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  1. dannyd

    1911 holster

    Got the stamp from Bunkhouse
  2. dannyd

    1911 holster

    I have looked at those, just not got there yet the only 1911 I own are the blue guns. I have do these for people to carry.
  3. dannyd

    1911 holster

    Hopefully I can keep it my hobby, so not making any to sell. But I have surprised couple 1911 owners with one. Some other ones
  4. dannyd

    1911 holster

    I make them and give them away it's my hobby. All my holsters and belts are lined.
  5. dannyd

    1911 holster

    That's my test one, I make them in left and right hand. Using the Tandy 100 year anniversary patterns pack. Never could carve the US, so had a stamp made.
  6. dannyd

    1911 holster

    I make 1911 holsters and finely got a "US" stamp.
  7. You know it, never have a winning season and always asking for more money from the city. Stopped saying they would leave because know one cared
  8. We have a football team in Northeast Florida they play so bad that people quit watching them years ago. But if want to watch an NFL team for cheap and with plenty of social distancing (always).
  9. Read about that War it will really surprise you.
  10. I have been a bullet caster for over 30 years last time blood checked was at the bottom of the range. Wash your hands, arms and face after casting. Wash your hands after loading. Do your tumbling outside and use a used dryer sheet in the tumbler to pickup the dust. Wipe down the area when done and wash your hands.
  11. Started my three year read on the Korea War. Sad very sad what happened to those guys.
  12. just use your double barrel with 1 1/4 oz No 7. I have carried a M16, M14 and shotgun in the military. Love the shotgun.
  13. It is an easy design for the guy going to the range. Easy to load and shoot all day. Based off the 22 rifle design. They are fun even at a cowboy match
  14. I used a Henry and had fun come to think about it shot 27 clean matches using the Henry.
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