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  1. Saw a rig like that on a IH Scout one time. Very practical for the part of Colorado it was in. I'd like to own one but in this part of Arizona it's about as practical as a barbed wire jock strap.
  2. Used to use the clouds to predict the weather in Seattle: if you could see Mount Rainier it was going to rain. If you couldn't see the mountain it was already raining.
  3. There was a Specialist 4 on Okinawa who had bright blood red contacts. Said it fascinated the local girls and scared hell our of the local guys. He was one of my company clerks and I made him stop wearing them at work. Had some officers senior to me who suggested it wasn't professional.
  4. In 1968 I got pulled over by a Nevada State Trooper driving a Dodge Daytona Charger, the one with the funny plastic nose and the wing on the back. Nevada didn't have any posted speed limits on major highways then, but they needed something to catch people doing things that were a danger to someone else. I was pulled over because, as the Trooper said, "the cigarette lighter in this 'go fast' doesn't work and I need a light." We gave him a few match books and he thanked us and left. That was the only Dodge version of that I ever saw but when I came back to the states a year later there were Plymouth Super Bees all over.
  5. I remember this story from my early school days. The lesson is not a single atom less true now than it was then. Thanks for the reminder.
  6. Looks like my little doggy....and reacts the same way.
  7. I bought a 94 .44 Mag at the Exchange on Okinawa. It was an 18 (20?) inch barrel and had no safeties except a half cock, didn't have that horrid angle eject, and had some quite nice wood. There was a Japanese gent who worked at the exchange a couple of days a week. He did amazingly good real ivory inlays and engraving. I had him put my initials on the right heel of the butt in ivory, a standing grizzly on the right receiver and a pair of mule deer on the left, both wonderfully engraved. My first Fall home I took a four point muley with it and later on a three pointer. It got traded off for money to feed the family a couple of years later and I never saw it again.
  8. A man with a watch always know the time. A man with more than one is never quite sure. A sign in an old time horologist's shop.
  9. A bell rope was the only one I ever knew of.
  10. I did that with some of my early cowboy guns, but use the old fashioned toothpaste. The gels don't work and both are very difficult to clean out of the guns. See if you can find some with diatomacous (SP?) earth. I used than on the Uberti 1873 rifle (Allen F.A Mfg. Co. Santa Fe N.M. Cal .44/40) that my wife gave me for Christmas in 1982 and it is still the slickest lever action rifle I have ever owned. I also used it on my Uberti 1860 Henry and 1866 rifles and they are nearly as good, but I didn't take as long with them as I did the first one.
  11. Ah yes! Lucas, The Prince of Darkness. I knew him well. I owned seven Brit sports cars over my high school and college years and for two years afterwards. After the first one I spent a lot of money changing out the electrical systems and those furschluginger SU carburators.
  12. I've heard of walnuts being used to hide scratches in furniture. Now that you've reminded me I have a place or two to try that out, too. Thanks. Keep 'em coming.
  13. I carried one for years.......l still do when I'm out "boondocking".......including a year in 'Nam where it was NOT my primary handgun. (A 1911A1 and Browning High Power fit that roll simultaneously). I now have one by my desk in the den and another in my car, along with three other pistols. For home defense they suit my purposes quite well, thank you.
  14. I just came across an Aztec calendar jewelry piece that my mother got in Tijuana in 1952. It's a two-sided hollow convex disk an inch and a half in diameter and three-eighths thick in the center and is very nicely embossed and engraved in quality Mexican silver back when that meant something. It was tarnished almost to a graphite black color, but not pitted nor damaged in any way. As I sat looking at it and weighing my options to restore it, my grandmother's remedy popped into my head from back in about 1957. I had just joined the local high school's Junior ROTC program and Grandma taught me to polish brass with plain old Arm and Hammer baking soda. She showed me how to use it dry with piece of soft cotton cloth and how to dampen it slightly with cold tap water if the tarnish was too stubborn. I started out dry and turned to a soft tooth brush for the engraved parts, then a spot or two that required dampening. It took about ten minutes to having it look like the crown jewels. The old remedy works so well I just finished doing a really ratty-looking brass Buddha incense burner that now looks just like new. So, for twenty five minutes and about a teaspoon of baking soda (which I have an abundance of anyway) I have two nice pieces to use daily: a silver watch drop fob and a Buddha to hold my papers in place on my desk. Try it. You'll like it. What gimmicks and gotchas do you have? I've used ketchup or Worcestershire sauce to clean my coin collections, but it's messy. Effective, but messy. Cutting steel wool with scissors to sharpen them. Using the unfinished edges of ceramic coffee cup as a sharpening stone for knives. Coffee grounds and tomato juice to make championship roses grow in most climates. Critters.pages
  15. A very close friend, born in New York to Sicilian parents, recently took hid family to Trapani, Sicily. His name is Trapani (TraPANi) though the town is pronounced (TRAPani). At any rate he called me a few weeks ago to announce that Italy now has two official languages: Italian and Sicilian. The last time I saw him that excited is when we created a fake newspaper with a headline declaring that the New York Yankees had been sold and would be moving to Los Angeles. He never quite forgave us for that. Said it weakened his heart and shortened his life.
  16. i'm more inclined to be like the dude grinning his brains out. My son was in the Navy and got Captain's Mast for lashing himself to a stancheon on a weather deck of his LST (USS Tuskaloosa) during a typhoon north of Taiwan. The Skipper asked why he had done it. Matthew told him because he never had before and wanted to see what it would be like. It cost him $50.00 but no other punishment.
  17. That's a nice tribute to a friend and I'm sure he appreciates it. My mortality doesn't frighten me. It's inevitable and I see no reason to dwell on it. People ask me how I can stay so upbeat with all my issues and I have to ask them: What are my alternatives? Suicide? Not my style. Quiet resolve? Also not my style. I suppose I could sit around and cry and mope and feel sorry for myself, but that isn't my style either It's easier to stay upbeat and as cheerful as possible. It makes me feel better and makes those who know me feel better....which makes me feel better...and the circle continues. I sincerely hope and pray that someone finds a way to pay tribute to my memory as you have done for your friend. Thank you and God bless.
  18. That's the source. It's framed on my wall. It's sad how few know od Bill Mauldin. I have a very nice copy of Up Front (a marvelous book) and a nicer copy of Back Home (Not nearly as good). An the the shirt I saw but don't own.
  19. I find that I learn a lot of useless stuff every day even when I try hard not learn ANYTHING! I also suspect that a lot runs out my ears to make room for the new stuff and vanishes. It might roll under a chair or get run down a drain when I shower or simply blow away. Some gets tangled in the collar or on the shoulder of whatever I'm wearing and it gets back in and crop up from time to time. I'm also convinced that a rather large percentage of people I meet, see on TV, hear on the radio, or read about, are causing my IQ to drop a few points every day. Sometimes I can feel it getting lower as it's happening.
  20. As all letters mailed from Prescott Valley have post marks from Phoenix (93 miles south of here) they'd likely track me down from my return address stickers.
  21. I get B-12 in tablets from the VA. They don't help much.
  22. "I'm a fugitive from the law of averages." Sure wish I had a picture of the shirt, but I don't.
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