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  1. Black Mernickle Gun Fighter model ordered for SASS Vaqueros 4 5/8”bbl. One photo shows the right holster with a .45 cal Uberti SASS Pro 5.5” bbl. A SASS Vaq in the left. I do not like a separate SG belt or a floppy loose belt slide so I asked a leather worker and he made what you see. It has 10, 12 gauge loops. They are separated 2-1-2-1-2-1-1, and 3 .38 reload loops. This is held on the main 2 1/2” gun belt by several Chicago screws that are easily removed. I used this rig with the buckle in the back. There are small knights helmet on each holster. The gun belt is stamped 49. One Chicago screw bolt on badge holder included. Asking price $275.00 plus actual shipping. C.W.
  2. I am continuing to downsize some lesser used items. This is a Uberti 1873 sporting rifle in .357. Pistol grip, octagon 20” bbl., large bead front sight, and still has the full buckhorn rear sight. It has an elk skin fringed butt cover and snap on leather lever wrap. I bought this rifle completely ready to go from Cody Conagher. It is super smooth but not as short strokes as many of the later models. Standard cart songs but never abused. Prices at $1350.00 + shipping. I have not sold or shipped a long gun in a while so I don’t know what to ask for S&H. C.W
  3. A few week ago there was a thread about favorite .22's. Made me look way in the back of the safe and I brought out this beauty. MARK GOV'T TARGET MODEL, .22 Long Right Catalog No. MK-678G. Blued 6 7/8" bull bbl. My index card says that it was mfg. in 1992. I bought it new around then with hopes of some Bullseye shooting but realized how much I disliked standing and punching little bitty holes in paper. This fine example comes with 3 Ruger Mags, thumb saver loading helper, original box, booklet, NRA card, plastic bag that the pistol was wrapped in, original shipping box w/serial # and Ruger Proof Target. Price is $ 550.00 shipped and insured from my FFL to yours. Thanks for lookin'. C.W.
  4. Thanks BushRod. But more thanks for being notified of the Sat shoot. My first @ BG this year. I had a ball, good stages, great shooters and Wonderful Shade for my first summer march. Thanks again. Hope to see you again soon. C.W.
  5. Will try once more to sell this fine bit of CHIP History.
  6. Another snafu with FFL's . This fine revolver is up for sale .
  7. I am really trying to downsize but will always listen. What do you offer? C.W.
  8. I have for sale a S&W mod 28-2, Highway Patrolman revolver. .357, 4" bbl. It appears to have been carried a lot but fired very little. It is excess to my needs. It comes with the large S&W grips as well as a Crimson Trace laser with on/off switch and middle finger activation. One speed loader. "S" serial number build in Late '63 early '64. No S&W box or papers. Will be shipped in a single pistol hard case. 700.00 shipped and insured from my FFL to yours. Thanks for looking, C.W.
  9. Hey Slick, , I do not wish to horn in on your business.  I have a couple of plastic totes and am wondering what is a fair rate and how did you ship?  Take care amigo.  Age catching up so inventory/stuff must find a new home.  C. W. :)  :FlagAm:

    1. Slick McClade

      Slick McClade

      I’m charging $73 per 500 shipped.

    2. C. W. Knight # 47289L

      C. W. Knight # 47289L

      Thanks pard, how are you shipping, USPS flat rate or other means?  I am starting to thin down most of my stuff, hate to do it, but starting to feel the age.  How is Jubal doing? I haven't seen ya'll in a while.  

    3. Slick McClade

      Slick McClade

      Yes sir. Hate to hear that but I understand.

      Everyone is Doing well.

      Jubal is good.

  10. 1943 vintage Coast guard Cutter that went to VN in '69 had a 5"38. 5" projectile. . Never measured the bbl but that could be right. Mostly just called the 5" gun. Just an Old Coastie.
  11. Also in the box you should find another cylinder rod. That the original that came with the pistol. It will also be a safety if you push the cylinder rod release and push the rod into the second notch. But be careful that you don't do that when you expect it to go bang. Can be embarrassing Hope you enjoy it, C-U, C.W.
  12. I have a couple of Cooler shirts, but alas, Not a pocket amonst any of 'em. C.W.
  13. I have a pair of Black Earthwalkers boots for sale. They art 16" from sole to top front. 8 star conchos for lacing adjustments. Zipper on inboard side of boots I wear a size 11 EE. Boots used very little. Price $ 375.00 shipped from me to you. Thanks for looking
  14. WCS, you might tell her that this revolver was just so darn pretty that it reminded you soo much of her you just needed it to be with you when you were not with her. Who knows. It Might be worth a try. If you are serious about the revolver & holster, they are yours. Just Let me know. C-U, C. W.
  15. Yes, to both John B. and Worst Case. The Cochise holster is included and this is a .45 Colt. The dummies are my own Schofield snap caps with a lead head shiny exterior and a silicone butt plug. ( some times call them Politicians) Not PC but ??. Hope this helps
  16. I have a Doc Holliday Uberti revolver for sale. This is a SS 3.5" bbl, six shot revolver. Uberti Bird's Head, white ?? grips. I acquired this revolver during the pandemic while watching too many old Cowboy movies, and feeling just kinda left out of the game. The revolvered has been fired but not much and not yet by me. It has the original box and papers , but the box was opened by someone who could not figure he Uberti boxes. After I received this revolver from another Cowboy I ordered a right hand shoulder holster. In doing so I received a lot of information and history of old west shoulder holsters and leather in general from the man that made my holster. He is the owner of Cochise Leather. I need $ 1050.00 shipped from my ffl to yours. I hope that I can get the pictures to download.
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