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  1. Great story!!! Thanks for that! Interesting that he loved accounting so much!
  2. I couldn't disagree more. There's some beautiful 66's and 73's out there. To me there's way more style points for those!
  3. I have no interest in challenging his data, that's up to him to show it or maybe you if you want. I'm done with this conversation. Have a Merry Christmas.
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/us-federal-judge-blocks-california-law-barring-guns-in-public/ar-AA1lQ1zF Try this ^^^^^^^^^
  5. I just don’t think he’s an expert because he thinks he is just like all the other so called experts out there. Where’s his data ? Interviews etc.? It’s easy to become an expert today, just go on the internet! This is all his opinion and he’s kind of annoying to listen to. That’s MHO.
  6. Mom says, "Just so No, to One Dot Oh" No v1.0 engines or products for me, thanks. The 2023 engines are the final evolution of their lines, and with all the bug fixes applied. Maybe you can find a brand new 2023, my son did a couple months ago. He loves it . 6cyl 4 WD
  7. They’re such a pain in the ….uh..,,,you know
  8. Ohio got a D- we've got a little work to do
  9. Wife to husband: Wow you're home early, how come? Husband to wife: I can't work for that guy after what he said to me Wife: What did he say? Husband: He said You're fired!
  10. Yep, I can get em for $12.95 at WalMart. They usually do have them at the one I go to. $13.98 with tax
  11. It wasn’t me I haven’t believed in Santa for a couple years now,
  12. I know quite a few that never go on the Team SASS wire. Lots of informative stuff on there.
  13. Yes I’ve used it it for years. 16.5 grs with 7/8 oz of shot. It feels like LNLR AA Winchesters. I’m now using Universal Clays I think it’s about the same.
  14. Agreed and that goes for anyone of any age! There’s many GENXers that fit this bill as well as people our age. Believe I’ve met some!
  15. My grandson and granddaughter are both millennials and they’re nothing like this supposed expert says. He’s a typical know it all fool that doesn’t know it all! Speaking for a whole generation without knowing everyone of them is ridiculous!
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