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PSA "Daily Deal" - WB 1911 on the cheap

Three Foot Johnson

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Tisas 1911A1, $299/$18 shipping.



I'd be buying one myself, but I just sprung for an LCP Max .380 from their Daily Deal page two days ago. :lol:


(edit) Ruger Wranglers for $149


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Can't beat that deal .

I just ordered me one .

Just one more 1911 in the safe lol

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A Turkish made 1911. It amazes me that we have foreign countries making and importing 1911s and American companies making AK47s and Glock clones. B)

They, Tisas, gets pretty good reviews online. 
They have some good looking models too. The U.S. Army and the USMC models have lanyard loops. 

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The Tisas is still only $299.99/$18 shipping. :) They must have bought a truckload of 'em.



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I don't have a dog in this event, but I do wonder if this is a testimonial to the brilliance of the JMB 1911 design.
Cheap guns don't have the level of handwork, fit and finish that do the more expensive ones.
Yet, if they continue to function this is an indicator of how good the 1911 design actually is.

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