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Shotgun wad question/identification

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I got these wads in a box of misc shotgun loading supplies. I load my own shot shells using Claybusters wads. I’m not planning to use any of these wads but would like to know how they would be used for reloading. Thanks in advance.





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The top pic is of Federal shot cups (only).  Since they have no cushion or gas seal, would be loaded on top of a "old fashioned" gas seal (over powder) and fiber wad thick enough to make a stack height that works with a specific hull.   1970s vintage manuals might show some loads with those.


Pass on the blue ones - not seen 'em before.


Bottom were Lage Universal Uniwads - 1960s vintage or so - "adjustable" wads.   I've read about 'em, not used any.   The red inner part collapses with pressure of the wad seating step.  You have to get that amount of crush right to make the stack height right. 

Here's a video of some instructions and load data off a slightly newer bag:




Personally, I never trust plastic of that vintage to hold up to firing pressures.  So, like you, I wouldn't use any of these.


good luck, GJ

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Posted (edited)

I got a partial bag of WAA12 wads from my late father's reloading supplies.  From the price on the bag I think they were made in the sixties.  The wads were no longer white but had a yellow tint.  When I tried loading them the legs on the wads broke when during seating the wad.  I tossed the bag.  They certainly would not have performed properly when fired.  I agree with GJ's concern about old plastic wads.

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I have some old Patter Control 1 oz wads that are 35 years old. They have been stored out of the sunlight in a plastic container.  The plastic is still good. I have used them with some heavy BP loads with no issues. 

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I used a few bags of the LAGE (LOGIE) Uniwads in the 20 ga and some in the 12. IMHO a good wad, versatile and decent patterns. Not all that popular back in the day. Still have a few hundred 20 ga in my tickle trunk. 




IIRC the Farmer Bros were in the mix, invented them or ???



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