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  1. I'm showing the check for $41.10 cleared my bank today. Are we settled up for the two Ruger boxes ? Thx. X Mark
  2. The title says it all. I have 550 + .357 mag. cases . Lots of both brass and nickel cases. One hundred of these are new Starline cases in the bag. Several others in the bunch are also new Starline. These can be yours for $75 shipping included.
  3. Gold is on the way ! Thx. X Mark
  4. No , not yet. I got your address from above , just need to know how much for shipping. Thx. X Mark
  5. Heck , I'll take the two gray Ruger boxes, ,No. 2 . Let me know where to send the gold. Thx. X Mark
  6. Okay folks , Here's the skinny on the Colt "rimfire". It is marked .41 Colt so it's not a rimfire. My buddy talked to the Colt people and they said it was made in 1892. Nothing to get real excited about----just another old Colt. Yeah , like they're not something special !!!!!! 9sarc)
  7. Dave , Sent you a PM. X Mark
  8. Gentlemen , Thank you for all your information. I am urging my traveling friend to un-case this Colt when he arrives back home . He'll get some pictures (hopefully detailed ) and I'll post them back here. Again , thanks . X Mark
  9. I'm looking for information regarding the value of an old Colt rimfire pistol. The pistol belongs to a friend and I don't have access to it at this time. It came to my friend with the family story that said it belonged to a relative that was a Sheriff "back in the day ". The pistol is a SAA in .41 rimfire. I don't have a serial number at this time. Any help that can be provided regarding the value of this type of pistol would be appreciated. I understand that there are condition issues that would affect the value.
  10. Filly, Is the other Stoeger nickel plated ? Thx. X Mark
  11. Check with Evil Roy in the Merchants Forum. He's got some great , slick guns and videos to teach you a lot about CAS. Welcome to the most fun you'll have with .............
  12. If you want a good action job , Cowboy Carty is your man ! Just saying.............
  13. I would also recommend Aspen Filly. She does beautiful work at reasonable prices.
  14. Heck , I'll take a thousand pieces also. But , like Cat , I prefer mine to be brass not nickel. Please let me know where to send the gold. Thx. X Mark
  15. Please tell Angela that I'll be there a day early and will work on the "Ramrod Crew" doing whatever needs to get done . I'll plan to work everyday helping , scoring etc. except when I'm shooting. Thx. X Mark
  16. Deuce ,

    Please email me about cartridge length for my new gun that you and Carty are putting together.

      Thx.   X  Mark


    970-879-1566 (land line)

  17. Keep 'em coming ! These are great ! Thx. McCandless
  18. Here's one to make your eyes sore ! This is X Mark from Clark, Colorado SASS No. 105267 Joined SASS in February 2017 Shot 64 stages so far !! What was it said about a hobby turning into an obsession ???? Yeah !!
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