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  1. I have only used Federal 209s with my BP and Black MZ shotgun loads....here I was thinking for the past 3 years that they were the preferred primer like the Federals for pistol/rifle! Never had any issues with my Baikal or Stoger!
  2. Damn! Now thats fine!
  3. The "sheriffs" model 1860 by oietta does use navy size grips
  4. The other one I built holds 3 long guns....I practically break my neck when I pass one on the side of the road, have to keep myself from stopping
  5. Thank you, but I doubt I'll ever get to a state match....I've never been anywhere besides my local monthlies. Not that I wouldnt like to...just logistics between work, nighttime breathing , funds...well, maybe someday.
  6. I got some of the T17 all natural 1000 plus and Balistol ( had plenty) Washed cylinder, barrel, nipps, in warm soapy water, the drowned in ballistol then sopped up all the ballistol and used the grease on arbor and nip threads. Forgot to add that my homemade grease is pink...I mixed crisco and bees wax and asked daughter for a crayon-she gave me pink
  7. So I ordered and got my first BP pistol...Pietta 1860 sherrif... After reading and reading on the internet before and after ordering-I was convinced that the gun would blow up and lock up never again to be moved as soon as I opened the box and looked at it...I read that I had to do 20 things and buy 20 parts before it was even usable, then it would shoot birds out of the sky when I aimed at a snake in the grass... Well...the gun Midaway sent me is marked 2021..whcih I take to mean it was produced just this year...the bolt cylinder stop fit into the cylinder notches perfectly like goldiloc
  8. As a supporting actor-you be hard pressed to find any marquee photos of him and his rig..gonna have to piece together from multiple photos taken from screen shots. Kids didnt care what his holster looked like..they wanted to be Roy....
  9. https://www.listal.com/viewimage/22935115
  10. https://www.listal.com/viewimage/22935098
  11. Leatherman....Had one that was ancient-finally broke tip off of pliers (I didnt even buy it-got it off a boat that was sinking that we salvaged) They sent me a brand new $150 Leatherman Surge to replace it-no questions asked. That old leatherman was at least 21 years old. Thats a damn good lifetime warranty.
  12. Hmmm...I tend to go the opposite route here. I have a SCCY that I keep loaded and chambered under the pillow. I did the internals on it to ensure it goes bang every time (out of the box it did not). I like that it is double action only-pull trigger or do not pull trigger is all I have to think about. Its dirt cheap-and you know in any self defense shooting, odds are you may never get the gun back. I don't want to lose an expensive gun to an evidence box just for getting rid of some scumbag. Plus, it holds enough rounds for me to get to the vault if a real SHTF situation comes up-then
  13. Just ordered 5 lbs of Scheutzin re enactor for my bp shotgun rounds-it was all they had available-and I will stuff it down the pipes...Ill save my 2 and 3 g stuff and black mz for cap and ball
  14. Not available..wont even ship to the local store
  15. I have this mold LEE double Cavity 452-230-tc , both new and used which I would like to trade for a 454 ball mold for percussion pistol. Between the brand new in box or the @ 600 bullets cast used one, hopefully we could work out a trade deal for your new or used 454 ball mold. Trade only due to stupid prices for both ball and tc right now even if you could find them available anywhere.
  16. Thats good to know, I was going to buy one of the snail looking ones at sportsmans, but didnt know how to tell which one fit.. As far as the nipples go-with this shortage, I have 400 #10 ccis' and only 200 #11M ccis..so Im hoping to figure out which aftermarket nipples will accomodate the # 10s..just yesterday figured out that there is no universal thread or them-not universal cap size.
  17. ..I just bought one from Dixie Gun Works.....I have zero black powder pistol experience. (I do shoot BP in my shotgun shells) Capper, measure, etc...what are the basics I can get by with just to start playing with it-not use in Shoots yet-or maybe ever. I just got the bug in my head to get one and knee jerk purchased it. I do have some CCI #10s and CCI # 11s
  18. Since you said you noticed what looked like copper strips also-could it be lead shavings? In the pic some of the pieces look to have that dull shine like smeared lead? Some one shooting plated at the wrong diameter at some point?
  19. I can easily find examples of brass shell holders from the period...plastic infused $600 dollar custom made holster sets with adjustable tension screw settings-not so much
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