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"You Can Strip To The Waist From Either End". Baxter Black

Subdeacon Joe

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Thanks for that ,Joe!

I've had the pleasure of seeing Baxter Black perform in person before, and he always seemed to be enjoying himself as much as the audience. I consider him the greatest cowboy poet.

He will be missed.


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7 hours ago, Subdeacon Joe said:


I sure miss Ol' Bax!  The one that nearly caused my wife to have to call the paramedics was when he did "Shoeing Pig Eye".  He was interviewed by a radio talkshow host during the Denver National Western Stockshow.  I was laughing so hard, I couldn't breathe!  :lol: Eventually, I bought one of his books that has that one in it. Re-reading it doesn't have quite the same effect, but almost! :D

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