it sold...and then in due course offering it at a lower-but-still-rip off price that SEEMS OK because of those original ads? I'm sceptical... Then again..as someone has already mentioned P.T. Barnum..... who knows?
  4. I'm going to be in the US soon. If only it was legal to fly home with powder!!!
  5. Unless you weigh each charge individually on a very good scale you aren't going to get better than +/- .1. I used to shoot Benchrest..used a Redding Model 3BR (a VERY good thrower) and that was true then as well. The good news is it doesn't really matter. Even with loads like that in a 32 you'd be hard pressed to be able to find any noticeable difference between 1.4 and 1.6. My Pocket Pistol loads (back before the bans.....grrr) were 1.1 of 231 in a 32 Short, and I never felt concerned about that sort of variation...
  6. As an Aussie who served in that war (as a Lieutenant onboard HMAS SYDNEY)....I have to ask in just what sense it was "illegal"? ....given I received, from our Government, the Active Service Medal and Service Medal (both with "Kuwait" clasp) and the Returned from Active Service Badge... AND from the Government of Saudi Arabia (the big brother of the Middle East) the "Liberation of Kuwait" medal. Unusual to be rewarded for illegal activities, no? While there we saw (and in some cases operated with) ships from the Navies of the USA, the UK, Russia, Holland and Argentina. That was from the total of 15 Nations that contributed 6 Aircraft carriers, 2 Battleships, 15 Cruisers, 67 Destroyers and Frigates and over 100 amphibious, logistic and smaller craft. If it was "illegal" then a hell of a lot of countries decided to "break the law"...
  7. Chaucer is even better (or worse depending on your POV) LOL
  8. My favourite is the classic egg and lettuce sandwich. (I think you folks call it "egg salad?")
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