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  1. We checked with our shooters and they all wanted to keep shooting six stages. Everyone seemed to be ok with shortening the round count to 40 to 50 rifle, 50 pistol and a few less that a box of shot shells. Leaving one pistol out for a couple of stages and the rifle for a stage or two and the shotgun for a stage or two has been well received. You would be surprised how much faster a match can go with a stage you don't have to search for rifle brass. Most of the places around here have allowed 22, but have not seen much interest in shooting 22 while others shoot centerfire. In the
  2. My 366 has a nice garage sale pan underneath it which catches any powder or shot spills. My Mec loaders are all mounted on a combination of cooking pan with 2 squares of 3/4 inch plywood under neath the pan. Each Mec is mounted to the plywood and pan with the original Mec bolts then mounted to the bench with a couple of bolts that have the 366 spacing, This allows easy changing between all the loaders and gives the unused Mec loaders a nice base to sit on when not in use. Very convenient since some Mec loaders have three mounting bolts and some have four. I also like having the machines sit
  3. I have been involved for several years with corporate shoots at a club that includes a few cowboy stages in the event. The cowboy part is shot with 22 revolvers, 22 rifle and shotgun. The stages have to be written like the old days so the rifle is not the last weapon used. (old timers did not always pick up cowboy loads well) Many stage writers still make sure the rifle is not fired last even though new timers usually pick up rifle shots just fine so no rifles on last stage if 22 allowed. Many of the participants, especially women who have not shot much do not like shooting the s
  4. Might I suggest you talk to a cowboy shooter who has a case trimmer. Anyone who has shot much has had 38 special and .357 mag cases crack on the ends,. I have trimmed lots of them to 38 Short Colt length to make shells for a derringer. You stated Short Colt and not .38 S&W which are different. . Easy to do especially if you have drill motor attachment for a case trimmer.
  5. We tried a few W3G matches at Tater Hill a few years ago and even had the bonus targets made for it. We hoped it would draw more shooters to our small program and maybe give us a little something different.. All that came were mostly are small group of regulars, The serious SASS shooters complained about it messing up their timing. I thought it was fun. We had several Wild Bunch matches before WB became official, but they did not catch on either. The shooters were so concerned about brass recovery it took forever to shoot a match. We switched to doing a .22 version of WB match and
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