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Pricing help - Dragoon

Chief Rick

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A family member has this pistol.  No known provenance.  The family is not hurting for money and doesn't need to sell it but are considering do so as it has no known history to the family.


Where would be the best place to get a valuation on this pistol and, if they decided to sell, would you recommend consigning though someone or direct sale through advertising on a certain site?


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Seems to be a first model Dragoon, based on oval cylinder stops, about 6700 made 1848-1858.  Value depends on collector vs. shooter and condition of item.  The serial dates this most likely a 1849-50 and most were marked " U.S.M.R. " with the " U.S. DRAGOON "  mark on fewer, number unknown.  Getting it lettered, if possible, would tell some of it's history since it could have been used during the Civil War based on the OP's area.  Good Luck.

My 2 bits. 

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