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  1. I will take it PM me your address and I will send the funds. If it is for 357 anyways if its large caliber ill pass lol I actually read the entire thing and it is exactly what i need thanks
  2. Figured I’d post this so you all know I have a black set I’m sending him so he’s good to go pards
  3. In my opinion if you look at gunbroker you can get the average price especially if you look at the ones that have sold not the sellers that think they are gonna get rich for sure. As with any site "supply and demand" if nobody has them or can get them then I see high prices
  4. I hope that Captain Rosecrans sees this post with the 308 brass he has been looking and I am sure I would take them. Unfortunately I am at work and cannot give him the heads up right now.
  5. many of the leather guys make them. I would reach out to Doc Noper
  6. I have a couple of Splitthumb raced out 97’s they are too notch for sure. All of us in these parts run his 97’s
  7. Anyone you buys one of his that are race ready are good to go. I have a couple Splitthumb has raced for me they are top shelf
  8. In Washington we can’t use scopes it has to be iron sights but that will be a good Boomstick for someone using a scope for sure
  9. I really like that traditions looks like it is a scope only rifle with no iron sight though?
  10. which model is this?

    1. Hawk Eyes Hudson

      Hawk Eyes Hudson

      Sorry Fellows,


      I just used a tapered punch and it started out.  Should have started with that punch first.  Thanks for the reply's back.


      Hawk Eyes Hudson

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