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  1. Live 13 miles by car or 10 miles as the crow flies but have not been to the beach in over 10 years. Crossed the Atlantic 12 times seen enough water.
  2. Better check the device you using to post this: start changing login passwords.
  3. Norfolk was the only place that wanted him; when they went shopping for a place to lay him to rest. I read about when I was stationed there.
  4. Sad part about that Part of World: after seeing it you wonder what they are fighting about. Nothing like doing the ditch over and over again: always was afraid a big cat was going to come over the dunes and use us for a litter box.
  5. I retired on Memorial Day weekend Friday 1995 at 10 am. We had a small ceremony, no flag, no shadow box, working uniform. The only thing I did ask for was every person in the outfit not on duty could go home at 10 am. Commanding officer, granted my request That was the best day of my career.
  6. I will never understand leaving your kid in a car. People tell me they don’t remember because they are too young. I was a dad at 22 and just don’t see how that can happen.
  7. I would not know so much about Israel if it were not for President Reagan. He had the Navy setting off of Lebanon for almost 4 years, so every Mediterranean cruise off the coast of Lebanon you go. The closest friendly ports were Haifa and Ashdod, so we got to know the people they were always nice to us. The one thing that left the biggest impression on me was seeing kids carrying gas mask. Great book about the being of their air force in 1948. Angels in the sky: it really surprise most Americans.
  8. I always tell people: if you have not walked the streets in Israel then don’t throw stones.
  9. Got to see it first hand and that’s about right
  10. I started with a Henry Big Boy: had all bad comments said to me, so then moved to a Long Hunter 73. Shot clean matches with both of guns, got bored quit SASS and traded the 73 for two GP100’s, but I kept the Henry. I ask people have you shot a Henry and they always say no; I say try it’s fun at 100 yards. I shot as fast a I Thought was safe for me. If I could only shoot one gun the rest of my life it would be Thompson Center at long range Silhouette targets. Sometimes slow is fun
  11. Dinner: Do somebody say dinner
  12. My dogs live good: I should be so Lucky
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