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  1. I thought it was Guam that were were going to tip over. How do these idiots get elected in the first place? Sure are a lot of them.
  2. I liked a hasty sling better. If you adjusted it right it wouldn't tie your arm up when you were ready to move. It just fell loose and became a carrying strap until you needed it again.
  3. Wonderful coverage...all about the talking heads, almost nothing worthwhile about the fire. Just got home. Looks like another half year or more on traffic screwups cutting my little neighborhood off from almost anything. Lived here for almost ten years and have been detouring around all kinds of road work and other obstacles for almost three and a half years of that time. Not much smoke left anywhere near the site, but a couple of trucks still on site for "just in case" duty.
  4. Ashes and debris all over the neighborhood. Two trucks still on site squiring little sparks and fires. Traffic bollixed up for blocks and likely will be for MORE days.
  5. We don' need no steenkine tornado sirens. Our winds simply go in a straight lines and tear stuff apart that way, then the rains come and flush away the evidence.
  6. A sling is a large triangular cloth bandana sort of thing that is used to keep a broken arm from flapping around. Also a fairly good place to carry a pistol at the same time.
  7. Looks a lot like Dad. For that matter I look a lot like Dad, too. The drunk part doesn't fit either of us, though.
  8. And when was that, Barry my old son? I was there from 1974 to 1978, supply chief for the Marine Barracks. Is it possible we crossed paths?
  9. My first assignment after graduating for Officers' Training was with the 30 Artillery Brigade Missile Support Company at Machinato, Okinawa. Our facility was on the north eastern rim of what was known as Item Pocket. It was a crater-like hole straight down into the top of a cliff some 100 feet high and three hundred yards across, and the inner side of the crater was opened with hundreds of caves.....all interlocked and cross firing to the upper rim from every imaginable angle. A very hard won target. Lots of live ammo and other "souvenires" (sp?) that caused us a lot of concern and grief well into 1966 - 1968.
  10. I think about you often and have prayed that you are doing well. I'd like to know what has been going on in your life but I will understand if you want to keep it private. Check in once in awhile, and God bless you in whatever you do. Tom
  11. Our Mayor ran on the promise of "curbing the run away growth". first thing he did was approve 400 or so new homes. All were sold before they broke ground...in an area with ZERO infrastructure. A couple of really good people ran against him for the next election. Both dropped out, either bought off or scared off. There were rumors of threats. He's a great advertisement for retroactive birth control.
  12. There was a huge 6 or 7 story structure covering over an acre going up a couple of blocks from my place...parking garage or apartments or whatever. Unsightly pile of crap with the eye appeal of a stack of Legos. It's been going up for about 7-8 months, interrupting traffic (along with a bunch of road "improvements") and adding hours to my weekly travel to the market, my bank, the hardware store, the library, and other vital places....and it was nowhere completed. I found the intersection blocked again the morning on my way to breakfast and once at the cafe the manager told me the place had burned to the ground. 4 or 5 towers six stories high were still standing (but probably burned badly enough to be brought down soon) but the "floating" sections were quite literally down to less than 20 feet high. It was still smoldering when I came home...and causing me to drive an extra mile to get around this pile of crap. It will likely be rebuilt, taking another 7 -8 (or 10, 12, or more) months plus clean up time and interfering with everyone's life because our Mayor and Town Council lied through their teeth when they promised to cut back on runaway growth if they were elected. Any bets it was caused by an arsonist?
  13. Never heard of John Wicke, but I agree with most things said here on both sides of the discussion. My favorites are lady cops who might weigh in at 140 pounds wearing heels and skin tight clothes taking out a couple of 225+ pound bad guys. (Like f'rinstance in Castle.)
  14. A neighbor got a restraining order to keep a man away from his daughter. I went with him to court and heard hime, as a dozen or other people in the room did, "Thank you Your Honor. Id like to state, for the record, that if this order is violated by this man I will consider that it has become a hunting license. Again, thank you." The judge grinned at Joe and said, "I hope it doesn't come to that, but if it does I wish you happy hunting." That was long ago when California was still a pretty conservative state as long as you shied away from the Bay Area.
  15. Too many functions, unable to master sending emails, generally overly complicated.
  16. Couldn't use the internet while in the hospital and haven't gotten any response from him since I got out. He and his wife have had some recent physical problems and I'm concerned. Does anyone have a recent contact with him?
  17. I'll still stand by the XM-706E2 Light Armored Assault Vehicle. Some will remember the earlier version, the V-100 Commando, from 'Nam.
  18. Worked in 'Nam to keep the bugs off. Also was a good way to carry odds and ends. Put them in the foot end and tie it to your belt or whatever
  19. I always have. It's cost me some friends....but it's also made me a lot of friends.
  20. I liked Juno until they became a teen-age artsy-fartsy group. Tried a few others and have gmail now....but I'm not really happy with it. Who can recommend something simple, easy to use, and reliable that doesn't cost a new rifle every month.
  21. Best Buy is a waste of space, time, and effort. hey don't know, they don't care, and the don't ever pretend to be courteous or helpful. Unfortunately, the Cricket Flip phone they sell is the only one I think is worth a flea's fart....so I'll probably go in tomorrow and buy another one. My T-Mobile is overly complex for my purposes. Verizon and Consumer Cellular were both worse, and a half dozen others don't even deserve comment. I've tried a bunch and will go back to the Cricket.
  22. I remember them well. They were better than the war surplus crap we so often got in the school cafeteria. (I still can't eat stewed tomatoes. potato soup, anything made with "processed" eggs, pea soup, or SPAM.) Don't know that I had a favorite. Mom always "upgraded" the TV dinners with something she fixed herself. Clarence Birdseye deserves a monument somewhere for his contribution to easily prepared single serving meals.
  23. I found a documentary DVD at the public library about the Ghost Army a few years back. It was good enough that I bought a copy of my own.
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