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  1. Doesn't much irratate me. I never heard of her until I read this post.
  2. My thought is very simple: I simply don't have room for under-the-counter-heaters....and the cost saving isn't enough and the convenience isn't enough to justfy it.
  3. I go to a cafe with a bunch of like minded folks once a week. I started ordering a quarter pound patty with country gravy about a year ago. It just went to $12.00 US dollars and I'm not going to eat there any more. Maybe toast and coffee, but then again, maybe not. I also go to Denny's on Wednesday morning and a short stack with a scrambled egg and two slices of bacon is only half that much. Sorry Zeke, I just can't afford you any more.
  4. But they get really pissed when someone tries to take any control whatsoever over their lives...like the cops f'rinstance.
  5. Don't just sit there, Go buy him his first shootin' iron.
  6. Shoot the entire committee or department or whatever. My wife and daughter visited Ireland many years ago and my wife caused a commotion when she tried to buy Bunratti (SP?) Castle. She was kidding but the people there have no sense of humor.
  7. Roland Baggit Roland Smokkit Riley A. Goodguy Duncan Donuts Smokey Fyre Leslie Vitalone
  8. T. Bone I. B. Durnd O. U. Kidd Sonny Morning O. G. Whizz U. Ben Hadd Con Fusion Con Script I. P. Yeller
  9. What are you smoking that generates all these fun questions? When I was a 2LT I was told that rank among "shavetails" is like virtue among prostitutes: it doesn't exist.
  10. As I'm about the only dinosaur left I can't generate enough to make a fire.
  11. Sad part is the number of .idiots who believe this crap. At 93 million a day there won't be anyone left alive in this county by Wednesday next week. The REALLY sad part is that this is impossible and these fools will still be alive ansd we'll still have them spouting this garbage.
  12. When our local library got rid of the card catalogs I had a chance to buy ten of them for $20.00. Nice light oak finished in wonderful shape. I have kicked myself for not taking that offer. I ordered my birth certificate from the Oregon repository two years ago and they told me it would take a long time because they were still on microfiche (remember those?) and hadn't been converted to computers yet. Three weeks isn't "a long time".....and I accomplished something in under a month, and for only $60.00 (I ordered copies) that Obama never did get done.
  13. Biggest stampede I ever saw was six steers running from a young dog.......in a three acre fenced lot. The puppy was having fun, but those dumb steers thought they were going to be lunch. Thanks for the story. I never heard of Teddy Blue Abbot, but I'll try to find more of his story.
  14. I've tried every variety of Ovaltine that I can find and like I said about, it isn't the same.
  15. Yeah, so have I., but it's just not what I remember from my childhood days when we had to boil water and milk over a dinosaur turd fire. It tastes different.
  16. I can't find it on the net. Do any of you know if it's available anywhere? I just had a "memory moment" and have a yearning.
  17. Had grilled trout at Red Lobster for lunch today. Very disappointing.
  18. 1. this site is nearly unwatchable 2. I disagree with most of the few I could get to open (Sierra Madre wasn't great and I found it boring) but Hannie Caulder is a a keeper.
  19. I have two NEBO flashlights and couldn't ask for anything better. They have lots of different types. Check them all out.
  20. Who would have thought that Slim Whitman would be the one to save the world?
  21. I met her in 'Nam in 1968 or 1969. She has a "presence" about her that made her stand out in any crowd. She is missed.
  22. I've been out of California for almost ten years now so I don't have a dog in this fight. I still have friends in California and they all understand that if they want see me again they have to come to Arizona, because if were to go there I'e a felon the second I crossed the border. I miss a few things there but none enough to ever go back.
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