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  1. Hello the fire, A friend is looking for a pair of Birdshead gripped .32 H&R Mag revolvers. Any idea of cost now days? Chelsea
  2. Chelsea: Got the rifle today, what a great gun. Thanks again. Bulldog

    1. Chelsea Kid, #47400

      Chelsea Kid, #47400



      I am glad you are satisfied. We had planned on setting it up so Emma could have both hand guns and rifle in the same caliber, but I spoiled her with a "Codymatic." After that we just didn't have time to get it done. Enjoy.



  3. Chelsea Kid: Do you have a tracking number for the Marlin?  just wondering, thanks Vic

    1. Chelsea Kid, #47400

      Chelsea Kid, #47400



      Yes I do. The rifle went out on the 17th. Here is the info;


      Expected Delivery Date Saturday 01/20/18  USPS Tracking # 9506 1127 0461 8017 0678 34



    2. Bulldog Brown

      Bulldog Brown

      Ok thanks, I'm just getting antz to shoot it, the weather has warmed up a little, and I can to my range. Thanks again Vic

  4. Chelsea: I forgot, Mailing info. 

    Vic Halls

    328 Nth 14th St

    Sabetha, Ks. 66534

    1. Bulldog Brown

      Bulldog Brown

      Hope you are getting my messages. Bulldog

  5. Hi Kid hope you and Emma are doing well. I keep trying to push your Marlin back to the top and want someone to buy it... I would have to put a lot additional into it with mods but it is tempting... my sister has two of them.


    Best wishes


    Wyatt Hurts

    1. Chelsea Kid, #47400

      Chelsea Kid, #47400



      Thanks for bumping it up.  We are doing well as now Emma is retired as well. Lot's of changes in our life, for the good. Look forward to seeing you over at Circle-K.



  6. Mike, That was a great short history lesson. I look forward to getting one of the calendars. Chelsea
  7. Hello the fire, Pale Wolf, I hope you will be home for Christmas but if not I am sure all the medical people around will be taking good care of you (retired medic). Chelsea
  8. GeeGee, I will take it. It will be a good compliment to my .45. Send me your address to send cash. Chelsea Kid
  9. Cpl,

    My address is:

    Russell Edwards

    190 Allison Run

    White River Jct, VT 05001

  10. Chelsea Kid, The Lee loader is yours. You can send payment to me at:

    Steve Crone

    732 Twp. Rd. 1524

    Ashland, OH 44805

    Let me know your address and I'll get it on the way to you.

    Thanks much, Cpl. Henry

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