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  1. How about they must be registered to post their garbage on my computer? That wouldn't make me a cent but I'd happily pay to make them do that.
  2. Bottles, give this man a drink of his choice and put it on my tab. The name is Alpo.
  3. Just checked this out of my local library for two reasons: 1. Mary Frann was the hottest woman on TV. 2. Larry and his brother Daryl and his other brother Daryl, the funniest trio ever. Also I like Bob Newhart and will buy a drink for the movie he was introduced in.
  4. Don't laugh. Someone will try it JFS&G.
  5. I heard a story long go about a lady going to get on a train. She asked if she had time for a cup of coffee and was told that there wouldn't be time because the coffee would be too hot to drink in the time she had. A cowboy stepped forward and said "Ma'am, I'd be pleased to give you my coffee. It's already been saucered and blowed".
  6. No I don't! The SOB is still alive and very likely will sue the company....and win. He won't get much, if any, jail time and people will step forward to defend him for so many unwarranted stupid reasons. He will survive, but the people who defended their employer and his business...and their jobs...will be the ones who suffer the most.
  7. One of my favorite episodes and I love Dr. Carol. She was in several episodes and is a terrific actress.
  8. I've never had a bad experience. I bought a pair of Uberti 1860 Army .44s....I think they were the last items accepted from the SASS wire from non-SASS members.... from a man in Oshkosh. He told me how to pay for them and I put a check in the mail the next morning and he immediately responded saying that there had been a flood and the guns were on the second floor of his shop. He'd send them as soon as he could. I was somewhat concerned, but he kept me posted for the three or four days that it took get to the shop and sent me a tracking number when they shipped. When they arrived they were better than advertised and he'd had the trigger guards and grip straps nickel plated earlier and hadn't mentioned that. They have since had Eagle grips added, had my storm bird "logo" expertly add by Rachel Wells, and ride in custom holsters and a matching gun belt with a collector quality buckle. Rowdy Yates did a tune up on them and they work flawlessly. They are among my favorite guns. I have never had a bad experience with the guys and gals on this site.
  9. The mosquito was ugly, under-armed and poorly armored but my God, it was a wonderful airplane. If someone was talented and had a decent wood shop he could almost build a flyable airplane in his basement using the same principles.
  10. I hope Delmonico is seeing this. He's a fan of the things. Use to be a lot of then farms when I was growing up, but like has been said, most are now seen at fairs and the like.
  11. Probably. So what? The world has adapted before and will again even if the politicians continue to do exactly the wrong thing time after time.
  12. Karamojo Bell or Pondoro Taylor (of no relation to me) IIRC, but there were others. Most used heavier caliber gun for heavy brush situations more than because the game was bigger or more dangerous. Bell killed over a thousand elephants and a lot of smaller game. Taylor was almost that prolific.
  13. I have to have a license for so many things, many requiring background checks and searches of my history....my personal history. I have have held federal Secret and Top Secret clearances, federal SEC and state licenses to sell insurance and do investments, own and carry a gun, have explosives (black powder) on my premises or in my vehicle, teach school, drive motor vehicles, own and operate businesses, have dangerous chemicals in my work shop, hunt, fish, et-damn-cetera. Over the years I have taken oaths of office of one kind or another maybe seventy or eighty times. I took every one very seriously. Shouldn't the same be required of ALL public employees and officers of the courts, be they elected, appointed, or simply hired, or even personally employed like attorneys and their staffs? And all of it should be administered by private citizens and members of gun clubs and associations at public expense.
  14. In Chicago it doesn't matter. No one there has seen a law book in decades and no one goes to jail.
  15. I've spent about half my life in mountains and the rest is divided up into sea level Asian countries, California and the east coast Atlantic states, central Washington and Oregon, and Central Illinois. We're right at a mile high here and when we moved here from California (380 feet above sea level) it took a long time to adapt....but we did. The first few months I thought I'd die. Interesting thing about this part of Arizona: no matter where you you'll have to go up hill to get anywhere....and when you come back, that's uphill too. I had a college professor tell me that was impossible, but then he's never been here.
  16. Over a hundred years ago big game was taken with such things a .303 British, .30 -06 and other "puny" rounds, even 8mm Mannlicher, which is comparable to .35 Remington.
  17. A lot of people are very "smart" in a very limited sphere of subjects...and dumber than a box of rocks in most others. There are many exceptions, but not enough to make it common place.
  18. i've known people who might have driven in face first. College psychology professor and one of the founders of MENSA for instance
  19. In have a bunch of Boone stuff, too. No grips but there are things. They don't make one piece grips either.
  20. I love my Altamont grips, got 'em on my 1911, Colt 1903 pocket .32, and Colt Gov't model .380 but they don't offer a one piece grip for my guns.
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