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  1. Okay, I figured out the button thing. You meant before you opened the topic. Yes. Thanks.
  2. I guess that I'm just dense because I cannot see the button of which you speak. If you are in one of the Forums, for example, Wire or Saloon, next to every thread with posts you have not read there will either be a circle or a star. If you click that, it should take you to the first unread post. And I have no idea what "Now need to learn to do Red." means. He wants to know how to change the font color. See my answer in Bart's post. Thanks, though.
  3. The one thing that I miss, even though it didn't work right on the old version until you got to the second page , is the View First Unread button. It sure is handy when it is there and works right. You can find unread posts by selecting the Activity Tab at the top of a forum. Then select he Unread Content Tab.
  4. I seem to be able to outrun my ability to shoot a gun at times.
  5. After I spent some time on my hands and knees looking for one of those bushings, I degreased the cylinders on all five of my Gauchos and Lock-Tited them in. They haven't fell out again.
  6. That's how I was taught to shot a double by my grandfather, so that's how I do it. I've got one old double 12 gauge that I can't shoot that way. It's a Wyco Hammerless made by Crescent in 1914. The triggers are more closely spaced together than on any of my other doubles. I'm sure that the problem is my right middle finger. It got cut off and put back on while I was in the Army. It has a permanent crook on the last joint that won't easily/comfortably between the triggers on that old gun. On all my others, I use two trigger fingers because my middle finger fits between the triggers
  7. Folks that like old shotguns may find this link interesting. The title is "1900 Shotshells & Ballistics - Turn-of-the-Century Shotshells, Powder, Proof & Ballistics." https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F2sQuPm05IE4VWYYnCkvuXmYEzQoWd_SQgaAfUOZEFU/mobilebasic
  8. I had almost exactly the same experience as Mr. Warden Callaway when I took my 1890 NH Parker 2 7/8" 10 gauge with 32" Twist barrels to get checked out. After he told me what he would do if it was his gun, he declared,"But, I can't tell you that and I am not going to."
  9. I'm glad you found you a rifle. I hope you enjoy it!
  10. A 9 oz. can of Trail Boss doesn't cost the same or more than a pound of other powder. I bought two 9 oz. cans just the other day for $15.26 a piece. That would be $25.70 a pound. Even at the 9 oz. price that is only 1.48 cents per round of .38 Special. I can load just over 1150 rounds from a 9 oz. can. And I bought 5 pounder for $105 recently. Actually, I got two of them.
  11. Thanks. I guess I am going to have to stop using OneDrive as a host for images to post on the Wire. For some reason they don't get along.
  12. This is my Interarms Puma .44 Saddle Ring Carbine that was made by Amadeo Rossi. https://9acqiq.dm2304.livefilestore.com/y3mFuTKFo9rhj1QdEY6nCA7dpWa7mZhrdVIsW4oLnfUsO5RlGoEwJsIC15oALIXzOMQKmnEQ283fUAMI3c06aiQH5hKRinw6OR88WlWxeeAxAsrtbVyZIG6jrcaliEQ9md4wCra9a9uwqejWbGaPbVcmzaQryUihDfIYUcKgbFmLIY?width=1024&height=225&cropmode=none https://9qcqiq.dm2304.livefilestore.com/y3mB1IJnQA2afuLsVKIRy5rVMgrhveoiCeVsxcOaacVFL5yH0GAG8XD6MrnItHzsPY5bU5eq-QcQTq6JBBq6WHqgHHt9dxFRxJ18CARBiKUyAz4qjL9odo2S1A5lPuDExBMN-P6R-dnxRShEVbW8wYT9CX8U27a9my2hBtxVw_soIY?width=1024&height=219&cropmod
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