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  1. Cartridge conversion book lists doing what you did. I once loaded S&W brass for an Colt police positive in S&W with S&W dies and then they would not fit in the chambers. I ran them through a 38 special sizer and they fit and worked fine. You might look at an older Speer manual. Not a black powder sub load, but they show loading hollow base wadcutters seated our to regular bullet length. The hollow base bullet spreads out and makes a good seal . They worked fine when I loaded some. I have loaded S&W with regular .357-358 bullets and could not see much difference in accuracy. Some shellplates made for 38 special will not accept S&W brass and some will not good luck
  2. I want to order some black powder lubed bullets to load 44 Russian for pistols and 44 Special for rifle to use with real black powder. Over the years I have used from 165 up to 240 in the Russian cases with black powder sub . The rifle seemed to like heavier bullets in smokeless loads to seal well. I fired some 180 gr Specials with bp in the rifle and it seemed to seal ok. I just would like to have only one weight for black powder lubed bullets and the lighter the weight the cheaper they are. Anyone's experience might be helpful is buying just one bullet for both. Thanks.
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