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Sedalia Dave

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We found the loser of a fight like that one time, around Depot Lake, near Deux Riviere, Ontario.

One got an antler in the lung, that put him down and the other just kept driving the loser into the bush by the trail.

The winner must have been pretty worked up, because, hammering him, he drove the downed loser almost 100 feet into the alders, 

The trail and the combat arena looked like a couple of bulldozers had a fight.

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It is the rut. Don't see many moose down this low from the mountains, but do get some bodacious black bear nosing around occasionally, looking for food.  Not to fool with them either. Someplace in Colorado there is a 400 lb. male black bear that was relocated from a populated area!

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44 minutes ago, Dusty Devil Dale said:

Does anybody know what the red tag in the one animal's ear is all about?

I know in Canada if a moose has been tranquilized in the past, it's tagged like that with a phone number to call... but I don't know why. Maybe the meat isn't safe until so much time has passed or somesuch. I suppose it could be an RF tag too.

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