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Army officer uniform??


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Just something I came across in an online story. He had Captain's bars on his collar points, and I thought the Army wore their rank on their epaulets.


The author referred to it as a class B uniform - lightweight trousers, short sleeve shirt, no necktie.

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Looking at the picture, in the link Stump Water posted, brought forth another question hahaha. Could the male soldier wear that uniform?


Seems like I read some time back that you could have tattoos but they could not be visible. And you can see the tattoos on both of his forearms below that short sleeve shirt.


I'm sure he's simply a model, but if he was a soldier could he wear that short sleeve shirt with those tattoos?

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 CAB is given to soldiers of the U.S. Army of any rank and who are not members of an infantry, special forces, or medical MOS, for being "present and actively engaging or being engaged by the enemy and performing satisfactorily in accordance with prescribed rules of engagement" at any point in time after 18 September 2001.

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