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  1. I think we need MORE Federal holidays. With a bit of careful planning the government could shut down the whole country forever.
  2. One of my favorite movies. Can you name it and the two main stars?
  3. Makes me wish I had more room. Almost all of my guns are in a 3' x 5' x 6' space.
  4. Don't goout there. You're likely to freeze off something you're still using.
  5. The first one on the top one looks good and I have all but one of the ingredients. I'll give it a try this week and get back to you all. Thanks.
  6. "Medicine eyes" Ask your friendly American Indian friends.
  7. 72 degrees, not a cloud anywhere, and the most beautiful blue sky I've ever seen. I think I'll stay here until I die.
  8. I found a bunch, too, but not one that didn't require ingredients that are scarce or very expensive. I have lingon berry jam and not any of the others
  9. It's about the size of a small can of corned beef hash or baked beans, 210g / 8.5 oz. The brand is Riipi sen and I can only find one source on the net for over $23.00, and they can't ship it to the USA. At that price I doubt I'll ever buy any on my own, but I'd like to try it.
  10. My daughter and her husband returned from Finnland (went to se the Northern Lights) and brought me some canned reindeer meat. After several days of fiddling around on the internet I have not found a simple recipe for this stuff, and she told me they ate it and it is delicious........but she didn't have a clue how it was prepared. Any Finns out there or anyone with a recipe that uses ingredients I can get here?
  11. Almost evert military vehicle on the planet runs on fossil fuel and I'll bet that most politicians and their minions at every level from town councils to heads of state use fossil fuel everywhere they go, too. No matter how you slice it, it still comes out politically driven BS.
  12. I'm sorry but I don't know what an introvert is.
  13. Been like that for years. Add in the pink and blue camouflage two-piece swimsuits, John Wayne lamps, ceramic horses, stylishly useless knives, tactical toilet paper, outrageous prices and bad attitudes of many vendors and it is a waste of my time.
  14. And my son-in-law would take personal offense at that. That makes a quorum and you're officially asked to leave the room.
  15. I take a vast amount of personal offense at that.
  16. When stationed at Iwakuni, Japan my Lieutenant found I'd been a school teacher and recruited me to help him teach a conversational English class every Friday at Peace Park in Hiroshima. We used comic books, magazines, newspapers, product labels, anything with English written on it. We had the students read it out loud and if they hit a snag we stopped and helped them out. Around thirty students from 16 to 94 were enrolled and we had as many as a dozen volunteers, and a few as five, instructors. After each class we went around Hiroshima and surrounding areas and saw sights that most Americans would never believe existed.....and always insisted on speaking English when we could.. If someone got stuck we'd ask another student to help them out and if that failed one of the instructors would step in. Great experience and we were successful most of the time.
  17. The first rule in a gunfight, according to my dad, is to have a gun. His second rule was know your gun intimately and completely.
  18. Know this: honest gun owners will be blamed and punished for this!
  19. I buy full, half, and quarter sheets all the time. Just have to look carefully at what's on the shelf. My complaint is sizes. I live alone and almost everything comes in large, family, gigantic, and humongous sizes. Some doesn't keep well, almost none fits my tiny little pantry closet, and I throw away lot because I just don't want to keep it around any more.
  20. I was reading a report of the Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi's assassination and it reported he was shot with a "seven bore" pistol. I thought it may be a different caliber in British jargon, but can find no reference of such a thing.
  21. My "birth certificate" got me through 79 years of government and civilian jobs, security clearances up to and including Top Secret, and number of background checks for jobs, etc. I wanted a "Real ID" Driver's License with a little gold star (even though I will never knowingly get on an airplane again) that requires a copy of a birth certificate, and was told that my "birth certificate" was NOT a real birth certificate at all, but a document that told me that the State of Oregon, where I was born, had a real one on file in Portland....not even in the state's capital of Salem. I called and the nice lady asked me questions and said it might take a while, maybe a month or so, because these older certs were still on microfiche and hadn't been added to the computer data base yet. I sent a check for the copy and five more just in case I ever needed them, and settled in to wait. Cost me about $40.00. I got them ten days later and decided I didn't want a Real ID after all. A friend pointed out to me that I had done in less that two weeks what Barak Obama couldn't do in two terms as President with all his resources: locate and produce a real live Certificate of Birth. I still may frame them together with an explanation just for bragging rights. Oh, yeah. Both Mom and dad had to sign the original confirming that they were my parents and were legally married. WHEEEE! Proof positive that I am NOT the bastard that so many people have called me over the years
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