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FS: Custom Ruger Sixes .38 Octagon SOLD

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SOLD Up for sale is a pair of Ruger Single Six Revolvers. These started off life chambered in .32 H&R and have been extensively customized for CAS. These feature the shorter 'Baby Vaquero" plow handle frames. Heres is the list of customizations.

- Cylinders re-chambered and machined for .38 Special. 

- New 3 7/8" ocatagon barrels installed in .38 Special

- Ruger Factory small frame Bisley hammers installed including machining to work properly in plow handle gripframes. 

- Hammer and triggers have been jeweled. 

-Solid brass sights (not slip ons)

- Barrels jeweled and then fire blued for a very sharp unique look.

-Cylinders fireblued to match barrels. 

-Aluminum ejector rod housings modified and left in hight polish for a cool two tone look. 

-Include facory white OEM polymer grips with not cracks or breakage. 

- Spring kit installed. Very smooth. 

- Ruger "color case" frame finish is in typical condition for this era of Ruger revolvers. 


These are a highly specialized set of guns. Due to the length of the cylinders you have to feed them .38's that have a 1.45 or less OAL which is achirevable with almost any popular cowboy bullet. One of them has a free spin pawl and one has the standard fucntioning pawl. When this conversion is done it requires the loading gates be opens up and you always run the risk of possibly breaking through the side wall a bit which was done on one of the revolvers as can be seen in pics and does not affect the function at all. I had these built by Boomstick Jay and was very pleased with the work. A truely unique pair of guns especially for a small statured shooter but also would make and amazing pair of duelist or gunfighter guns as these are crazy fast to manipulate and hadle one handed. $2650 shipped to your FFL and FFL must be willing to accept from an individual. Not interested in any trades at this time. Thanks for looking. 

NEW OPTION: If desired I will convert to Bisley gripframes. Buyers choice (will include either plow handles or Bisleys but not both frames) SOLD










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Very nice guns!!!

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Wow !

I would if I could but I’m just a little too poor. I realize .38 Special is a standard and common caliber but these look to be the perfect candidate to use .38 Long Colt

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7 minutes ago, Sgt Duncan said:

Wow !

I would if I could but I’m just a little too poor. I realize .38 Special is a standard and common caliber but these look to be the perfect candidate to use .38 Long Colt

Yes they are sweethearts with both .38 LC and .38 Short Colt. 

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Those Bisley hammers look right at home on these guns. Lots of comments from folks at the UT and LT in the future for whoever buys them. Boomstick Jay does incredible work.

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  • Deuce Stevens SASS#55996 changed the title to FS: Custom Ruger Single Six Sheriffs .38 Special with octagon barrels NEW ADDED OPTION
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