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  1. I'll Take 'Em ! Just as soon as I get to southern kalifornia------------ which will not be in this lifetime if I can help it !
  2. Try Cheycast Bullets up in Cheyenne WY They have plenty
  3. Ol # 4 We've been staying up in Casa Grande and shooting with various clubs in the Phoenix and Tucson area for the last month. We'd like to shoot with the Pima County club at the "Sand Box " this coming weekend but aren't sure where that club range is located. .If we can't find them we're going to shoot up at Ben Avery with the ACSA club. We are also thinking ,seriously , about an RV to tour in the Southwest while the snow piles up at our house way north of Steamboat Springs ,Colorado. Your unit seems to be a good fit to our needs if it is even a lot bigger than we
  4. My wife''s 1892 decided to stop working in the middle of a match and I am seeking someone who is familiar with 1892;s. Does anybody have a suggestion where I might get this gun fixed by someone who regularly services this model ? We are snowbirding and hope to shoot several more matches in the next few weeks . Thanks for any advice !
  5. For sale : Once fired Winchester Double AA 12 gauge hulls. Approximately 1,025 hulls. I do not want to ship these as they are too bulky. Face -to face at Fire and Ice or the Casa Grande area . $50.00 /obo
  6. Dillon Precision used to have boxes of 250 for $33.00 !
  7. Until I photographed these cuffs the tacks are so close together that I hadn't noticed the pattern. Thank you for pointing out the other , older uses of this pattern. I think the Nazis rotated the pattern a little also probably to distinguish it from the other uses noted above.
  8. Up for sale are the following : A pair of Size 10 mule ear boots with Buffalo Nickel conchos. These are hardy worn and are a little narrow for my size 10 D Feet.----- $100 shipped. SPF A Brand New Mernickle shotgun slide 12 ga. /38 spl.--- $50 shipped.. A Timney Mauser spring--$15 shipped A pair of large Cowboy Cuffs-----$40 shipped Fleece lined mittens ,new------ $50 shipped. Thanks for looking.
  9. Rex , Will No. 7 fit a new Model Super Blackhawk ? If so , I'd buy them ata reasonable price. Thx. X Mark
  10. Bandit , Thanks for re-posting to here ! Looks like your sales have gone quite well since we can all see the pictures and prices. I'm interested in your H&R Buffalo Classic. What is the barrel like ? Has it been kept cleaned after every match/ shooting session ? Where abouts are you in West Virginia ,we used to live in Winchester and will probably be back there in a couple months to visit our grandchild . Thanks for reading this ,I know you've been busy today . Thx. X Mark
  11. I am seeking a gunsmith that can repair and restore a Merwin Hulbert pistol. A friend owns this family heirloom and is wanting to replace a non-original cylinder guard and "restore " the pistol. Is there anyone out there that can lead me down this trail ? Thanks in advance for your help. X Mark
  12. I am looking for a Merwin Hulbert gunsmith for a friend of mine that owns the gun. Any help along these lines would be appreciated. The gun appeared to cycle correctly but it has a replacement part that was made as a "cylinder guard" for the right side of the gun. He would like to have this gun restored since it's a family heirloom. Thank you in advance for helpful hints and assistance. Please use this Wire for responses ,OR < my email address : mxburke@gmail.com. Regards, X Mark
  13. I'll take it ! Pm me where to send the gold ! Thx. X Mark
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