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Fighting --- opinion


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If you and this other guy are in the bar, and you begin a discussion which leads to an argument which leads to a fight, which leads to the damage in the bar - both you and the other guy should have to pay for damages. Right?


But if you were just standing there minding your own business having a peaceful drink, and someone came up to you and deliberately picked a fight, do you think you should be responsible for any of the damages?


Sheep Man. Glenn Ford. My saddle thread caused me to remember him buying a saddle in the movie. And he gave it quite a good thrashing to see if it would hold up and the stirrup tore off, so he decided he did not want that one. The saddle maker tried to get him to pay for the damage but he said he wasn't going to pay for a defective saddle.


Then he went looking for the meanest toughest guy in town. Mickey Shaughnessy, I believe it was. Found him in the Chinese restaurant eating supper, and finally succeeded in picking a fight with him by putting his cigar out in the food.


The reason he did this was to make a point to everybody, that he was Billy Badass and "y'all need to leave me alone". And after the fight, which basically destroyed the restaurant, he gave the Chinaman some money and said "get the rest from him".


Just doesn't seem right.

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I have long been a big fan of avoiding bar fights.  Never been a participant, but I've seen a few.  The one that comes to mind - and the ONLY one that comes to mind - was the one time that a pistol was produced by one of the participants.  I succinctly recall how amazingly quickly myself and my large (VERY large!) Swedish-Russian duck hunting partner managed to cram ourselves beneath the pool table.


Cooler heads or a more heavily armed barkeep - neither of us peeked - prevailed in short order, and the pugalists/wannabe gunslingers left without a shot fired.


Dave and I left shortly afterward, and continued enjoying libations back at camp, using a catalytic heater for a footstool.  Never returned to that particular watering hole.  :rolleyes:


Edit:  FWIW, my inclination on the topic is to agree with Alpo.  ^_^


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A smart bar fighter gets the hell out of Dodge before any damage or blame is assessed. In order to get the hell out of Dodge you’ve got to win the fight fast so you can get out of Dodge. 

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Having spent a major portion of my life in bars, entertaining and being entertained, I have found myself in many an altercation.  I have the scars and broken teeth to prove it.


 I, personally, have never initiated any conflict. I have always been fortunate to walk away when the action was concluded.


In several of these incidents, it was my job to put a stop to the hostilities.  In a few others, I felt like it was my duty.


I’ve never been asked to pay for the damages or even my part of the damages. There have been a couple of times that one or another of the other parties involved were instructed to pay me for damages to my clothing and/or my equipment. 

In one instance, way back in my misspent youth, I found myself exiting the establishment with a bar stool in my hands and praying that I could kick start my transportation on the first try! (I was lucky)


If I didn’t start the flight, I figure I ain’t responsible for the damage.  If I did start it, I reckon I’d have to make a withdrawal from ol’ “Hip National”!

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