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    Yep - Remi caps and Federal primers CR
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    I'm glad you found you a rifle. I hope you enjoy it!
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    There is also a book that's titled "101 Uses for Dead Cats". I consider it bible class!!
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    Ya'lll can KEEP that kind of weather!
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    You and everyone else at the match get to see the rankings, so everyone knows who beat who. (Whom beat whom? I always had trouble with that...) Look at the "award" you bring home as a tangible reminder of the fun you had with friends. The amount of effort you invest is a very personal choice.
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    You didn't sleep on this decision, did you..?
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    Lee Fisher was owner of Lee's Gunsmithing. Lee Fisher aka "Ringo" SASS. Lee Fisher produced and sold the Gunslinger Spring Kits Lee sold his business to good friend Ross Seymour. Ross Seymour aka "Rowdy Yates" SASS #141 Ross kept the same store Lees occupied for some time. Ross closed the store and continued working from his home shop. Ross also continues the production of the Gunslinger Spring Kits. I am not sure if Ross has given up his FFL Gunsmith license. Ross has always been a Black Powder shooter and prefers to work on cap and ball revolves. If you want to know if he will work on your guns, call him. He does answer his phone. Not so much his e-mail. Lee's Gunsmithing
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    I say....take their life in the same exact way that they took their victims. And to hell with being humane....they weren't.
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    I've went through several hundred thousand rounds in my life, and can't recall having a primer failure with a reload with ANY brand of primer that could be directly attributed to the primer. Other folks have posted here about having X% failures with XXX brand primers and "I'll never use them again", but I'm inclined to believe there were circumstances involved other than a "bad primer".
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    Howdy NOZ. I know the feeling. I load up my non-SASS .45 Colt ammo with heavy 250-300 grain slugs and a healthy dose of LilGun. As I have mentioned before on the Wire, these hot .45 Colt loads in a 16.25" 1894 Marlin generate power levels equal to the .454 Casull in a 6-7" pistol barrel. And its puts a whoopin on my shoulder. ..........Widder
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    I bought a Stoeger new in the box back in about 1995-1996 (double trigger). Still using it, and I did some minor work on it. Polished the chambers and disconnected the safety. Had to tight the plates that hold the firing pins every now and then but have not had any problems with it. I have had several more Stoegers since then for backups but have never really ever needed them. I have one extra right now that I might part with. If you have lots to spend, get a Browning or SKB. If you just want to try one, get a Stoeger and save the cash. I have not had any luck with any of the Chinese or Russian doubles, and the old Stevens may cost as much as a new or used Stoeger. Usually, you can get 90% of your cash back on a Stoeger if you upgrade or keep it for a backup. Also, use shells with the smooth sides, Winchester AA's or Remington STS's, as these work best in double barrel shotguns.
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    Pretty much what Dawg said. Or one from Dirt. If you are REALLY on the fence, start with a Stoeger that has been tuned up nicely. The camera was on a tripod and I was using a time delay. No one was threatened taking this picture I ran one of them for years before I upgraded to a SKB with a Mechanical trigger. I truly love that shotgun. SKB 200 with 26" barrels. I can't bear to cut them because they are choked "Skeet and Skeet" and I've been told that is rare. Of course, you could just go "Full Crazy" and get yourself an 1887...
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