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  1. It won’t be a total eclipse though according to this https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2024/04/08/when-is-the-next-eclipse-after-2024/73249571007/
  2. I get gas from BJs wholesale club. They’re 15-20 cents lower than anyone around here. I paid $3.06 Sunday
  3. You’re probably right, they were too busy making a living. I don’t think they got paid much like they do today. Something like 170k and a lifetime pension !!!
  4. 100% here in Northeast Ohio Pretty cool! It got dark and the temp dropped. Street lights came on. I can hardly wait for the next one here in 400 years!
  5. Nobody has them? My goodness they were giving away free at some places, libraries, police, fire etc. Stores had them for 4-5 bucks and we were right in the path of total eclipse.Hotels were sold out.
  6. I thought it was pretty cool! I like how it got dark and temperature dropped for awhile.
  7. There's people here in Northeast Ohio that are smack in the middle of the path and they're renting spots on their front lawns for $50!!!
  8. Yep I found this, you beat me to it. How were U.S. Senators originally chosen? Senators of the United States Congress were originally chosen by state legislatures. Citizens would vote for their state legislators, and those legislators would vote a man into the U.S. Senate. At the beginning of the 20th century, though, many states had begun to use the popular vote to elect U.S. Senators. But it wasn't a direct election; the election appeared on ballots as a referendum, and the results of that referendum were then confirmed by the state legislature. In 1913, however, the Seventeenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution standardized the popular election of Senators throughout the entire country. The Seventeenth Amendment also gave a state's acting governor the power to appoint someone to the U.S. Senate in the event of a vacancy. Because this amendment gives a single individual the power to appoint a U.S. Senator, many states' rights advocates have called for a repeal of the Seventeenth Amendment. They argue that this gubernatorial power bypasses the democratic process. Although it's easy to see how such power could be misused (consider the recent scandal involving Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich), it can be wielded to create change for the better. For example, five of the first six women to serve in the U.S. Senate were appointed to that position by their state governors.
  9. So when did that change? I don’t think that was ever written. You said they were "supposed" to be appointed by the state but where is that actually written in the Constitution?
  10. If they intended that then why didn't they write it in the Constitution? They had to know that some people would make careers out of being a politician otherwise they would have written in term limits, but they didn't! Hmmm......
  11. Why do we allow them to have this? Someone should destroy it like they're doing with statues of our Founders and generals etc! This always pi&^ed me off!
  12. One of the most interesting characters of the Old West Read the book "DOC" by Mary Doria Russell. It's great!
  13. Solar eclipse glasses are only about $5.00, why bother with a pinhole cardboard higamajig?
  14. If not I wanna be on the side with the guns!!
  15. Well we’ve had disaster movies before, Red Dawn, Independence Day, hurricane and earthquake movies etc etc. It’s only a movie!
  16. Yep, up to this point it’s been “civil”
  17. New word for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS,,,,,, Newcomers This administration came up with that one!
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