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Far East Feast night here at the Lazy Bob. Dumplings with sesame oil, Asian veggies, Pho soup, and tea.
Perhaps some Yamato whiskey later.


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8 minutes ago, Muleshoe Bill SASS #67022 said:

Looking good.  Did you make the dumplings? Or they commercial?

I have tried making my own dumplings and spring rolls before. It wasn’t pretty. ;)

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I took the family to a really NICE Mexican restaurant yesterday to celebrate my grandson’s birthday.  I ordered a double order of fajitas with shrimp, chicken, steak, and chorizo. A single order will easily feed a hungry couple. I had three good sized tortillas filled with the meats and veggies, rice, refried beans, and queso while at the restaurant. I had the rest boxed up and took it home with me.


I fried an egg this morning and made up another tortilla full of the fajita.  THAT WAS MARVELOUS!


This evening, I made two more!  There’s enough left to make at least half a dozen more and beans and rice and queso to really make another fabulous dinner!!


Next weekend, I’m gonna find me a place that makes dumplin’s like Bob’s havin’ tonight, but for now, I’m lovin’ me some fajitas for a spell!!

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58 minutes ago, Buckshot Bear said:

No wonder I'm a fat bastard.....I'd inhale that amount of dinner in 10 seconds :( 

All things in moderation. ;)

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