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  1. I started with a Henry Big Boy: had all bad comments said to me, so then moved to a Long Hunter 73. Shot clean matches with both of guns, got bored quit SASS and traded the 73 for two GP100’s, but I kept the Henry. I ask people have you shot a Henry and they always say no; I say try it’s fun at 100 yards. I shot as fast a I Thought was safe for me. If I could only shoot one gun the rest of my life it would be Thompson Center at long range Silhouette targets. Sometimes slow is fun
  2. People like her are why I have a snow shovel in my garage. In 1975 when I came to Florida those people said and I quote " If we don't stop using Fossil fuel by the year 2000 the world will freeze over. " Well its about 85 here today. The greatest quote from the national weather service was in September 1979. " We will know where the Hurricane is when it comes ashore." They went to college for that.
  3. The one bad thing about the Coral Sea was she had F18's on board: they had limited range, so if you were on an escort ship you a had a front row seat for all three carriers attacks on Libya. We had to close to half the normal distance for them to launch.
  4. Spent one cruise trying to keep up with Nimitz on an FFG. She could run away and leave us behind any time, but the worst thing about a Nuke is they never pull in. Refueling from the Nimitz the one of the best rides; water line to the bridge and back over and over again.
  5. Been their done that too. Rode every type in the picture but the subs.
  6. Nothing like escorting a Nuke carrier: It's like an Ant trying to keep up this an elephant.
  7. Hodgdon web site as data listed. It's a messy powder. Great for 12 ga. slugs
  8. Crossed the Atlantic 12 times: every type of weather. Loved it; Disney will never build a ride to match it.
  9. Dinner: Do somebody say dinner
  10. I was stationed around D.C. for three years. Year and half with Carter and year and half with Reagan: the one thing that amazed me was how much money the government could waste.
  11. We have more water than most people want: I live 500 yards from a very nice creek. But sometimes what we call a creek: in Tennessee you would called a river.
  12. Look on the bright side: if you missed the LBJ or Jimmy Carters presidencies you are in Luck. You will be able to get a Two for One. Save all the money you can you are go to need it. We will never know how the vote went because the system is broken, so we will never have a fair election again. Good Luck.
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