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  1. My favorite nurse told me that with the technology already used in me and the rate that new stuff is coming up I could conceivably live forever.......if I don't die first. Say what? She grinned and told me she was just seeing if I was paying attention. I just love my nurses at the VA.
  2. Joe, you nailed that one right on the money. Thanks for pointing that out. Might be a good argument for home-schooling, too.
  3. NO! I see it every day and the state isn't what I moved here to live in. It's being California-ized at a terrifying rate. If you don't like Arizona the way you find it then I'll personally invite you to go the hell back where you came from.
  4. translates roughly to "mine room" so I'd guess a mine sweeper of some sort. The turret has what appears to be a mantle for a couple of machineguns
  5. And the idiots who were interviewing her are clueless boobs who are stealing money paid to them to be better. That young lady has an IQ equal to both of their's combined...and then some.
  6. Yeah, sell it only happens once because I also stop going to those stores most of the time. That also cuts into their profits, just a tiny bit, but if more people did it they might have a effect on the marketing policy in the store. Nah! They'd rather do a Sears Roebuck than cater to anyone except the management.
  7. Happy birthday, Pappy. I'll reach that mark in 19 more years on the Ides of March. If all goes well I'll buy you your evening Budweiser and have one with you. Save me a place.
  8. Or do I leave my cart in the line and get in my car and go to another store? I have chosen the last option on days when I'm feeling froggy, which is becoming the norm.
  9. I have complained. Frequently. Nothing has changed except now the managers hide from me.
  10. It was never available when I was still working 10-15 hour days all over the county at all times of the day. It never even came to mind to complain about it because that's just the way it was. We've been sissyfied to a very large degree.
  11. Amen, my brother. I was told by a manager at Walmart to get used to it because it's only a few years away until they will only have one or two open cash registers allowed to be used only for special occasions as determined by the on duty manager......if you can ever find one.
  12. Let's add in the vendors employees who are mostly obnoxious aisle blocker, too.
  13. No federal, state, county, or city / town elected official or anyone who has a say in where these are places and who can use then should be allowed to use them, nor can their families, personal employees, or any person who advises or signs off on these decisions. It must include the election staff, even volunteers Penalty should be loss of their elected offices and being disallowed for ever running for any public office ever again.
  14. Even so, I object, sometimes very loudly (Hell, almost always very loudly), at having to walk half a block or more over a poorly maintained and difficult to walk on macadam surface covered in moving traffic when someone has his or her purchases delivered to the their car. If the store is delivering the load anyway how about their less than even slightly handicapped employees push the load an additional 40 to 100 feet and save me a trip a half mile further to a store which hasn't catered to the lazy and inconsiderate shoppers of the world. Their situation is a convenience. Mine is physical handicap.
  15. I don'y believe for a second that ever was "really necessary!" It was a "hey look what we're doing to fight CAVID" feel good BS action. What irks me is WHERE the pickup spaces are: They have eliminated Handicap Parking to a large degree making it difficult for many shoppers to even get in the damn door. Our town hall and public library are offenders as well...in a community with a very high percentage of senior citizens who have placards and plates an no where to park. And yes, I HAVE brought it up to the mayor and town council, but they are more interested in getting more "furriners" (Californians and a bunch showing up from Oregon and Washington, too) to bother with folks who live here already. RANT MODE OFF
  16. Might be about time for a resurgence at that.
  17. Heard a version at a street musical festival here a few years back. Three guys and one lady changed the words a bit: "Don't let your cowboys grow up to babies." I don't remember the rest but it got long and loud ovation. Busted the chops of every crybaby liberal puke in the crowd for blocks.
  18. My Last male doctor was Dr. Rex Reno on Upland, Ca. That was almost 20 years ago. The VA had the wonderful Dr. Serabin in Rancho Cicamonga, who referred me to others, but she was always the MD of record. After we moved up here I've only had one doctor and 4 nurse practitioners /RNs (I don't know the difference and a whole battery of other nurses helping out. If I NEED doctor, like for instance the man who gave me magic implanted pace maker almost three years ago, they find one, but they still get my vote for being MY team. I can't say enough good about them and we take care of each other.
  19. I don't know what's in Dragon's Breath, either, but I do know it will set your range on fire if you get one mixed in with your cowboy rounds. I wasn't there, but it became legend in SoCal almost overnight.
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