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  1. Most of my IPSC group use coated pills.... velocities between 1000 and 1200... never seen a problem... but - as already mentioned...no need for that sort of velocity for Main Match Cowboy shooting..
  2. There are exceptions or "leeway" given in some other areas of the Rules...(170 when drawing/holstering etc) I would personally suggest this is another area suitable for similar consideration. Whats that saying? "Don't be a hardass?"
  3. OK...so how do you suggest one DOES carry it from the stage? You are disallowing holding the barrels vertical...because THAT is breaking the "170". If you don't hold it vertical, you say one is also breaking the 170 because the SXS muzzles are "forward" . What does that leave? (And what exactly IS "forward" once you leave the line/unloading table? Is it any direction one happens to be moving? But if it's tilted "backward" or "sideways" isn't that ALSO breaking the "170"? So HOW does anyone move a SXS ? You are saying it can't be vertical, AND can't be angled.) Seems to me VERTICAL when moving to or from the stage, past other people and so on, is the only rational/safe method.
  4. It may be best to avoid them "just in case" but AFAIK noone has ever run into problems using the "cartoon" style figures like the SASS marshal target... We certainly haven't.
  5. If a match official (or anyone) is DOWNRANGE from the shooter as seems to be the case in the previous example...that seems extremely harsh. For many years Down Under we simply did NOT allow a shooter to walk "behind" anybody on their way to the unloading table.. which of course avoids that problem. (I got quite a shock on my early US visits when spotters/others would be far enough forward that the shooter had to walk behind them.) As for the "170 applying" all the time...that means ANYONE who carries any gun (NOT on the firing line) with the barrel vertical is in breach. The 170 applies upwards too. Seems to lack commonsense... (And as already pointed out - without a firing line how is the 170 defined?) A crowded car park....muzzles vertical seems like a really good idea to me!
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