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  1. There will be no shoot throughs at EOT. It is the World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting and it is important that everyone shoots the same match in the same way. The shoot throughs at EOT in the past accrued before T A Chance took over. There have been no shoot throughs at EOT in the last 8--10 years.
  2. If there is enough grip you could possibly move the pin hole on the bottom inside of the grip and push the grip up to fill the gap. It is easier to relocate the pin hole then try to fill in any gap and make it look right. As others have said grips usually don't fit perfect if not custom fitted.
  3. Try the Chiappa 1886. I have one and really like it. It's as close to a real original Winchester as you can get. The originals have a 1/2 cock notch. The newer Winchesters use a rebounding hammer with a tang safety.
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