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California ammo buyers…

JD Lud

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Happy Day~!!  



Judge Benitez wrote that such laws “constitute a long, embarrassing, disgusting, insidious, reprehensible list of examples of government tyranny towards our own people.”



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Prop 63 should have never happened. Ironic that just before the proposition was to be voted on some whack job killed a bunch of people in San Bernardino. 

Here’s what CRPA, California Rifle and Pistol Association has to say about this. 

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It is even harder now than a few weeks ago to find the actual text of a ruling, but here it is:




On edit: It will of course be appealed. The previous ruling was appealed, Bruen resulted in it going back to Benitez.


This started back in 2016 when a ballot measure (Prop 63) proposed a background check for ammo. $50 for a card good for 4 years.


The state legislature then passed a law changing it before it went into effect so what the people voted on was not the law which would go into affect. Background check on every ammunition purchase became the law, and no 4-year card for $50.


While Benitez does not say the original ballot measure would be constitutional, he does note the bar would be much lower for what the citizens did actually vote for.

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