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  1. No matter what weapon gun is killed with the ME can find the bullet in the body and usually identify the kind of gun it was fired from. I really like the original NCAS series, but come on, people.....!
  2. Evaporation could become an issue.
  3. I tried to market frozen refried beans on a stick, but for some reason it didn't catch on. Go figure.
  4. If they have to shoot you consider that for people my age a life sentence or threat of execution isn't much of a deterent, and if I get a good attorney I'll get get parole until the trail and I will probably die of old age before that date comes around.....and YOU won't be there to see it, anyway.
  5. Yes he should have. Little kids (and many others) salute vets all over Arizona (except maybe down around Phoenix where they suffer from California-itis) and most people return those salutes. Makes me proud.
  6. Looking good! You done those proud, and thanks for sharing.
  7. Originally, and often currently, .44-40 rifles, carbines, and handguns all use the same cartridge. That was the appeal, to have one kind of ammo for both guns, so your argument simply doesn't hold water. I don't know about you youngsters, but when I'm shooting cowboy guns I simply don't live in either this century, nor more than of the last three quarters of the last one.
  8. If they didn't want us there we could have come home with all our stuff. And shouldn't they reciprocate when visiting us? I had a run in with the English wife of an Army Captain. We were at a large party and she kept getting snotty and calling us "colonials". I explained, quite politely, that we had beat the English to win our independence, and because we had also pulled their fat out of the fire in two World Wars, I reserved the right to beat the hell out the next English person who called me a "colonial". (Some alcohol may have been involved and I may have inadvertently crowded into her comfort zone). She and her husband left and the next day he apologized and told me that he had wanted to tell her that for six years.
  9. Chris P. Kreem Reggie Mented Gale Winds
  10. Bull! Five rounds and one in the chamber makes it a six shooter, just like most .44-.45 single action revolvers. More difficult to load and , even in the best hands, could not match a sixgun for speed of clearing the holster nor getting off all the shots, and then reloading it quickly. I also can't imagine not jerking the gun off target while levering the action. As for velocity, I sincerely doubt it would make much difference at combat ranges. And then there's the significant heavy, clumsy, uncomfortable carry factor, and the virtual impossibility to be able carry it even marginally concealed. Final point: if I were given one for free I wouldn't keep it, but I'd start looking for a sucker to sell it to.
  11. Vast difference between a trapper's hat and a free trapper's hat. Check out Wildthings fur hats.
  12. Unfortunately not. These are senior citizens and I didn't see a dozen cell phones or cameras all day.
  13. Her intelligence is artificial: it's made out of silly putty, horse crap, and hot air, and severely over blown and under cooked.
  14. Our senior center ladies put on a "high tea" yesterday. Actually, a friend's wife did all the proposing, planning , and all the other work while a bunch of other ladies stood around smiling and saying "look at the wonderful job we did." Anyway, we were asked to wear or fanciest clothes and prettiest hats . Some people didn't. They were mostly the ones who complained about not having coffee and the dainty finger foods that were provided. One couple bitched so loudly and disruptively that I went over and dropped the price or their two tickets on the table and told them the leave. The man said he wasn't going to leave, but after I reasoned with him he decided to go. I pulled out a pin stripe navy suit (one of three quite expensive suits that I bought when I was still in business for myself.....AND IT STILL FIT ME!!! ) added a light blue brocaded vest and a gold double chain Albert chain with a carver ivory eagle's head drop and a pen knife, added my firebird silver and ivory pendant with a small chip of turquoise, and put a flag pin and a lapel pin on. I stacked this on top of my best Sunday-go-to-meeting boots and capped it off with a beaver free trapper's style hat with a leather bill, and a silver Mexican concho with a red tail hawk feather decorated with beads, died porcupine quills, and a sprig of someone's blond hair My God, I was was gorgeous! I mean I already am, but really! I didn't sign up to compete, but I came in third in the hat contest as a write in vote. I was told I could be "One of the ladies" now......I don't believe I will, though. I ate way too much, too, and it was all good except for the clotted cream.
  15. Got a pair of red foxes in our neighborhood. My little dog want to play with them. She doesn't believe me when I tell her that foxes don't play nice and they will hurt her. She doesn't get to go out after dark without a leash, and I don't go out without a gun.
  16. He is one of the major reasons I stopped watching professional sports of all kinds. I had only been home from Vietnam a month or so where I was earning just a hair over $1000.00 as a Captain with a wife and two kids with all my added combat, overseas, and other pay. I was teaching school in Brigham City, Utah for $350.00 a month. I had friends who were cops, firefighters, ambulance drivers, nurse, and many other vital professions earning sub-acceptable salaries and wages... ...and this puke refused to go to training camp because they wouldn't pay him several times what many of these people were earning, and he wanted much more to play a damned kids' game. That was in 1969 and I still feel the same way.
  17. It should be played every morning, noon, and night in ALL of the halls of our various governments.
  18. MY wife's version after I spent two months trying to find who she was "It sure took you long enough." We were married 3 1/2 months later and would still be had she not passed away 7 years ago tomorrow.
  19. Evry won iss alowwed too mayk misteaks.
  20. To Quote Oracle Jones "Ah! Now I see it." Thanks.
  21. Well, it isn't John Browning but it was a good stop-gap measure. With a bit more work I can see it becoming an acceptable gun. I wouldn't wan't to be the company armorer and have to take them apart very often, though. Thanks, Joe. Every time I get thinking there's nothing new to learn you find a way to take some of the wind from my sails. (Pobody's nerfect.)
  22. Missing them like I miss hickups. (Not really, but didn't want your head to swell too much )
  23. All of mine were Mister. The last year of high school our Principal was visual clone of Nikita Kruschev except for the birthmark
  24. He held it there for about four second, then calmly rolled it sideways and went screaming into a 45 degree dive. I wasn't sure if he was in control until he went back up and turned north out of sight.
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