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  1. I heard that the defense has admitted now that Baldwin pulled the trigger. I wasn’t watching but someone I know was and saw it.
  2. I ordered it from Amazon but it came from Midway! It was delivered by UPS but via USPS!!Too weird for me.🤪
  3. What’s scary about this is this was a TEXT from USPS about my delivery order. It was so real looking I almost fell for it. First time this had ever happened. I got spam phone calls and spam emails all the time. This was different! Yes the tracking number was also on the text.
  4. This was a text not an email. They got my phone number from the order I assume.
  5. I ordered a Lee SS press from Amazon, it came from Midway, delivered by USPS via UPS I got a text that my package was held up at the warehouse because of insufficient address. I started to give my address but they wanted 0.03 cents on my credit card. I then noticed the package at my back door. I called the phone number which was a weird number and some guy was mumbling. I gave him a few choice words, hung up and blocked the number. It was from the Philippines! Beware! It looked like the USPS website with logo and all!🤨
  6. Good idea, slow down Kevin, lots of us haven't seen the first one yet!
  7. Wild West Mercantile is having a sale on a lot of stuff. Shop online it’s easier.
  8. Yep, I agree 100%. These people keep pushing Gun Violence and ignoring who's actually doing it. My guns are not violent at all since they've never shot anyone!
  9. As far as the "auto pay" I can opt out anytime time and pay when I want. I still pay through the bank.
  10. Gun Violence? How about renaming what it is, Criminal Violence? This has nothing to do with the medical field, it's crime.
  11. Well he’s always been a crock of you know what!!
  12. They said it was okay to drive , I’m going in Monday but still I’m gonna pass on the cowboy shoot this weekend as it’s 90 miles one way. I’ll stick around this weekend close to home. Ya never know!
  13. They told me at Buick/GMC the same thing. This car only has 17k
  14. They just reported 2 million people without power! 😅
  15. Ha ha that’s about the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a long time! The stuff people do to get on the internet! Good lord!🤪
  16. My purge valve is covered under warranty. They said no problem driving it. I’m bringing it in Monday.
  17. I have fired blanks and you’re right. Maybe camera angles are used but they sure look real don’t they ?🤔
  18. So my engine light came on in my 2022 Buick Encore, it has 17,000 on it. I took it in to the dealer and it's a "Purge Valve", it's under warranty and no problem driving it. I've never heard of a purge valve but them I'm no a mechanic! https://www.samarins.com/glossary/purge-valve.html
  19. All the movies I've seen especially westerns they're pointing guns at each other all the time! Matt Dillon does it all the time for example! Watch Gunsmoke and you'll see!
  20. I’m aware of that but I was talking about simply pointing the gun at someone!
  21. I pay through my bank for all my bills. Some that are reoccurring amounts I signed up for "auto pay". They send me an email as to when bills are due. It's so easy, saves me stamps and trips to the post office. The only one I send a check to is my property tax to the county because it's too hard to sign up on their website.
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