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Santa is cleared to fly

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Are you sure its Santa and not just our Military with the finger on a nuke switch  fresh from the underground Bar ?


The email arrived in the middle of a workday: Are you thirsty?

What followed was an afternoon drink at the “John Wayne Saloon,” an invitation-only tavern operating unknown to senior commanders inside the headquarters of the U.S military command center critical to defending the homeland and keeping Americans safe.


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My son was just a sliver when we were assigned to Okinawa and for his second Christmas my wife got him a Santa Claus doll.  Matt loved that doll and carried it everywhere.  The was a warrant Officer who went around the housing area dressed as Santa and visiting all the kids.


Santa showed up and when I let him in Matt ran screaming down the hall.  We were all surprised and Santa apologized for scaring the boy, who reappeared with the doll and climbed up on a chair and said to Santa "Look, look, das YOU!"


We were there for two more Christmases and AFRTS TV ran a "news special" about an unidentified aircraft approaching Okinawa from the north.  "Japan had not been able to catch up with nor identify it" and interceptors were being scrambled from every military air field on the island.  Our Air Defense Brigade was running up all our Nike Hercules and HAWK missiles up for immediate Launch.  The navy and Japanese Home Defense ships were putting to sea.  Every military person on the island was on "Super High Standby" alert'


This went on with films from the cockpits and radar sites, scenes of planes taking off, missiles running up, vehicles of every kind racing around and missile radio messages from the planes, instructions on how to move to the shelters, pictures from the planes and the ground, eve "picket ships" from the Navy which had put to sea, and the whole big drill.  The TV and Radio stations were all in on it.  You could hear people screaming all over the island:  "That's Santa.  Don't let them shoot Santa down".  This went on for about an hour with updates at minute intervals: " It appears to be a platform of some sort", "Can't tell anything about it's scape, but looks like and old fashioned sleigh", Elf Three says it looks like it's being pulled by some animal-like....wait!  There's more than one," and on and on until Elf Leader announced that the intruder had been identified as Santa Claus and was being escorted into Naha.


That ended about a year after I go back for 'Nam in 1979.

















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