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WTB Tanned Deer skin whole hide / skin "no hair" 

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WTB Tanned Deer skin whole hide/skin  or hides/skin "no hair" for a leather project.


Anyone have one to sell? 

Price & color?

(I'll be a EOT, if you're going that helps)




Know who sells them that is good to buy from? (not just, "I saw an add that they have them at "X"")


Thank you for the help



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I may have one let me check, I'll get back to you this evening

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I have one whole hide but it has a small bald spot (see pic) it measures 29"w x 45"L (not counting the tail.)

And a half hide 26"w x 22"L (not counting the tail) you can have them both $50 + shipping or just the larger one  $35 + shipping 

PS (The light "dots" are from the blinds, not on the hides)

Let me know.Resized_20240208_121628.thumb.jpeg.1fae023da5dc513127ebd3c8e34e735b.jpeg20240208_122232.thumb.jpg.e2b61917de91fc6800183ac4418b0abe.jpg tklein_13@rocketmail.com 

Ooops! Didn't see the no hair!

Maybe someone else may be interested!

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I  apologize, should have said "no hair" 

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Earl ,

" Hide House "  has deer skins for $8.35 a sq. ft.  Hides are 8-12 sq.ft.


       X   Mark

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I have used 'DistantDrumsLeather' numerous times...they sell by the hide, with an image of each individual hide for sale-good pricing, good choice and quality...they can be fond through google or ETSY

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