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  1. Hodgdon web site as data listed. It's a messy powder. Great for 12 ga. slugs
  2. Crossed the Atlantic 12 times: every type of weather. Loved it; Disney will never build a ride to match it.
  3. Dinner: Do somebody say dinner
  4. I was stationed around D.C. for three years. Year and half with Carter and year and half with Reagan: the one thing that amazed me was how much money the government could waste.
  5. We have more water than most people want: I live 500 yards from a very nice creek. But sometimes what we call a creek: in Tennessee you would called a river.
  6. Look on the bright side: if you missed the LBJ or Jimmy Carters presidencies you are in Luck. You will be able to get a Two for One. Save all the money you can you are go to need it. We will never know how the vote went because the system is broken, so we will never have a fair election again. Good Luck.
  7. Did you know that LBJ was being investigated on Capital Hill that morning in November. After he took the oath of office: all the documents at that hearing we gathered up and never seen again. LBJ should have been a lesson to America: he almost managed to destroy the country, but this time I think his son will pull it off completely.
  8. The guy just reminds me of LBJ: the most evil American of the 20 century to Me.
  9. Been to the Arctic Circle No Global Warming just not happening: but for 19 dollars a month you can sponsor a Cowboy that's less than a dollar a day. They will be able to relive their childhood again just for 19 dollars a month please think about it.
  10. Mr. Biden is more like LBJ, Robert Byrd and Jimmy Carter all rolled into one. As far as clean country: been to 21 other countries all of than dirtier than the United States.
  11. My dogs live good: I should be so Lucky
  12. I use RCBS 168 grain with a gas check in a 300 blackout bolt gun. Works out to 200 yards.
  13. This data is from the wad company for 3/4 oz. : loaded over 8,000 last year to shot clays works great. http://www.claybusterwads.com/index.php/winchester-style/53-cb0175-12-load-data
  14. one of each: 302 1oz single and 502 1-1/8 oz. progressive
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