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Guns and Stuff at EOT. Part 3

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Thursday night is swap meet night at EOT.  This year I have decided not to try and haul a bunch of stuff to the swap meet.  So I am posting here.  If anyone wants an item or has more questions you can PM me.  If something is sold I will arrange to meet at EOT. I will also be at the swap meet wandering around and can bring items in my car.  I just won’t have a table.  I do not take Zelle, Venmo, BitCoin or any of that stuff.  Just American money.


12.  Lyman 55 Classic powder measure.  New with drop tubes.  $75.00  SOLD




13.  18 pounds of APP/Black MZ.  (Black MZ was 3f APP sold by Alliant.)  $360.00  SOLD




14.  6000 Remington percussion caps.  1500 are Remington #11s.  FYI, Remington 10s and 11s have the same ID.  The 10s have a longer skirt so they extend up the nipple walls further and are tighter.  When on the road I used 10s for the first two or three stages and when the nipples got dirty switched to 11s as they were easier to seat.  $450.00  SOLD




15  Mec 600 Jr. Mark V.  Bought last year (2022 to load 2 1/2” black powder shells.  Instead after 60+ years of shooting BP I have decided to give up shooting BP.  Includes:  Mec Short Shell Kit, bottle support, skiver, hull vise, hull trimmer, extra blades for trimmer, brass crimp starter, increased capacity spent primer catcher.  That is over $245.00 in add-ons.  (Press will be in original box.)  Have 150 rounds of loaded BP shells buyer can have if desired.  $400.00






16.  Three unopened cans of 5744.  $75.00  SOLD


17.  One unopened can of ZIP.  $15.00 SOLD



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I'll take 16.  Three unopened cans of 5744.  $75.00

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Also I 'll take

17.  One unopened can of ZIP.  $15.00

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I wish you would go back to black powder.  I'll give you a shiny new dollar.

Windy City Red 

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