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  1. when it comes to a Vaquero hitting sass its hard to outdraw Mudflat he he
  2. I’m interested in the Marlin can you PM me pictures and who did the work. Pretty sure you can consider it sold.
  3. Anyone got starline 38-40 brass for sale I’m in need of some thanks
  4. I’ll take the 40 if they are not too heavy what grain?
  5. I will take the top pair PM me with details
  6. darn it you beat me to his Last Call
  7. I got some not sure how much I will look PM me with your email I will look and get back to you
  8. Yes if you need more let me know I can send you some buddy. Can’t have a cowboy who can’t burn some lead only thing worse is rust on a gun lol
  9. for those of you that have not shot a nighthawk they come fully tuned pretty well the best on the market
  10. I will take the 45 ACP 3 die set and Dillon conversion stuff. PM me with address for payment
  11. thanks already have the mag looking for LR, I will keep an eye on Ebay too just in case
  12. I am looking for a a blued 22 LR cylinder for his Colt Frontier. Let me know if you have one, thanks....CK
  13. I would be interested for sure I’m getting a pair of 5.5 ROA’s from my buddy and conversions would be great. I’m cashing out overtime on my 10th paycheck give me your info and a price I’ll send the funds. And yes the shinier the better his pair is stainless then my next mission will be spare cylinders save me time on reloading. And thanks…CK
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