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  1. A kid I went to school with had an Amphicar. He took it over to Hyrum Dam to show his girlfriend his new toy. They swam ashore when it sank, Story was that she closed the door on a swimming bag and it didn't seal. Don't know for sure but it made a good story. A couple of years later he was driving one of those Jeep thingies that looked like a WWII German military utility vehicle.
  2. It would make me wonder how to get rid of it without anyone thinking it was mine.
  3. I was very fortunate to return from 'Nam to my home in norther Utah, at that time a very conservative part of our country. My family were well known and respected in the Cache Valley area and Dad told everyone he knew (and he knew almost everyone for miles around) "Don't ask him anything about Vietnam. He'll talk about it when he's ready." I had two encounters: One in the San Francisco airport. I was officially out of the Army but still traveling home under orders and in uniform, and had to change planes to go into SLC. There was an hour or so layover and I was tired and hungry and nervous. Two hippie pukes started in on me and when I got up to walk away one slapped me. Before I could do anything else and before he could get up an airport cop showed up. He said he'd seen what happened and asked if I wanted to press charges. I said I just wanted to go home to be with my family, but I didn't want to be accosted again. Another cop showed up and the first one told to take these two pukes into custody and charge them with "loitering or littering or whatever else" he could think of, and took me to a staff lounge until boarding time. He lft and I never even got a chance to thank him. Second was a month or so later. I was teaching a sixth grade class in Brigham City, Utah (Just nine days after I left 'Nam) and was one of three new teachers, a nice young lady from Clearfield who happened to knew my wife, and an easterner who was one of those super snooty jackasses that you just want to slap to sleep. He wore tweed jacket and leather patches, had a neck scarf like a French Apache dancer, a cute little Charley Chaplain moustache, and smoked a pipe. One day after class he showed up in the faculty room with a black ribbon around his arm. One of the teachers asked if he had a death in his family. He superciliously stated the "No. Those of us who really care are wearing these bands in protest of our invasion of Vietnam." I hadn't talked to him much so it surprised him when I snarled "Take it off!" "I will not! I have a right to protest if I feel the case is right." He looked positively offended. "No! you don't. Your contract, like mine and everyone else's here, forbids showing any political feeling or support on campus. TAKE IT OFF! Don't make me take it off of you because you may take that arm too!" About that time the Principal came in and asked Rula Foote, one of the senior teachers (God love her) what was going on. Before she could answer this this puke interrupted and told the Principal that I had threatened him with physical violence an he had done nothing to provoke it. Rula stepped up and told the Principal almost verbatim what had occurred. The Principal told him to take it off. He refused and the Principal told our eastern associate to follow him. They left and we never saw that jackass again. Next morning a substitute was there and a week later they gave him the job permanently.
  4. What if I had been born very rich instead of so pretty? You get the same answer: it didn't happen that way so I won't dwell on it.
  5. I heard it was every square INCH! Either way you aren't likely to walk away from the strike zone. We were just out of Nha Trang, about twenty miles on the Cam Rahn peninsula, and we called them Spooky, but guys up north said "Puff The Magic Dragon". I'd been in country a couple of weeks when they came over to do their Magic over on the mainland and on a tiny off shore island. We watched from less than a mile away and I don't often use the term "awesome" but I sure did after that because Spooky was most certainly Awesome! That's spelled with a capital AWESOME! I saw them three more times in the next year.
  6. You're asking too much form our undereducated and over paid news media types.
  7. How long until some idiot tries to blame guns, law abiding gun owners, manufacturers of guns and gun related things, laser sights, and every other thing they can think up for this? Wait for it!!!
  8. Is that BABY killers or baby KILLERS? IF that's true (and I doubt it is) I suspect a bunch of people will have the a$$ in a sling over it.
  9. It's not my first choice, but I would use it with comfort for a second choice. I've seen it done. Just remember bullet placement is VERY important.......as with any caliber.
  10. Just watched it again about three weeks ago. As good now as the first six or seven times. just got Hacksaw Ridge again.
  11. Hey, Bubba, check out Boondock Enterprises. They gots lotsa pepper-flavored jams and jellies. Also most Kroger stores have them in the deli section. I'm gonna try banana jabernero next.
  12. One of my favorite movies is The Legend Of Walks Far Woman...based on a true story. She shows her acting talent and nothing else, not even a slight glimpse of sexiness.
  13. Our Marine Corps League and VFW sell them. The Legion might, too,
  14. Liver, yes. Onions, no. I prefer a good, thick-enough-to-sculpt country sausage gravy on my liver. The meal, not my vital organs. Green beans in any form, no. I spent too many summers picking string beans to ever let one get in my mouth. SPAM, once in a blue moon. Fried SPAM sandwiches were my wife's choice. Vienna sausages, no. I read the contents once and never ate another Vienna sausage and..... I stopped reading labels. Never heard of banana meat loaf but I'll give it a try. What is "aspic"? It sounds like something you'd get out of your nose. All the rest are still on my list of good stuff, but my Sloppy Joes aren't very good. Don't know what I do wrong.
  15. Why should they? No one else does, from Joe S--t the Ragman all the way up to Biden. Try a stun gun of some sort before you give up. If it doesn't work on the dogs, try it on the owner. You might get a lawyer involved, but you'll probably have to find a new gunsmith.
  16. I had an AR-4 bolt action survival rifle chambered for .22 Hornet. That was in about 1961 and I gave $25.00 for it used. I later traded up to a Remington Nylon 66. Don't have either one anymore, but my son-in-law has a Remington Nylon bolt action .22 with a pair of box mags that load from the bottom. One is a five shot, the other is a ten shot . It's not a 66 but I don'r what it was called. It's GREEN. Ugly as hell but I'd like to have it.
  17. We had a civilian chef in the Marine Barracks at Seal Beach. Some of the Marines got to riding him when it was discovered that had been in the Navy. "Hey, Bill, when you were in the ships were made of wood and the sailors were made of iron." He told them that he was a chef on Old Ironsides. Yeah. Right! Then he brought in pictures of him and a bunch of crew men who had been picked to go on a cruise on U. S. S. Constitution back in the 1950's era. I don't recall his last name but his first two were William Tell.
  18. Don't have to bash that ugly POS. Someone saved a ton of money on sheet metal (or what ever ) designers. That thing makes Legos look good.
  19. Well, you beat me to it with that question. Inquiring minds want to know...and so do I.
  20. When I joined the Ground Observer Corps (Call sign Juliet Mike One Four Black on a dedicated land line) in 1858-1958 we were given book of silhouettes with the description of each plane on a the back of each plane, one plane to a page. Fifty planes to a book, three books. When I left they took the books back. We were volunteers looking for planes from every country you could imagine. Going to save our country from Godless Communism. I'm beginning to think we failed.
  21. OH, crap. Now I'll have to live with that image running amok in the cobwebs of my mind.
  22. No.............I couldn't. I'd kill someone in the first week.
  23. Where did you get prickly pear jelly in your neck of the woods?
  24. Now I can see how that might just answer a question or two.
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