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  1. I have nowhere I have to be and all day to get there. Ain't it great?
  2. Why? It's too late for almost everyone I know.....and I know a lot of people who can'r be resurrected at this stage anyway.
  3. I was taught the "ain't" is a proper contraction of "am I not". And if Miss Morrell said it was so, you had better believe it is so.
  4. If that were in my closet I'd come out at a dead run....and Heaven help anyone who questioned anything about that trip.
  5. Great googlie mooglies, but that is an UGLY gun!
  6. Interesting gun but this guy is positively painful to listen to.
  7. Do you want to sell that thing, Joe? I had one once and got rid of it. I would like another just for nostalgic reasons.
  8. Look on the bright side: If they grew bigger you'd have to spend a mortgage payment every week just to feed them, you'd never be able to sit on any furniture in your house again, you wouldn't have room in your house for guests (and maybe even family members) you'd need a large SUV or truck to take them anywhere, you couldn't have them sit on your lap (unless you didn't care about lower body blood circulation), you'd have to bathe them at a car wash, yard cleanup would become a full time job and waste disposal could become an issue, and every time a pet or little kid anywhere for miles around went missing you'd have people at your door wondering if the dogs had been fed.....and if they had been fed the missing pet or person. Learn to pos thinkativly.
  9. I worked for a black Vice Principle at a high school years ago. We got to discussing that and he told me that a Tongan friend of his asked in all seriousness "if all the white, straight right wing, male, veterans are being called racist why don't they band together and become what they are being labelled?" I didn't say anything and he grinned and asked if I were mulling it over. I grinned back and winked and he about fell off his chair laughing.
  10. Gonna ask for vegan water and see where that goes.
  11. I just bought a 36 bottle pack of Natural Spring Water. (our local water is filled with "stuff " so I don't risk any more health issues). I asked the lady at the register if I could save money if I bought "Unnatural" water instead of the Natural Spring Water. She went nuts, telling me she didn't have any control over what the store sells, doesn't have time for these kinds of questions, and I shouldn't pick on her because she has a Hispanic accent. I took the cart to a self check out stand (Lord how I hate those) while she kept up her tirade. The manager showed up...he's scared of me anyway... and finally came over and asked me what I'd said to her. I told him, a couple of other people told him the same thing, and I left. I'll go back in a few days and see what the result was, but this little idiot had no sense of humor whatsoever.
  12. California doesn't THINK about anything. It's one colossal leftist knee jerk.
  13. Don't forget the Fallopian Tubes and a bucket of prop wash.
  14. We moved west about the same time we threw the British out...and pretty much for the same reasons. We don't want to do it someone else's way. And you voluntarily moved back east so you are able to do it their way and have someone to blame when it all goes south. Pity. Pity. We miss you out here.
  15. I never liked the Honeymooners because Gleason was the kind of person I was taught to stand up to. After I got married I realized my father-in-law WAS Ralph Kramden. We suffered a taught relationship until he died. He did tell me once that the only reason he didn't run me off was because I was the only man that dated his daughters who stood up to him.....on the night we eloped and he threatened to shoot me. I told him the first shot was his and after that if he hadn't killed me I'd kill him
  16. You beat me to it on this one. I was going to say "What did anyone expect? It's CHICAGO!!!
  17. Next time you go to red Lobster take me along. I don't much care for lobster, but most of the rest of their meals are excellent...and I can eat their biscuits by the peck.
  18. So do I but so damn few stores carry most of what I want. I just used my Amazon points for the first time. Wranglers dress slacks....no cost. Scheduled to be delivered on the 9th. Couldn't find any at all locally An electric fireplace (space heater with a bit more class): $147.00 list. I paid $26.50 S&H, but nothing for the heater. To be delivered a week from today. Never saw one in real life.
  19. Ruth Buzzi is one of the most pleasant people I have ever met...and she's about a big and a nickel's worth of peanuts.
  20. at's so "po' folks" can be classy, too. We were poor (by some peoples' standards) but Mom would have died of embarrassment if we had looked like that. Patched and repaired was okay. That meant you were unable to buy better. Worn out, full of holes (cut, slashed, torn, or worn through) meant you or your mother were lazy or inept).
  21. That's only funny if you've never done it yourself...and just never you mind how I know.
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