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  1. Lone Rider. I see you have listed the Lee stuff we talked about last time we met up. Good Luck on finding someone local
  2. My henry is more trouble free and easier to work lever. than my Marlin. I recently found part of the drag on the Marlin was some previous owner had removed the scope bracket and put a wrong plug screw in and it went all the way down and rubbed the bolt. I like both and you might want to consider buying the Marlin now if you ever think you might want one. Last I looked, they were only going to be made in the custom shop and carry a hefty price. Look at what 94 Winchesters are going for nowadays and you might be thinking I wish I would have bought the Marlin when I had the chance.
  3. Good rifles. Better quality than the Rossi's. Fewer made in .357 so they are generally worth more than the .44 Magnum version. Like the Marlin .357, they can be particular on bullet types and cartridge overall length. The 1.5 or 1.55 COL is a good length to try for if you want to use .38 Special cases. Not as likely as the Rossi to chuck out .38s, but if too short they can have feed problems. Each one is a little different. Years ago before the short stroking of 66-73s , the Marlin's and 92s were favorites because of reliability and significant less cost than the Italian guns, If you are not after the fastest lever gun, you cannot go wrong with the Browning 92s. The 92s are more involved to break down and clean than the 66-73 or the Marlin so when it is time to do a big cleaning plan on a little more time to do it.
  4. Anyone have a chart for those old 50 round wooden reloading blocks?. I have number 2, 3, 4, 2s from memory and some other ones, These are the ones that had a shape on the sides so they could slide in some kind of a fixture so you could stack them, Never had a fixture, but seem to have aquired several of the bocks over the years and would like to know whey they fit. The number 2 is a tight fit for 38s, but the number 3 is a little looser. Thanks
  5. Usually seen by retailers of bullets are regular lube bullets for smokeless or substitue Bp or black powder lube for real Bp or Pyrodex. Questioni I have is how do Hi-Tek or polymer coated figure in to shooting with real black powder. Ok or not?
  6. I had a 45 Colt Thunderbolt which was a fun practice rifle and worked pretty well in practice. Something different between practice and shooting a match because it would mess up in every match. It took me a couple of years to finally give up and get rid of it,. The rifle was very particular on COL and if you thought a Marlin .45 had a lot of blow back, you had never shot a .45 Thunderbolt. The Thunderbolt gave Taurus a lot of bad comments
  7. Might I suggest you talk to a cowboy shooter who has a case trimmer. Anyone who has shot much has had 38 special and .357 mag cases crack on the ends,. I have trimmed lots of them to 38 Short Colt length to make shells for a derringer. You stated Short Colt and not .38 S&W which are different. . Easy to do especially if you have drill motor attachment for a case trimmer.
  8. We tried a few W3G matches at Tater Hill a few years ago and even had the bonus targets made for it. We hoped it would draw more shooters to our small program and maybe give us a little something different.. All that came were mostly are small group of regulars, The serious SASS shooters complained about it messing up their timing. I thought it was fun. We had several Wild Bunch matches before WB became official, but they did not catch on either. The shooters were so concerned about brass recovery it took forever to shoot a match. We switched to doing a .22 version of WB match and we get at least a few shooters. The last one I wrote with 20 pistol shots on a few stages was right out of a club's real WB matches. The shooters expected the usual 10-10-4 round count of a regular cowboy match complained about too many pistol rounds. At least we did not spend all day looking for missing brass. Times have changed. None of the real competitive shooters want to shoot flying birds or shoot a Texas star. Even the simple shotgun target which pops up a clay slows down a regular match, but would add to a W3G. If I knew I could draw some shooters, I would work to get some dates and put on W3G or WB on a regular basis.
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