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  1. Up for sale is a mixed lot of brass of mostly older calibers. Refer to the list for quantities and calibers. There are 18 Starline in .44-40 batch . Sold as one batch . $50.00 shipped
  2. Up for sale is a beautifully hand carved Alphonso buscadero holster rig. This rig comes with a hand carved shotgun belt (not an Alphonso made belt). The pistols are not included in this sale. Holsters are made for short barrel guns.( I'm using 5.5" OMV's in them) This rig is carved on the back of the holsters and down inside of them ,also ! And , even the bullet loops are carved ! It has the double stitching that is a hallmark of an Alphonso rig and comes with .45 caliber bullet loops. I wear a 34" waist pants and this fits to the second to last hole from the inside. The holes range from 38" to 43" from the center of the buckle. Asking $800 /OBO Thanks for looking ,but , no drooling ! LOL
  3. Brownells has both rifle primers on their site right now. Alas, no pistol primers !
  4. I'll be at EOT and will catch up with you while I'm there. I sent you a PM.
  5. The title says it all. I'm looking for .32-20 ammo for a friend. He inherited an 1873 chambered in .32WCF and would like to see if it still works.
  6. If you're looking for cheap lead get in touch with J. Frank Norfleet. He's got 40 lb. boxes for $75 that he's bringing to EOT. He's on the Wire here a couple pages back from your post.
  7. Bump Nice pistols !!
  8. I'll take the first one ,the 90373 mold . Let me know where to send the gold. PM sent with my address.
  9. Are these just the molds or do the handles come with them. Also , are these prices "shipped" or is shipping extra ? Thx. X Mark
  10. Yup , that's what I did. I think after she saw the glean in my eyes when watching the match at Yuma in 2017 , ( Still got a bone to pick with Big Horn Bing and his sidekick ,Pacemaker about sending me down this trail ),she knew it was a done deal. It took a year before she decided to "pull the trigger" and then ,I had to double up on everything. God only knows what we've spent on CAS but it's been worth every penny considering the folks we've met and the fun we've had. Now , back to shopping !!! LOL !
  11. Up for sale is a conversion kit for a Dillon 550 Loader. It includes the shell holder ,pins and the powder funnel. Shipping included for $60 .
  12. I sent you a PM about .45 Colt brass.

    I'm definitely interested .


      X   mark

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